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The Top Ways META1 Coin Changes the Crypto Market in 2022

The Top Ways META1 Coin Changes the Crypto Market in 2022

It’s not every day that a project comes around as impactful as the META1 Coin. This stablecoin takes concepts from its predecessors and introduces some proprietary concepts to protect decentralization. As such, there is a lot of interest surrounding the entire METANOMICs ecosystem and its features. Here are 6 ways the META1 Coin changes the crypto market forever.

Builds on Nakamoto’s Vision

The first way META1 alters the industry is through its reaffirmation of Nakamoto’s dream of a decentralized financial system. The token doesn’t just speak about decentralization like the competition. There are a variety of smart contracts and control mechanisms in place to ensure the market remains in the hands of the average user. 

For example, the system makes users verify that they are individuals, not corporations or governments. Additionally, the network eliminates pump-and-dumps and other forms of whale manipulation by requiring all tokens to be sold at token value. Together, these systems ensure that the META1 Coin remains a community-driven project that helps improve the lives of everyday users. 

A New Level of Stability

The technology put into the META1 stablecoin is impressive. The project does away with the old fiat-pegged stablecoin concept and instead, developers opted to derive value from a basket of self-appreciating gold-related assets. This approach ensures that META1 coins continually increase in value. It also shields digital assets from inflation. 


The multi-asset approach used by META1 helps to reduce volatility in the market for the asset as well. The concept to use multiple assets had to develop over time. The first stablecoins used other cryptocurrencies to escape volatility. This strategy worked well in mild markets but when the entire market would crash it would leave the coin in a sticky situation as its reserves would shrivel up alongside the token value.

The second type of stablecoin and the most popular are fiat pegged tokens. Fiat pegged stablecoins like Tether became a game-changing technology in 2017. The introduction of these tokens to exchanges streamlined the process of exiting market cap-based coin volatility. For the first time, traders could lock in the dollar value of their crypto.

Fiat-based stablecoins were ideal for a couple of other reasons. For one, they were the easiest for accounting purposes because they used fiat currency denominations. Additionally, they were cheaper to convert your crypto into than fiat currency. They also required fewer regulatory steps.

Safehaven Asset

Gold-backed stablecoins were always an option but it wasn’t until the introduction of safehaven assets that this digital asset gained new life. Safehaven assets combine stablecoin aspects with advanced smart contracts to reduce volatility, centralization, and other common pitfalls. 

The META 1 Coin is the perfect example of a fourth-generation gold-based multi-asset safehaven asset. The token derives value from gold which is ideal for any reason. The primary purpose is that gold is self appreciating asset and is non controlled by any nation in particular. 

Another reason why gold-related assets were the right move is that during times of volatility gold demand increases. This structure means that when the markets start to get volatile, gold prices rise which equates to rising value for EMTA 1 Coin holders. 

Fight Inflation 

The news has just begun to report what financial experts have warned about for years, rising inflation. The recent printing of billions in fiat currency has left inflation rates at 40-year highs. Sadly, politicians continue to print more fiat to fund their projects with little regard to the effects of their actions following their term. 

Inflation is a loss in buying power and it does more damage than makes everything cost more. It robs future traders of their disposable income to participate in the market. It also robs savers and makes saving illogical as you lose money at the current rates. 

The concept of safehaven tokens was put to the test in the recent market correction. META 1 rose 1.34% in value during the crash. Most projects lost +30% in value with some losing 60%. Additionally, a couple of stablecoins completely crashed like the UST/LUNA project. 

Eliminates Whales

One of the biggest problems faced by crypto traders today is whale manipulation. The size of the sector coupled with the lack of regulations means that the sector is ripe for whale manipulation. Whales are large traders that hold enough funding in a project to influence its price. For example, a whale recently crashed LUNA when they sold off 5% of the total tokens in circulation overnight. 

Whales are a problem that has plagued the market since day one. The team behind META 1 has put forth some unique strategies to help prevent whale manipulation. One of their technique is to require all traders to prove they are human beings. The network requires them to prove they are trading on their behalf and are not a corporation or trading firm. 

Token Limits Protect the Community

Another system that keeps you safe from whales is the token limit. There is a $5 million token limit on all META 1 Coin holders. This limit is set at a percentage to ensure that no single trader can dump the token value. This protection was added directly following the revelation that LUNA crashed due to whale manipulation. 

Prevent Dumps

The last protection that META 1 has introduced to escape volatility is an asset protection mechanism. This system prevents dumps by setting the minimum trade value at the asset value of the town. The system cross-references all readers and prevents traders from executing their trades under this value.

This strategy is ideal for the community because when you review the history of the crypto market there are endless stablecoins that have lost their pegged value and tanked overnight. This system prevents the dump and ensures that the asset value remains the base for all trades. 

More Flexibility

The METANOMIC universe provides users with more options than its predecessors. For example, it used to be very difficult to convert fiat currency to DeFi tokens directly. In most instances, users need to hold an account on a CEX (centralized exchange) to accomplish this task. 

Large CEXs like Coinbase and Binance reduce decentralization within the market and can apply enormous pressure on the market. They charge higher fees than DEXs and require you to have custody of your digital assets in their wallets to participate in the market. 

Non-custodial is the Best Option

Traders can use META1 stables coins when trading on the META DEX (decentralized exchange). Noncustodial exchanges bring a lot of protection to the market. These networks are safer because they allow you to trade from your wallet. This structure means that you don’t have to trust them to keep your crypto safe. 

It’s also a great deterrent for hackers because no large wallets are holding thousands of users’ coins together as a bounty like on CEXs. DEX hackers need to target pools or other options because the traders are operating in a peer-to-peer manner. It’s recommended that you only use non-custodial platforms to avoid losses.

Custodial exchanges have other issues besides hackers that can make you take losses. For example, network upgrades and outages can leave you disconnected from your crypto for days. Anyone who has used major CEXs has had times when the network would be down. Sadly, these times seem to correspond to high volatility moments in h market. 


The META DEX provides high-frequency trading, low fees, and scalability on par with the NASDAQ exchange. This advanced network provides users access to a host of helpful charting tools. You can monitor market movements and keep track of your holdings using this helpful dashboard. Best of all, it’s cheaper to use a DEX over large CEXs. 

The main differences between DEXs and CEXs are that DEXs connect traders directly whereas CEXs act as an intermediary. Some technical and user aspects are different. For example, DEXs require you to pay the gas fee for your trades in the network or exchange tokens. 


META1 users eliminate this problem thanks to the Onramper portal. This unique protocol allows you to convert 50+ cryptocurrencies into META1 coins in seconds. The Onramper portal is available in over 150 countries globally. The system streamlines the onboarding process considerably and saves you money and time. Additionally, it protects your privacy better than using a CEX.

On the reverse side of the equation, you can spend your META1 coins just like fiat currency. The network introduces a Crypto VISA Debit card for users. This card converts your crypto into fiat currency the second you swipe it at the POS (Point of Sale). This approach streamlines crypto usage significantly. The vendor receives fiat currency and you walk out of the store with your product. Few networks can match this level of convenience. 

HOLD and Earn

META1 users are privy to the newest and most secure DeFi features. Users can stake their META1 tokens and secure consistent rewards. Staking is an awesome feature to provide because it is low risk and requires very little research on the part of the person staking. Your rewards vary depending on the number of tokens you stake which makes it easy to see what your profits will equal in the end. 


You can also secure 10% APY when you put your META1 coins into a network savings account. This APY eclipses the 0.03% that is the national average paid out by your local bank. The network accomplishes this task by eliminating the bank from the equation and sharing the profits with users. 

Crypto banks are on the rise with more companies joining the digital revolution monthly. The META VAULT is an ideal option for traders because it integrates directly into the other features the platform provides. You can easily send tokens from the account to your META wallet and the META DEX.

Crypto/Utility Token

The META1 Coin is a versatile asset that serves multiple roles within the METANOMICs network. Users can save on DEX fees when they use the token. Additionally, the DEX has deeper liquidity and trading pairs using the coin. 

Additionally, META1 coins can operate as a cryptocurrency. You can send these tokens globally in seconds in a secure and peer-to-peer manner. When you combine these attributes with the token’s unique smart contract protections, it’s easy to see that the developers wanted to make the META1 Coin outshine its predecessors. 

Remittance Payments

You can use META 1 to send value internationally. The token can be sent across the globe in seconds and for pennies. This option beats out sending fiat currency which can cost as much as 12% to send. Additionally, it’s more convenient. Going to pick up money from a western union or MoneyGram is a process that can take time and create stress for all parties. META 1 is a better option that supports the free economy. 

A Team Willing to Make a Difference

The biggest draw to the META 1 Coin project is the fact that its development team takes its mission to provide users with real wealth generation options seriously. The group has taken many steps to ensure that the project remains free from outside influence. For example, META 1 is registered outside the jurisdiction of centralized financial regulators. As such, the network can offer its unique services to the entire globe in an open manner.

The META1 Coin Provides Real Opportunity

The META1 project highlights how far cryptocurrencies have come since Bitcoin. In those days, it was a miracle to overcome the double-spend conundrum that had haunted all digital currencies prior. Nowadays, users want to be able to generate rewards using low-risk decentralized methods. As such, the demand for projects like META1 is on the rise. You can expect to see this trend continue as more users learn of META1 Coin’s benefits in the coming weeks following multiple exchange listings slated for the next 60-days.

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