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How to Live Financially Free Using META 1

Last updated on July 5, 2022

How to Live Financially Free Using META 1

Achieving financial freedom is a worthy goal to set your sights on. For many people, the concept of financial freedom is simply a word that seems light years away from their current situation. Despite the fact you may feel like this goal is so far, the reality is you’re never too far away to start your journey toward a better financial future.

Living financially free starts with a decision to stand up for freedom. You will need to change your mentality to focus on the things that help to make this goal possible. All of these changes can’t happen overnight, but instead develop over time as you gradual growth towards your new financial self.

Better Future –META 1

Many traders entered the crypto space in search of opportunity and a better alternative to the status quo. They feel cryptocurrencies provide them with a way outside of the centralized system to prosper. Rising through the ranks of the current financial system can be nearly impossible for many people. You can see this by looking at the billions of people unable to even open a basic bank account.

DeFi (decentralized finance) protocols such as META 1 provide open access to powerful wealth generation tools to further your savings and help you achieve your financial freedom. These features were hand-selected by the tokens founder Robert P Dunlap. He researched freedom fighters of the past and the main roadblocks for the average person to achieve financial freedom.

He concluded that the centralized nature of the system had enabled it to become skewed. The average user is at such a disadvantage that it’s nearly impossible to succeed. The developers behind META 1 have dedicated their lives to empowering users through a unique combination of wealth generation services.

What are the Fundamentals of Financial Freedom?

To achieve finical freedom, you need to first understand what it is and how people reach it. Financial freedom is a term that refers to the ability to stop going to work to maintain your current lifestyle. If you want to see how close you are to financial freedom already, simply ask yourself this question –

If I were to quit my job today, how long would I be able to maintain my current lifestyle?

For most people, the answer is, not very long at all. The reason that most people never achieve financial freedom is simply that they don’t understand it. For example, the hardest way to achieve this goal is to go to work and save up over years and years.

One of the main reasons this strategy is difficult is because your savings doesn’t accrue value in tandem with the rising cost of living. A better alternative is to secure passive income. Passive income returns you earn based on past efforts.

There are a lot of different types of passive income. One of the most popular is rental properties. Royalties and commissions are other forms of passive income. DeFi introduces a plethora of new passive income opportunities to users that don’t require credit or large down payments.

Problems Faced By Current Savers

One of the biggest issues you must overcome to achieve financial freedom is the mental blockade engrained from a young age. You are taught to believe that you live in a world of scarcity with not enough resources or wealth for everyone. Step one is to cast this falsehood aside and realize that you live in a world of abundance. There is more than enough for you and everyone to enjoy financial freedom.


Centralization can be considered the root of many of the financial sector’s issues regarding the unfair treatment of regular users. Whenever you have centralization, the risk rises that those in power will make decisions to retain their control. You can see this in the traditional markets in many ways.

For example, the best trading options often require you to be an accredited trader. To get this title, you need at least $1 million in liquid assets. For most people, this is far from their reality. As such, they miss out on ROIs.

META 1 eliminates the middleman from the equation. The METANOMICs ecosystem operates as pure code. There is no human intervention required for the network to complete its processes. Uses save on fees and time because META 1 operates in a direct peer-to-peer manner. This structure also provides more transparency, because all activities can be monitored on the public META blockchain.


Inflation is a major concern that must be addressed if you’re serious about securing your financial future. Inflation refers to when a currency loses buying power. There are countries in the world that have currencies that are worthless due to hyperinflation. The main problem with inflation is that it robs savers without having to take their holdings directly.

The US has hit a 40-year high in terms of inflation. Today, you pay more for gas, food, and basic items than you did this time last year. There are many reasons for this loss in buying power. The main reason is that the COVID-19 pandemic caused the government to issue massive amounts of fiat currency. If you examine the stats, the relation between inflation and money issuance becomes clearer.

The US issued 30% of all USD in circulation during the first half of 2022. This issuance was reflected by a direct 30% increase in the cost of food and other necessities. This inflation has since worsened in many sectors with the price of fuel and even baby formula reaching new heights.

META 1 eliminates inflation through a variety of means. The primary way in which META 1 removes inflation from the equation is via its stablecoin features. META 1 doesn’t derive value based on its market cap like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Instead, its value comes from a basket of gold-related assets. This structure provides protection from another major concern for traders, volatility.


Anyone who seeks to use crypto for their savings can tell attest to the volatility in the market. Coins like Bitcoin can see price swings throughout a day that add or wipe thousands in value from the project. This volatility can make new traders uneasy. Worst of all, it makes it more complicated for businesses to accept Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies directly.

META 1 integrates a special smart contract to help reduce volatility even further. The protocol uses an off-chain oracle to monitor the underlying asset value of the project. The system then matches this value to all trades to ensure that they are not underselling the tokens. This approach prevents major dumps.

More importantly, it helps to prevent the token from becoming un-pegged from its reserves. Recently, the crypto market felt the effects of the UST coin losing its peg and selling for under its reserves. The ensuing madness led to the LUNA token, UST’s backing, losing 90% in value in less than 24-hours.

META 1 prevents this scenario in another way, it limits the amount of META 1 coins you can hold to $5,000,000. Additionally, the system was set up to prevent whales from manipulating the prices. Also, the network has a security feature that prevents corporations or trading firms from accessing META 1 tokens. This strategy helps to prevent whales from taking over control of the project, or attempting a pump and dump, which hurts average token holders.


Whenever you have centralization you have censorship. Censorship can come in many forms with entire populations left out of international commerce due to reasons beyond their control, such as governments disagreeing on foreign policies. In the end, citizens suffer as the narrative always pushes an agenda that results in the average person losing.

META 1 is a trustless environment. There are no gatekeepers or centralized groups to block or censor your commerce. You experience more flexibility. For example, you can send META 1 coins internationally in a frictionless manner for cheaper than fiat currency. The META blockchain is a high-performance fourth-generation network that supports the latest DeFi functionalities.

How META 1 Changes the Game

The idea of stable coins isn’t anything new to the market, but META 1 expands on this concept in many ways. For one, it’s not a fiat pegged coin. Fiat pegged stablecoins, like USDT, suffer from the same inflation as their reserves. As such, bad monetary policies continue to make these coins a bad store of value option.

META 1 is the first multi-asset-backed stablecoin to enjoy self-appreciation over time. This concept saw the token see an increase in value of 1.25% since the start of the latest market corrections. While other projects lost value, META 1 users enjoyed returns. This appreciation works in tandem with the protocol’s advanced features to provide traders with an advantage over the status quo.


The METANOMICs DeFi ecosystem is an all-inclusive infrastructure that provides users access to a variety of powerful tools to create savings and secure passive income. The network combines a lightning-fast blockchain and DEX (decentralized exchange) with advanced features such as the META VAULT.

One of the main goals of META 1 was to simplify the DeFi experience to the point that anyone could leverage these tools to secure their future. This desire led the team to seek out ways to cut out the middleman wherever possible and streamline the onboarding process. The Onramper portal is the perfect solution.

Onramper provides users with a direct fiat-to-crypto conversion tool. The portal is easy to navigate and takes out the mystery of entering the DeFi space. It’s cheaper than using a third-party exchange like Coinbase to first convert your tokens to Ethereum and it’s faster. Additionally, you don’t have to complete KYC checks to use the service, so it keeps your privacy intact.


The META VAULT is a game-changer in the DeFi sector. This blockchain-based savings feature cuts out the administrative costs of banking. Users secure 10% APY saving on this protocol. In comparison, the national average for fiat savings accounts is 0.03%. This rate falls below the national inflation level, which means that saving fiat currency is counterproductive at the moment

The META VAULT demonstrates the true power of DeFi as it provides a private and open passive income stream to the community. You simply need to connect your network-approved wallet to start securing returns. Best of all, your profits get deposited in the same account which enables you to secure compounding interest.



Crypto has had one limiting factor to this day, a lack of usability. It’s not like you can go into your local gas station and pay with Bitcoin yet. The META VAULT VISA Debit Card changes this scenario once and for all.

The card is accepted anywhere that shows the VISA logo. It works by converting your crypto into fiat currency when you swipe. The process is instant and the vendor has no idea that you used crypto to pay for goods because they receive fiat.


The META DEX is one of the core features of the METANOMICs network. The DEX was designed to service the needs of a massive DeFi community. It features industry-level performance and access to the best META 1 features. You can also stake your tokens to secure passive returns with minimal risk and effort. New traders prefer staking because the returns are consistent and there is no mystery.

It’s About Freedom?

To achieve financial freedom it helps to align with others with the same mindset. The META 1 community was built by and for freedom concise crypto users. The project reflects the developer’s dream to provide the average person with a fighting chance to escape the rat race. META 1 gives you stability, accessibility, security, and profitability.

Using META 1 to Achieve the Ultimate Goal

Now that you have a better understanding of how META 1 can help you to achieve financial freedom, you’re ready to improve your DeFi strategy. Remember that the journey to financial freedom starts with a roadmap and remaining consistent is the key to success. The great news is that you don’t have to fight an uphill battle anymore, as META 1 provides the world with a better route to financial freedom.

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