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META 1 Coin – A Cryptocurrency for Freedom Fighters

Last updated on September 21, 2022

META 1 Coin – A Cryptocurrency for Freedom Fighters

Over the last thirteen years, the market has taken some significant turns. What was once a battle to free humanity from the dungeon of the current financial system has slowly morphed into a huge variety of projects. Over this growth and expansion, much of the core message of Bitcoin, to make your stand, has been diluted. Today, the majority of projects are about making a profit while sacrificing your freedom. Luckily, not every project has abandoned the original fight.

The META 1 Coin project takes up the battle where the others have left off. This next-generation DeFi ecosystem combines a variety of features, services, and user protections to empower investors. META 1 Coin’s founder, Robert P. Dunlap, has spoken about why he felt it was necessary to provide a more inclusive crypto environment to the market. He described driving abundance, equity, and freedom for humanity as the overall goal of the project.

How META 1 Coins Structure Supports Freedom

One of the core desires of developers was to structure META 1 in a manner that enables it to remain free from outside influence. This approach meant that META 1 needed to reside out of the Jurisdiction of US corporations, IRS, and the SEC. As such, the network operates as a 100% private project that enables anyone, from anywhere on the planet, to access powerful wealth generation tools.

Billions of Unbanked People in the World

This open approach to financial services is one of the ways that META 1 fulfills Bitcoin’s promises. There are currently over 3 billion people in the world who have no access to financial services. META 1’s founder believes that basic financial services should be a right for all humanity. As such, he has created a platform that can serve the needs of these people.

How META 1 Serves the Underbanked

To understand how META 1 serves the unbanked, you need to understand some of the main reasons why a person wouldn’t have a bank account. One of the most obvious reasons is people that live in an area with no infrastructure to support these institutions. Banks require more than just a building and cash. They also need roads, electricity, sewers, security, and a plethora of other infrastructure requirements,

Unfortunately, many people in the world live in areas where these items are still many years away from being installed. For these people, META 1 is a true blessing. Cryptocurrencies don’t require the same hard infrastructure of banks. Instead, you simply need a smart device and internet.

Thankfully, there has been a steady increase in global internet access. Satellite technology has made it possible for people to access the internet from remote regions of the world. META 1 provides a simple and cost-effective alternative to these users. Additionally, the network provides a private onboarding process which makes it ideal for the next type of unbanked people, those lacking financial paperwork.

Need Documents to Bank

Another top reason why people may not have access to the tools they need to achieve financial freedom is that they lack the proper documentation to open a traditional bank account. Today’s banking requirements can be extensive. Banks require a lot of paperwork including personal information that can be harmful if in the wrong hands. Unfortunately, the bank is much better at keeping your money safe than your data.

Millions of bank users have suffered the loss of their personal data due to breaches in the last year alone. META 1 users enjoy more freedom and protection from these risks because they never have to provide this information to third parties. Like most DeFi networks, you can interact with the DeFi features by linking a network-approved wallet. This strategy means that your personal information remains safely in your possession.

Another paperwork requirement that limits people’s participation in the market is financial history. A bad financial history can prevent a person from accessing a bank indefinitely. Many people suffer from low credit and debt. These common problems can be used as a weapon against people to prevent them from accessing basic services like a checking account.

Sadly, this means that these people will now pay more for services, which results in further economic woes for the individual in the future. META 1 users can live and break free from the chains of the centralized credit system. You can access real wealth generation services and fight inflation.

How the Infrastructure Bill Effected META1 Coin

Earlier in the year, Congress passed the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act). The crypto industry was stunned when they learned that some shady crypto regulations were quietly slipped into the 2,700-page infrastructure bill recently. The bill was introduced to voters as a $1 trillion bipartisan plan to rebuild roads and bridges, modernize public works systems, boost broadband internet, and more.

For example, provisions that provide $110 billion to repair the nation’s aging highways, bridges, and roads. There is also $39 billion for public transit in the legislation that would expand transportation systems. Oddly, it was within this much-needed infrastructure package that lawmakers felt it was wise to slide the crypto legislation through.

It would seem that their plan relied heavily on the fact that the majority of people saw the infrastructure upgrades as necessary. Knowing that the crypto community is a small but growing percentage of their voter base, they just figured that everyone would suck it up and let the bill slide through without any opposition. However, they were wrong.

As soon as the details of the bill became public, crypto users noticed the underhanded move the lawmakers were attempting to make. In response, they mobilized and put the entire bill on hold. The goal was to fight to remove potentially harmful language. Specifically, the bill included a provision that had the potential to make every crypto user a broker in terms of reporting. This stipulation could require every crypto user to register with the IRS. IN the end, the bill passed unchanged.

Interestingly, the new crypto regulations did not affect the META 1 Coin. The network continues to provide private and secure transactions via its decentralized ecosystem. Notably, META 1 employed legal proficiency to ensure the network remains free from the influence of centralized regulators and other government agencies seeking to cash in on your freedom.  To accomplish this task, the developers created METANOMICS.


The META 1 Coin network combines DeFi profitability with the security of a stablecoin. The token embodies the overall goal of Bitcoin, to help free the world from financial tyranny. To accomplish this task, the team set out to make it as easy as possible to join the network. Unlike most DeFi protocols, there is no need to use another platform to convert fiat currency to crypto.

The METANOMICs ecosystem integrates a direct fiat-to-crypto conversion portal called Onramper. This protocol simplifies the entire process by cutting out the middleman. Users can convert +50 fiat currencies into META 1 tokens without delay.

Cut Out the Middleman

The process is faster than using a CEX (centralized exchange) like Coinbase or Binance and your converted funds deposit directly in to your linked wallet. Best of all, you can use the Onramper portal in over 150 countries globally, meaning that you always have access to the powerful tools provided by META 1.

Users can find everything they need to abandon the traditional financial system when they enter the METANOMICs ecosystem. There are low-risk passive income streams that require no technical requirements to use. Anyone can multiply their ROIs without risk of losing their original assets using the network’s services.

Best of all, META 1 decouples you from the actions of governments. META 1 enables you to stop paying for endless wars, oppression, and the continued destruction of the environment. The network arms users with a powerful weapon to defend their earnings against bad monetary policy moving forward and drive prosperity throughout humanity.

META1 Coin

The META1 Coin is a core component of the network. Unlike other popular stablecoin options in the market, it leverages a diverse basket of gold-related assets to retain value. This approach has some serious advantages. For one, it enables the token to escape the current inflation. Fiat currency and fiat pegged tokens continue to see a decline in purchasing power. Inflation is at a 40-year high which means fiat currency users continue to pay more for everything including food and gas.

Value Protection Contract

Another feature that makes META 1 Coin stand out is its value protection mechanisms. Large investors exiting a platform in a hurry can drain the liquidity from projects and drop token values. Users can’t dump their META 1 coins under asset value. The contract leverages a price oracle to ensure that all META 1 coins meet the mark. This strategy protects you against whale dumps. META 1 coin users avoid this issue.

Humans Only

Another anti-manipulation feature that deserves some explanation is the humans-only contract. This protocol ensures that only humans can purchase the token. No large investment firms, corporations, or governments can own META 1 Coins. In this way, the network removes centralization concerns from the equation.

It’s becoming more common for large traders to enter a DeFi ecosystem and purchase a majority of tokens to take control of the community governance mechanisms found in many DeFi protocols. The META 1 community consists solely of individual traders and daily users. Preventing these groups from usurping the community has always been a high priority for the project and the anti whale manipulation features make it possible.

Stake Your META 1 Coin

META 1 Coin holders can earn rewards in multiple ways. You can stake your tokens and help secure the platform. Staking rewards are consistent and have low risk compared to trading. Consequently, staking is a popular option in the DeFi market.

META VAULT Savings Accounts

You can also earn using a META VAULT savings account. These high-yield smart contracts pay out around 0.10% APY which is way more than your local bank. In comparison, your bank pays you around 0.03% on your holdings. This low rate is laughable considering that they lend out your money to make a profit. Additionally, because everything is done on the META blockchain, there is full transparency for users.


The META VAULT VISA Debit card is an excellent option for people seeking to expand their crypto usability. This advanced debit payments system enables you to spend your crypto anywhere that accepts VISA. The system works by converting your META 1 Coins into fiat currency at the PoS.

When you swipe the META VAULT VISA, the vendor is unaware of any difference. The transactions take the same time, and the vendor only receives fiat currency. This option makes META 1 one of the most convenient options in the market today. Users can join the METANOMICs ecosystem, secure profits, and spend their crypto how they please.

META Exchange

The META EXCHANGE is a full-service platform that enables users to trade digital assets in a non-custodial peer-to-peer manner. The platform allows you to trade directly from your wallet. This approach ensures that you are never locked out of your crypto accounts. Anyone who has used Coinbase can attest to the frustration of network downs during volatile times.

The META Exchange eliminates this issue and provides transactions throughput on par with NASDAQ. The DEX offers low fees and a variety of trading pairs to help you build your portfolio. Users can save on fees when paying with the META 1 Coin which is another advantage. Notably, most traders see DEXs as the natural evolution of the market due to their added privacy and features.

It’s Time to Take a Stand

META 1 represents more than just a crypto project. It’s a stand against all the corruption currently running unchecked in the market. This all-in-one project gives users everything they need to earn rewards and conduct daily transactions. You can find out more about META 1 Coin Here

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