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Klaytn (KLAY) vs META1 Coin – Two New Projects with Great Potential

Last updated on July 5, 2022

Klaytn (KLAY) vs META1 Coin – Two New Projects with Great Potential

Understanding the differences between Klaytn vs META 1 is a great step toward improving your overall investment strategy. Both projects have vibrant growing communities in the market. This growth can be attributed to multiple factors including their design, features, and capabilities. Here are the main things to consider when discussing Klaytn vs META1 coin.

What is Klaytn (KLAY)?

Klaytn entered the market on July 9, 2020. The platform saw immediate success as it was developed by the South Korean tech giant, KaKao. This firm is one of the largest internet providers in South Korea and offers a variety of services across multiple industries. Klaytn provides a high-performance blockchain, mobile app, and decentralized features geared towards businesses and entrepreneurs.

What is META 1 Coin

The META 1 Coin focuses on the opposite side of the market, the token holders. This platform features a self appreciating, multi-asset-backed stablecoin, a powerful DEX, DeFi features, and anti-manipulation protocols. The project is designed to service individuals specifically. As such, the platform has safeguards in place to ensure that only humans can ever own META 1 Coins.

META 1 is more than just a stablecoin, the network represents the culmination of thirteen years of cryptocurrency developments. The coin integrates advanced features such as multi-asset backing and self-appreciation characteristics. META 1 enjoys more stability due to this structure when compared to other stablecoins.

Market Corrections

This stability was put to the test with the latest round of hard market corrections. While most cryptocurrencies lost around 50% of their value, META 1 gained 1.5% in value since the start of the month. This growth helped to cement META 1 as one of the best options for savers in this inflation-ridden economy.

What Problems was Klaytn (KLAY) Built to Alleviate?

Klaytn was built to simplify blockchain adoption in the business sector. The protocol removes the technical barriers to blockchain adoption. Any business can integrate a blockchain-based strategy in a seamless nature using Klaytn.

Developer restrictions have plagued previous enterprise-grade blockchain service, providers. Klaytn introduces a variety of options to developers including the ability to create and host centralized and decentralized blockchains. Users can set the features they desire, such as the data controls and overall transparency of the platform. This strategy enables users to customize their platforms to fit their needs.

Another major concern that Klaytn reduces is interoperability. In most instances, an enterprise-level client has spent significant funding to create and operate a legacy system. Klaytn was designed to work with legacy systems rather than replace them. In this way, the platform provides smoother interoperability with existing data tools.

Legacy Systems

Major businesses are slow to update their systems because they have spent millions on their currency operations. Recognizing these issues, Klaytn improves interoperability with legacy enterprise assets. By providing smoother interoperability with existing data tools the network can better serve the needs of a growing group of crypto users.

Along the same line of thought, Klaytn was built to be expandable in all ways. The network seeks to see its Dapp ecosystem blossom as new integrations lead to better ways of connecting these systems. The integration of more blockchain features could help these firms to save funds and provide better services to the market. This approach helps to lower the integration cost of these systems.

What Problems was META 1 Built to Alleviate?

META 1 seeks to empower users to stand up against financial manipulation and control. The platform’s developers took inspiration from the great individuals in history who fought against unbelievable odds in the name of freedom. Everything about the project demonstrates a desire to provide more wealth generation options to users. Robert P Dunlap, META 1’s Founder, realized that the current financial system is skewed against users.

Regular citizens are never able to escape the rat race because the odds are stacked against them. Everything from inflation to the fact that fiat bank accounts pay out less than the cost of living contributes to this vicious cycle. For the average person to ever achieve true financial freedom, they need a stable option that provides passive income. META 1 users gain all of these advantages and more.

META 1 accomplishes this task via a host of passive reward options. For example, users can stake their META 1 coin and earn rewards with minimal risk. Additionally, the network integrates a high-yield bank account that pays out up to 10% APY. This APY is far more than the 0.03% APY paid out by most US banks at this time. The META VAULT is a better option than your local bank for many reasons.

Lack of Privacy

For one, you enjoy more privacy when you use the META VAULT. One of the easiest ways to have your crypto savings stolen is to broadcast to the world that you have them. In the past, there have been instances where crypto traders have been targeted after revealing they held massive amounts of a coin. META 1 users can remain anonymous which provides another layer of protection.


Inflation is a scourge for savers and those who want to HODL their assets. Inflation occurs when a currency starts to lose buying power. There are a lot of reasons that this could occur. The main reason is bad monetary policy. Politicians are not accountants and in many instances, it’s their actions that directly harm the value of a currency.

In the case of the USD, the government printed 30% of all USD in circulation in the first 3 months of this year. It’s no surprise to learn that the price of basic goods and services has risen accordingly. The World Bank recently published a report showing that food prices are up 30% currently.

Inflation is a problem but it’s nothing to when hyperinflation kicks in. Hyperinflation results in a complete loss of buying power. Countries around the world suffer from hyperinflation at this time. Some have inflation that was purposely forced onto their economy by sanctions. Countries like Venezuela and Russia have had their citizens’ savings depleted due to sanctions-related inflation. Protocols like META 1 are not beholden to any state or government making them free from inflationary influences.

How Does Klaytn (KLAY) Work?

Klayton leverages an advanced BFT-based public blockchain to provide a responsive and secure experience to its business clientele. The entire network was built with scalability and security in mind. As such, much of the network has been over-optimized to ensure future development flows smoothly.


Blockchain Applications (BApps) are the main feature offered by Klaytn. Businesses can easily create Bapps that interact directly with their current business systems. The Bapp creation feature streamlines the entire process via modules. You can simply select what features you desire for your Bapp including network congestion monitoring, token distribution tracking, token economy diagnosis, base calculation, retention/churn analysis, and funnel analysis.

Scalability was a main concern for the Katlyn developers. The protocol was built from the ground up to meet the needs of the growing business community. The network provides smooth and streamlines direct p2p blockchain transactions for businesses and users.

How Does META1 Work?

The diverse nature of the META 1 Coin ecosystem provides a variety of ways for users to interact and earn rewards. The protocol leverages the advanced fourth-generation META blockchain to ensure maximum scalability. META 1 can handle a tps rate on par with the NASDAQ. Additionally, the network has one of the lowest fee structures in the market at this time.


The META DEX is a non-custodial trading option that provides users with a responsive experience. This secure DEX provides users with everything they need to collect and trade their favorite DeFi projects. Notably, The META DEX is a non-custodial exchange. Non-custodial exchanges never require you to upload your crypto to the network to participate in trades.

Non-custodial exchanges are more secure and safer for you for many reasons. For one, hackers are less likely to target these exchanges because there are no large community wallets to steal. Additionally, you’re never in a situation where you are unable to access your coins during market volatility or network upgrades. Large CEX users can find that they are locked out of their trading activities during network upgrades which can lead to heavy losses if unable to trade into different positions.


One of the best features provided to META 1 users is the META VAULT. This feature set is ideal for long-term traders. The VAULT enables users to get the most of META 1’s long-term savings options. There are two products currently offered by the META VAULT. The first is a high yield savings account. This low-risk passive income stream pays out 10% on your holdings.

The next feature provided by the META VAULT is a VISA Debit card. This card instantaneously converts your crypto into fiat currency the moment you swipe your card. The transaction takes the same amount of time as a regular VISA card and the merchant receives fiat currency. This option expands the usability of META 1 to new heights and enables users to easily enter the METANOMICs universe, profit, and spend their earnings without issues.

Staking Rewards

You can also stake META 1 tokens. Unlike the competition, META 1 staking requires very little effort. Your rewards are based on the number of tokens you hold. Best of all, your rewards are paid out in META 1 coins that can improve your staking ROIs in the future. This compounding APY is one of the biggest advantages that META 1 brings to the market. Users can secure real returns without the risk of losing their original assets.


KLAY is the main utility and governance token for the network. Users must hold KLAY to participate in any of the services or features offered on the network. KLAY users can send values across the globe in seconds using the token. Additionally, you can use KLAY for collateral to open new projects or secondary tokens. KLAY is a helpful asset for businesses and is designed to integrate into other protocols in a streamlined manner. This flexible coin is the main utility token for the Klaytn network.

META 1 is the most advanced stablecoin to hit the market yet. It combines a variety of popular features and some proprietary strategies to provide low-risk and high reward options to users. The token derives value from a basket of gold-related assets that are designed to appreciate over time.

Additionally, the system introduces a smart contract that prevents users from dumping their tokens below asset value. The crypto market has long taken flak for the high level of manipulation some projects experience. All trades must meet this minimum asset value to complete.

This approach is great because it prevents groups from suddenly dumping all of their holdings and leaving regular users holding the bag. Instead, the value remains locked into the network as the token expands its usage. You can trade your META 1 knowing the network was built for the people by the people.

Klaytn vs META1 Coin – What’s a Better Investment

After reviewing the differences between these projects, it’s easy to see that they are designed to serve two different sectors. Klaytn gives businesses an easy and smooth way to transition into blockchain services, whereas, META 1 was built for the people to provide a better option than the skewed centralized system in use currently.

Both of these projects have some unique features that make their upside potential nearly unlimited. Consequently, you can expect to hear a lot more about these platforms as their user bases and features expand in the coming weeks.

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