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Use META 1 To Become Recession Proof

Use META 1 To Become Recession Proof

Nearly everywhere you look for economic news seems to suggest that the economy is in or heading towards a recession. Anyone who has lived through these times of economic downturn understands that some specific things need to be done if you want to soften the blows to your finances. The first step is to understand what a recession is, why they come about, and how you can avoid the common pitfalls most people make on your journey to financial freedom.

What is a Recession?

The National Bureau of Economic Research’s Business Cycle Dating Committee, a think tank that specializes in recessions and market cycles, describes a recession as an extended period of reduced economic activity. In their definition, two months of economic decline is the main indicator that a recession has begun.

The NBER is comprised of some of the most respected analysts in the market. The goal of the group is to learn from each economic cycle and figure out ways to speed up the realization and reduction of time spent in recessions. Interestingly, they have not labeled the current market as a recession even though it meets their definition of the state.

The market has experienced two consecutive quarters of declining GDP. Event the Real GDP declined in the first quarter of 2022. Real is a term that refers to the stat being adjusted for inflation by economists. This important economic indicator dropped 1.6%. So why has NBER not labeled the economy fully in a recession? The answer is more complicated than you would think.

It’s not that Easy to Determine Due to the

The main reason that this economy has had analysts flip-flopping on the recession label is due to the unusual reasons behind the downturn and the overall range of growth and decline across the differently affected industries. The market is in the middle of a balancing act as inflation continues to squash savers.

Notably, it’s not all death bells for the economy. Some of the stats demonstrate a return to before the pandemic such as employment is up 1.6%. The return of laborers to industry has had a positive effect. Industrial production has risen by 3.4% in 2022. The access to more goods has also helped kick consumer spending up 1.5% for the year. These trends fall in line with greater momentum with home prices, rents, and US exports all starting to rebound.

No Matter What it’s Called – People are Feeling the Crunch

While analysts compare statistics and bend their definitions to meet the unusualness of the situation, the average consumer and saver would agree that the market sure feels like a recession. The inflation rate has caused stagnation and market downturns across nearly every asset class.

Inflation is a loss of buying power. It can devastate a currency and if left unchecked can lead to hyperinflation. Savers suffer the most due to inflation as there is a point when saving costs them funding. The main reason for the losses is that the inflation rate of loss exceeds the APY paid out by their local bank. In the current situation, fiat savers are paying a high price.

Other Indicators that the Market is Heading Towards Recession

Another sign that the market is heading towards a major recession is the actions of well-known traders and economists. One such investor that has made some interesting maneuvers over the last few months that seem to indicate that he considers the direction of the economy as heading towards recession is Michael Burry.

Burry earned the nickname the “Big Short” after securing billions betting against the subprime market at the peak of the housing boom before it collapsed and led to the 2008 recession. His moves made him wealthy and earned his persona a feature  in a movie bearing his nickname.

In the Know

The Scion Asset Management fund manager raised eyebrows when he dumped around $200 million in stocks from across a dozen major trading positions without warning.  Interestingly, he dumped shares in Facebook’s parent firm, Cigna Corp, and Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.

He sold these shares and placed his funding in a private prison firm headquartered out of Boca Raton, called the Geo Group Inc according to filings. Specifically, his firm purchased half a million shares worth $3.3 million in the project.

Prepare for Downturn

Burry’s maneuvers seem to suggest he is bracing for a major downturn in the market. The fact that the firm has reduced its holding down to a single stock is telling. It reveals that they believe that most major sectors will decline quickly. Additionally, it’s even more revealing his replacement for these tech companies is a prison firm.

This decision reflects that they believe that the economic downturn will be followed by civil unrest which would result in a rise in the number of people incarcerated within the country. Notably, the private prison sector continues to grow. Since the start of 2000, the sector has seen a 14% increase with the United States now leading the globe in terms of private prison population.

Will the Big Short Prevail in 2022?

Burry’s decision to place all his eggs in the prison firm demonstrates that he is sure of the impending recession and civil unrest. Also, his maneuver shows that he believes that the tech markets are inflated and firms like Facebook are mostly hype that will take losses as the economy gets grittier for the average person.

What Can You Do To Protect our Wealth During a Recession?

The good news is that you are not helpless in times of recession. There are many things you can do to protect your wealth and even prosper while the markets take downturns. Notably, during times of recession, there are huge transfers of wealth as the average person losses their holdings through inflation.

Integrate a Safehaven Asset

One of the best ways to protect your wealth through a recession is to incorporate a safehaven asset into your strategy. Safehaven tokens combine the stability of stablecoins with the advantages of advanced smart contracts to protect value. Projects such as the META 1 Coin exemplify these characteristics through a combination of unique features and services. Here’s how you can use the META 1 Coin to change your financial future and prepare for the recession before it’s too late.

Better Building Blocks

One of the main reasons to convert funding into META 1 is that it provide you with the building blocks you need to create wealth. These powerful digital assets combine the most advanced features of cryptocurrencies to date with the stability and appreciation of gold. During times of economic decline like recessions, gold has performed much better than most asset classes. As such, gold-backed stablecoins like META 1 continue to experience value increases. 

The META 1 Coin secured a 1.5% increase in value since the start of the last crypto market corrections. This correction saw major projects like BTC and ETH lose over 60% in value in a month. The stats don’t lie. Safehaven assets provide stability with self-appreciation to create a new level of trader protection.

Fight Inflation

The META1 Coin is far superior to earlier stablecoins in the market. When you look at fiat-backed projects, their shortcomings are now more visible than ever. These tokens are great for escaping volatility but they have no way to protect against inflation. Since inflation can be caused by a variety of actions including bad monetary policies, these tokens are at the mercy of the same powers that govern the corrupt centralized financial market.  

META 1 holders enjoy self-appreciation as these tokens have excellent store of value characteristics. To accomplish this task, the developer chose to make META 1 a multi-asset gold-related stablecoin. The token derives value from a combination of gold bullion and other related assets. This approach creates appreciation and provides the token with more stability.

Passive Income

One of the most important steps in obtaining true financial freedom is obtaining passive income streams. Passive income differs from earned income in that you receive passive income payments for services rendered in the past. For example, royalties are a form of passive income. Residuals are another popular passive income stream.

META1 Coin users gain access to multiple passive income streams. These options are low risk and don’t require you to bypass gatekeepers or fulfill a long list of qualifications. You simply need to hold META1 Coins to start generating wealth using these methods.  

Stake and Earn

META 1 holders can stake their tokens Staking is a method of securing a blockchain. In the META1 blockchain, users stake to elect special nodes called witnesses. Witnesses receive rewards for validating transactions. These rewards are then split between the witness and the users who nominated the witness via staking.

Staking is a popular feature because it requires very little work compared to trading. Additionally, you know what your rewards will be since they are based on the number of coins you stake. As such, new users can obtain consistent returns using staking options in the market.


Never Give Up Ownership

Best of all, you don’t give up ownership of your META 1 coins when you stake. Plus your rewards are paid out in META 1 Coins which can then be added to your stake to improve your rewards for the next payout. In this way, anyone can create a self-generating wealth loop using META 1 and beat inflation.

Trading With Others

You can also leverage the powerful META Exchange to trade your tokens for other top-performing projects. The META Exchange provides users with a secure and efficient way to trade tokens in a non-custodial manner. Non-custodial exchanges provide users with more security because they don’t require you to give possession of your tokens to the exchange to trade. Instead, you trade directly from your wallet when using these systems. As such, they are far safer to use for traders.

It’s Easy to Join

The META Exchange integrates the Onramper Dapp to provide users with a seamless trading experience. You can convert +50 different fiat currencies to META1 coins in seconds using this Dapp. Additionally, the Onramper portal is available for use in over 100 countries. As such, there are META 1 Coin holders located across the globe.

DeFi Savings Account

You can build your savings and earn with META 1. The network provides users with high-yield savings account features that payout 10% APY. This APY is equal to many staking pools in the DeFi sector with more freedom. Unlike staking, your funds are not locked and there are no early withdrawal penalties.

The METANOMICs DeFi staking account provides a global audience access to secure financial services. Unlike your local bank account, which only pays out 0.03% APY, you don’t need to provide a bunch of private information and financial history. In this way, META 1 provides the billions of unbanked population with untethered access to real passive income.

Use Crypto Daily

Another way in which META 1 improves your cryptocurrency strategy is through daily use. In addition to earning rewards and building wealth, you can also spend your META 1 coins anywhere that accepts VISA. The META 1 VISA Debit will automatically convert your crypto into fiat currency when you swipe your card. The process takes seconds to complete.

Launch Your Projects on The META blockchain

The META blockchain operates as a fourth-generation decentralized ecosystem. This advanced network supports the latest DeFi functionality. Additionally, the developers encourage the community to build their applications to improve the user experience. Developers can leverage advanced features, high scalability, and low fees.

The META blockchain is an advanced DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) network that enables anyone to participate in the network’s validation process. DPoS networks are faster than PoS systems and more inclusive than PoW networks. They are also much more efficient with the META blockchain using far less energy than its predecessors to remain valid.

META 1 – Protect Your Wealth

If you want to achieve your financial goals, you need to step back and look at your situation from somebody else’s eyes. Once you do this, you realize that the current centralized financial system leaves you vulnerable to losses, especially due to recessions. Even those with sizable savings are seeing their wealth robbed due to inflation. Avoid these problems and protect your wealth using META 1.

The developers behind the METANOMICs concept have taken great care to create a powerful tool to bring users out of the rat race and into the fast lane. The system enables anyone to obtain passive income and empowers users to join their community of financial freedom fighters.

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