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Future Techs that Make Living in 2022 Awesome pt 1

Future Techs that Make Living in 2022 Awesome pt 1

Today is a great time to be alive. The world is filled with technologies that would make earlier generations drool in envy. Life in 2022 is more relaxing and convenient thanks to the introduction of some cool technologies that are revolutionizing the way people live and interact. From the metaverse to cryptocurrencies and everything in between, technology continues to redefine the human experience and bring the world together in new and exciting ways.

There are so many new technologies that it would seem difficult to narrow down this list to just a few contenders. However, some industries are already alive and booming. These are the techs that will be the focus rather than those still sitting on the drawing board. All of these industries are expanding at a rapid pace due to their convenience and capabilities. Here are just some of the amazing technologies that make being alive in 2022 awesome.


The Metaverse is a 24-hour, 365 3D virtual world. Users can connect and interact in real-time in this digital landscape. They can exchange data, communicate, and even value. The Metaverse has multiple applications that could make life much easier for you in the coming years.

One of the biggest sectors that the Metaverse could affect is healthcare. There are a lot of firms are working on AR (augmented reality) options in this regard. Augmented reality combines virtual inputs with the real world to create a sort of heads-up display with additional information about your surroundings.


For healthcare professionals, AR is finding its way into the surgical room. There are firms like Microsoft that have already produced AR surgical assistants. They assist students and experts during surgery and help improve the rate of success for complex procedures by providing vital data and information when needed most.

Real Estate

Another cool use of the Metaverse is in the real estate sector. The introduction of virtual reality enables agents to provide more realistic and immersive experiences to their potential clients. Already firms are using this technology to provide virtual tours of properties with great success.

Educational Sector

The Metaverse will empower the teachers of tomorrow. They will now have access to powerful virtual visuals that can help them to better explain complex processes and procedures to classes around the globe. Best of all, virtual reality will enable teachers to take their students through experiences that would have been impossible such as visiting the dinosaurs or the moon.


The Metaverse is already affecting the way manufacturers operate. Currently, these systems are mainly used in safety training procedures. They enable employees to experience real-world-like scenarios and familiarize themselves with the proper procedures to follow during incidents.

IoT (Internet of Things)

The Internet of things is the term given to the growing number of smart devices in the market. According to recent reports, there are nearly more of these devices in the world than humans with some reports showing 10 billion IoT decides in operation today.

IoT devices are one of the technologies that are making life easier for people in multiple ways. IoT is a term given to smart devices or any device with a sensor and the ability to communicate data online. IoT devices are in use across nearly all industries. Everything from your Smartphone to your self-driving car is a smart device.

IoT Logistics

IoT devices are making an impact across many industries with the logistics sector embracing the technology to improve systems. IoT devices can provide real-time data to help improve monitoring capabilities. For large manufacturers, these low cost highly sensitive sensors are a game changer. They enable firms to monitor their goods more accurately and for less.

Imagine going to the supermarket and picking up a fresh apple. You scan the label and you can see the full history of the fruit from the day it was planted, picked, shipped, and arrived at the market. All of this data is provided free of charge. These systems and more are possible using IoT technology.

Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are making the world a better place for millions of people around the globe. These technologies are improving the lives of regular-day people on multiple levels. The introduction of Bitcoin 13 years prior was a monumental moment for mankind. It marked the first time a decentralized digital currency took flight.

People often confuse blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies as the same thing. However, blockchain networks are decentralized networks that can host cryptocurrencies and other digital assets. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized monetary systems that provide direct p2p transactions in a permissionless manner by leveraging blockchain technology.

The introduction of cryptocurrencies into the world has had a resounding effect on eh market. The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has gone from pennies to over $60,000 per coin at the peak of its last bull run. Currently, digital currency sits at around $20,000. The crypto market has grown into a trillion-dollar industry with thousands of tokens and coins available to users.

More Efficient Way of Doing Business

Cryptocurrencies provided a lot of benefits to the market. For one, they are more efficient than fiat currency. You can send cryptocurrencies globally in a permissionless manner in seconds for pennies. In comparison, fiat currency requires several third-party systems to complete the transactions securely and in a regulatory-compliant manner. Each of these stops increases the overall cost of sending funding. In comparison, you can send million in crypto across the globe in a frictionless way.

Open to the World

Another major advantage of cryptocurrencies is that they provide open access to basic financial systems. There are around 3 billion people in the world who are unable to access basic banking services for various reasons. These reasons can range from war to bad credit history or a lack of trust in the banks in general.

Cryptocurrencies eliminate the middleman and replace the bank with pure code. This structure prevents discrimination due to gatekeepers or other reasons. Anyone can join a cryptocurrency network and start conducting transactions in seconds. As such, these networks have grown in popularity. Today, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are known by most people.

DeFi (Decentralized Finance)

The DeFi sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the blockchain industry. DeFi refers to the transfer of financial services from centralized networks to blockchain protocols. This tech provides users with some major advantages that are hard to overlook. For one, these networks take the added profits gained from eliminating the middleman and provide rewards to users.

DeFi is known for low-risk passive rewards. There are a plethora of features that make securing consistent returns easier than trading. These systems have helped DeFi gain popularity and expand over the last two years. Today there are DeFi networks worth billions of dollars.


Staking is the best-known DeFi feature in use today. Staking is the process of locking your crypto into a network smart contract. The longer you lock up your coins and the more tokens you lock, the more you earn. Staking is ideal for new users for multiple reasons. Primarily, it’s great because there is no way to lose your staked assets.

Additionally, it provides consistent returns. You can use a staking calculator to see exactly what your returns will be and when they will get paid to your wallet. The best staking networks even provide in-wallet staking like META 1. This strategy allows you to keep your tokens safely stored in your possession while still securing returns.

High Yield Savings Accounts

It’s been a lifetime since anyone ever said they made a living off the interest of their savings account. Today, the national average APY for fiat savings accounts sits at 0.03%. Considering that inflation is at a 40-year high, this rate isn’t even enough to prevent losses. Sadly, savers are losing money in their fiat savings due to rising inflation and low returns.

DeFi systems provide higher returns due to their technical structure. The META VAULT is a prime example of a high-yield savings account that is growing in popularity. This protocol offers 10% APY to all users. The network is easy to sign up for and requires no additional information. Simply connect your network-approved wallet to the DeFi account and you can start securing returns moving forward.

Safehaven Tokens

One of the biggest problems that cryptocurrencies face is volatility. These digital assets are more efficient than fiat currency but they’re also more volatile. Over the years, there have been many attempts to create a type of cryptocurrency that isn’t volatile. The culmination of these efforts  is the safehaven token.

These projects combine stablecoin features with DeFi capabilities and advanced value protection mechanisms. They include methods to prevent whale manipulation and keep the network decentralized. The META 1 Coin is the most advanced Safehaven token in operation today. The system prevents trading firms and corporations from participating in the market to ensure decentralization.

The META 1 Coin can avoid volatility due to its unique layout. The token derives value from a basket of gold-related assets. These assets appreciate over time and specifically during times of market volatility as gold demand grows. This increased demand results in increased value.

The META 1 Coin introduces a protection system that prevents traders from dumping their bags under the asset value. This protection helps to prevent pumps and dumps. It also ensures that whales can manipulate the price. The final piece of the system is a token limit set at $5 million. This limit ensures no single trader controls enough of the market to tank the project.

Electric Vehicles

As gas prices continue to soar more people are looking toward electric vehicles for their daily commute. The rise in the popularity of EVs has been a long time coming. The advanced car company TESLA can be credited with taking EV’s mainstream in the US. They have created smart cars that can go faster than their combustion-powered competitors.

These cars are combined with self-driving capabilities to create the roadways of the future. The EV race is heating up with all major manufacturers currently working on some form of EV to bring to marketing in the next 3 years. EVs, bring a lot of advantages to the market. Mainly, they run cleaner and quieter than combustion engines.

Electric Vehicles Come in All Types in 2022

Electric cars aren’t the only electric vehicles seeing rapid adoption. Electric scooter companies continue to pop up across the globe in colleges and cities. These app-powered systems enable anyone to take a ride on an electric scooter or bike. The program integrates with the devices to show the user where the scooters are located, how much battery they have, and other vital data to help you improve your green commute.

The expansion of electric vehicles continues to drive innovation in both motor and battery technologies. As both of these techs improve, these systems will continue to break new performance boundaries. For now, the prospect of an all-electric motorway has got many people excited.

Portable Personal Renewable Energy

Portable renewable energy stations are another awesome way to take your lifestyle into the future. Today there are a plethora of options for the user who wants to generate electricity off the grid. There are wind, water, and solar-powered options that can be carried on your person. This system helps to provide more connectivity and is the only option in many scenarios where infrastructure to provide traditional electricity doesn’t exist.

Future Techs that Make Living in 2022 Awesome pt 1

When you look at the market today, it’s evident that there have been major technological strides over the last decade. Today’s average lifestyle would look foreign to a person from only a few years prior. The rate at which technology is improving life in 2022 is increasing. At this speed, you could be sipping a fresh cappuccino while cruising an autonomous drone to work to get paid in Bitcoin before you know it.

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