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A Complete Guide on META1 Coin – 2022 Edition

Last updated on July 5, 2022

A Complete Guide on META1 Coin – 2022 Edition

META1 Coin is an all-inclusive DeFi ecosystem that leverages advanced technology to promote abundance, equity, and freedom for Humanity. The network combines a multi-asset-backed stablecoin, a powerful DEX, high yield savings accounts, and VISA crypto debit cards to accomplish this task. Here’s why you should add the META1 coin to your portfolio.

It’s More Than Money

META 1 Coin is more than just a cryptocurrency. It represents a stand against oppression. The developers behind the project sought to provide a combination of features that allow users to break free from the slavery of the traditional financial system. Notably, the platform was inspired by all the great freedom fighters in history.

The tokens founder, Robert P. Dunlap, spent years researching the root cause of much of the world’s suffering before he came up with the META 1 concept. He realized that the average person was fighting a losing battle against the centralized financial system. He then set out to provide tools to protect savers and the average citizen.

What Problems Does META1 Coin Attempt to Fix?

There are many problems that the META1 Coin alleviates. For one, the project provides a more stable alternative in the market. When you think of cryptocurrencies, its likely volatility comes to mind. The market has been notoriously volatile since day one. Cryptocurrencies can lose or gain more than 20% in a day.

This volatility slowed adoption as vendors have been hesitant to adopt cryptocurrencies precisely for a fear of taking losses on products and services rendered during transaction times. Today, innovative developers have created ways to alleviate these concerns in the market.

META1 is the first multi-asset-backed stable coin to introduce a no-loss smart contract. META1 token holders don’t have to worry about pump and dump schemes from whales because the network disables trades under the asset value of the token. This strategy prevents whales from dumping their bags and tanking the coin’s market value as only the pump will occur.

Lack of Privacy

Another major issue that META1 rectifies is privacy concerns. Both the coin and exchange operate privately. The DEX is located outside the jurisdiction of centralized regulators which enables it to offer services to a global audience in an open manner. In this way META 1 can provide valuable financial services to the unbanked population of the world.

There is another benefit to the private nature of META 1, your data remains protected from theft. Data breaches are a concern for major organizations at this time. Even Microsoft was breached last year. DeFi protocols like META 1 believe the best way to protect your data is to not give it out in the first place. This eliminates any potential for it to end up in the wrong hands. 

Trading Firms

As part of the anti-whale manipulation strategy, the network prevents non-humans from owning the token. Large investment firms, corporations, and other institutions may not purchase META1 Coins. This protocol requires each META1 coin holder to complete KYC to verify they are human.

The idea behind this concept is to prevent corporations and hedge funds from swooping in and usurping the network. This concept is unique in the industry and reflects the developer’s desire to keep the META 1 coin free from centralization and corruption. The protocol denies trading access to corporations, firms, and even governments.

To accomplish this task, the network employs a proprietary approval procedure. The system ensures that humans are the ones behind the purchase without slowing down the purchasing process significantly, This system has the attention of other DeFi communities, as they are eager to see its long-term effect on the ecosystem.

Benefits of META1 Coin

There are a variety of benefits that make the META1 coin stand out from the competition. For one, the network combines advanced DeFi features with open enrollment to provide global access to the decentralized economy. This strategy provides more liquidity to the ecosystem, as funding from across the globe is entering the market.

Liquidity concerns have plagued the DeFi market since day one. They still are an issue today because many of the top-performing DeFi networks are not interoperable. META 1 seeks to provide a new level of flexibility to developers and users leveraging the network’s fourth-generation blockchain.


Another major benefit gained by META1 Coin holders is security. The META blockchain leverages a fourth-generation consensus mechanism to provide finality. The DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism is more democratic and energy-efficient compared to PoW (Proof-of-Work) system like Bitcoin.

Instead of requiring users to purchase expensive mining rigs and learn technical skills, META 1 users can stake their tokens to delegated nodes called Witnesses. These nodes are responsible for transaction approvals and keeping the blockchain valid.

In return for their efforts, they receive rewards in the form of META 1 tokens. These rewards are split with those that delegated their tokens to the witness nodes. This process is very secure and used in other top-performing networks with great success.

Additionally, META1 has undergone several code audits by third-party security firms and the crypto community. Coding audits are a vital step for developers seeking to create stable and reliable protocols for the public. META 1 undergoes continuous audits as it expands its services.

META1’s developers wanted to ensure that their project remains secure in the future. To accomplish this task, the company has set out to integrate Quantum Proofing mechanisms into the network by 2022. Quantum computers are thousands of times more powerful than traditional devices. Consequently, security analysts believe that they could pose a serious threat to all blockchains that are not designed to protect against these new supercomputers.


The developers behind the META 1 Coin took great care to ensure the platform could scale up to meet the needs of an international community. The META blockchain provides transaction throughput that is hundreds of times faster than legacy blockchains such as Bitcoin. The network’s TPS (transactions per second) rate is on par with top-performing exchanges like the NYSE.


META1 users enjoy more stability due to the fact the network eliminates large investment firms from the equation. By reducing high-volume institutional trading, the market experiences fewer large orders which helps to make price changes more gradual.

Whales are a major problem for traders. It’s not a good thing when a trader can push token values in the direction they desire with little recourse.

Fight Inflation

It also reduces the effects of inflation on savers. For example, the current inflation rate is at a 40-year high. The 0.03% your fiat savings account pays out does not keep up with these costs and the rising cost of living. In the end, there are no reasons to save fiat currency because it losses value over time. Inflation speeds up this process to the point that it hurt savers immediately. 

The technical and financial structure of META 1 provides it with self-appreciation characteristics. As the value of the basket of assets increases, the value of the META 1 coin improves correspondingly. This scenario makes the META 1 coin the ideal store of value for savers in 2022.

How Does META1 Coin Work?

The META1 Coin ecosystem features a peer-to-peer architecture that leverages decentralized blockchain technology to create an entirely new user experience. The platform combines the META Exchange, META VAULT, and META Card to streamline crypto adoption for the masses. Here are the main components of the platform.

META 1 Blockchain

At the core of the META 1 coin project is the META blockchain. This advanced fourth-generation blockchain was built from the ground up to support the latest and greatest DeFi features available today. As such, the network provides a variety of ways for users to secure ROIs with minimal risk. One of these options includes taking your tokens.

Staking is a popular option on DeFi protocols nowadays and for good reasons. Staking is safer than trading in terms of returns and overall risks. You can’t lose your original asset staking on the META 1 network and you know exactly what your rewards will be. You also know exactly when you will receive them using the network’s staking calculator.

META 1 Coin Trust

The META 1 Coin protocol is backed by the META1 Coin Trust. This fund operates as a private non-statutory trust and secured party creditor for the platform. Notably, the META1 Coin Trust secured $8.8 billion in gold reserves and other assets to back the 1 billion META1 Coins scheduled for issuance throughout the life of the project.

META 1 Coin

META 1 represents the evolution of the stablecoin concept. It’s the first multi-asset-backed stablecoin to integrate a self-appreciation mechanism directly into its core processes. The META 1 coin operates as a safehaven asset due to its combination of stablecoin features and value-locking smart contracts.

The recent market correction saw most cryptocurrencies drop 20% in value. This drop didn’t affect the META 1 community. The token held its value and continues to see gains. This volatility helped the developers to demonstrate to the market that their concepts were accurate. Now, META 1 provides unmatched stability to traders seeking long-term savings strategies.


The META DEX is a full-service platform that enables anyone to trade META 1 coins for other digital assets. The exchange features an easy-to-navigate interface, lightning-fast trade times on par with NASDAQ, and an excellent selection of tokens. New users can easily find all the core features in seconds.

The exchange currently supports 10 markets with more scheduled to join the platform in the coming months. Best of all, you can use all of your favorite coins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and many others. The META DEX will expand its features to include more staking options in the coming months.


Those who don’t want to trade can also secure some healthy rewards via the crypto savings account feature. The META VAULT empowers savers to build wealth without increasing risk. The account features open access and privacy.

Users can earn interest payments that are 10x the amount your local bank branches payout. For comparison, the average savings account pays out around 0.25% APY. META1 Savings accounts payout 10% APY.

VISA Debit Card

The VISA Debit Card feature adds a lot to the DeFi experience. Uniquely, this crypto debit card converts your crypto to fiat currency the moment you swipe your card. Consequently, since the merchant only receives fiat currency, you can use this debit card anywhere VISA is accepted.

When you combine this feature with the Onramper portal, you get a full ecosystem. The Onramper portal makes it easy to enter the METANOMICs DeFi network. It streamlines entrance by converting fiat currencies to META 1 coins directly. This strategy avoids the costly step of converting fiat currency to Ethereum or other network tokens first as most DeFi systems require.


The META1 blockchain can achieve its high scalability due to the integration of the DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. This system is much faster and more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin’s Proof of Work (PoW) protocol.

The META 1 blockchain can scale to meet the needs of a global community of users. The developers took lessons learned from predecessors such as Ethereum and Bitcoin. They learned to create a more advanced and scalable network. META 1 users can conduct trades and send value globally in seconds using the network’s peer-to-peer capabilities.

META 1 Coin – A Top-Notch Project Packed with Advanced Features

It doesn’t take long to see that the META 1 Coin project includes some of the top features available today. The network offers an open and secure means for anyone to enter the crypto market and prosper. As such, it’s a smart move to add this coin to your portfolio for 2022.

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