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Recession 2023 – Don’t Be Left Unprepared For the Chaos

Recession 2023 – Don’t Be Left Unprepared For the Chaos

There is more than enough evidence to start preparing for a massive recession in the coming months. The nation’s GDP has been down for two straight quarters and famous traders are taking drastic actions that seem to point toward a major economic collapse. All of these actions have left the average traders in a bit of a quandary in terms of how to protect their wealth and prosper during a recession.

How Cryptocurrencies Provide Real Earning Opportunities

The first step in this process is to become educated on how cryptocurrencies improve your earning opportunities. The introduction of DeFi has had a resounding effect on how regular traders secure returns. These systems were built from the ground up to eliminate the middleman and share the added profits with the community. As such, they are more popular than ever.

Passive Income

The DeFi revolution has been fueled by a steady stream of new passive income functionalities. Passive income is a vital part of achieving financial freedom. Passive income is funds you earn for past efforts. They can come in many forms with rental properties being the most common.

In the past, it was difficult for the average person to gain access to passive income like rental properties due to the high upfront costs associated with real estate purchases and other barriers such as credit and paperwork requirements. These roadblocks made passive income nearly impossible for many people.


The METANOMICs DeFi ecosystem flips this structure on its head to provide users with easy passive income streams. The protocol supplies multiple ways for users to secure returns without risking losing their original assets. Users can stake their META 1 tokens directly from their wallets to secure passive returns.

Staking protocols are very popular because they don’t require technical skills. META 1 streamlines the process further by eliminating the need to remove the tokens from your wallet. In-wallet staking is simple and provides a convenient way to secure ROIs.

Safehaven Assets are the Best Option During Recessions

As the major part of the recession is approaching, it’s best to make preparations now. The use of a safehaven asset is one of the smartest ways to prevent recession losses. Safehaven assets are blockchain stablecoins that integrate additional smart contracts to protect the token’s value and fight volatility. Notably, META 1 is the first safehaven token to gain market-wide recognition.

Appreciation Beats Inflation

The META 1 Coin was designed to fight inflation in multiple ways. The token derives value from a basket of gold-related assets which provides it with some serious advantages. For one, it’s not beholden to bad monetary policies. Fiat-backed stablecoins suffer from the same inflation as fiat currency.

There is no way for politicians to print more gold. This scarcity helps to improve its value. Additionally, the market has proven to be uncertain with pandemics and war causing a lot of hesitation. It’s during these times that gold experiences growing demand. This demand directly correlates to a higher META 1 Coin value.

Smart Contracts Prevent Major Losses

It’s vital to understand how META 1 leverages smart contracts to improve stability. The first system is designed to prevent major token value dumps. The system accomplishes this task by preventing trades under the asset value. The asset value is the intrinsic value of the tokens backing assets.

In the past, there have been a lot of stablecoins that have failed due to losing this peg. The system works by checking all trades as they hit the blockchain. It will then block trades that are under the asset value automatically. This prevents pump-and-dump schemes and a host of other whale manipulation methods used across the market today.

Token Limits Protect Decentralization

The developers introduce a token limit for individual traders. The limit is determined by looking at the total value of the project and how much it would take a single trader to affect this value if they sold all their tokens without warning.  The current value is set to $5 million. However, this value will increase alongside the growth of the network.

Prevent Corporations from Entering the Market

Token limits help but the best way to prevent whales is to eliminate the parties that act as these harmful entities. META 1 eliminates whales by preventing non-humans from trading the token. The system requires all users to provide proof they are an individual and not working for a corporation or government.

The METANOMICs DeFi platform is even located outside the jurisdiction of centralized regulators to ensure that it can fulfill its obligations to a global user base regardless of your location or country of origin. META 1 operates as pure code with no human intervention required for the system to operate fully.

Using Cryptocurrencies to Stay Happy During Recession

It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have unlimited potential to alter the way you live. While most people focus purely on the financial aspects of these digital assets, there are many more reasons and ways that these coins can enrich your life. Here are a few easy ways to use cryptocurrencies to live a happy and free life.

Recognize the Bias

The majority of people are aware that the current financial system is skewed. The regular users suffer while those at the top continue to concentrate their wealth. This scenario is nothing new as a quick review of history reveals that it’s always been this way. For example, in 1860, 2% of the US population controlled one-third of the nation’s riches.

Sadly, this scenario has only worsened since that time. From 1863 to 2016, the percentage of aggregate wealth going to upper-income families increased starkly from 60% to 79%. Today, the top 1% of households control 43% of global wealth. Even worse is the fact that many analysts predict this trend will continue in the future. Sadly, if this scenario plays out as predicted, there will be no middle class in the future.

It’s All About Intentions

So how does one escape from this chilling future? The first step to freeing yourself from the financial chains of society is to change your intentions. Instead of searching for profits, you need to put your efforts toward generating real, long-lasting wealth. Once you make this mental shift, it becomes easy to see that the fiat-based financial system isn’t the right choice to achieve your goals.

Fiat currency is flawed. For one, it no longer serves its primary purpose as a note of value. In most countries around the world, fiat currency is now a note of debt. Additionally, bad monetary policy has eroded trust and value in these currencies. As such, fiat currency is amid record-high inflation. This inflation hurts the middle and lower classes the most because it robs their savings.

Alter Your Perception to Prosper

You will need to alter your perception of the current financial system to open your eyes to the fraud being committed against humanity every day. From the ridiculously low APYs paid out by bankers to the endless gatekeepers preventing billions from joining the economy, there is nothing fair about the centralized financial system.

Only the decentralized economy provides true transparency in an open nature. As such, anyone can participate and take advantage of these offerings. Users are not beholden to the desires of government officials who base their decisions on profits and personal gains. Instead, the market and users empower these projects to make a real change.

Stop Funding Your Repression

It’s often said that in a capitalist economy, you vote when you spend your money. Every day, billions of people vote to remain oppressed when they use centralized fiat currencies to conduct transactions. In many countries around the world, these same funds are used to control and repress the population.

For example, in the US the top 20% of Americans own 86% of the country’s wealth. On the other end of the spectrum, you have the bottom 80% of the population left to squabble over the remaining 14% of the wealth. Additionally, the low and middle classes pay more taxes than their wealthy counterparts.

Notably, in the US workers pay taxes twice. They get taxed on their earned income and then again when they spend their earnings. This double taxation combines with inflation. Together these scenarios strip the average person from any chance of ever obtaining their financial freedom.

Real Alternatives

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and META1 provide a real alternative to this centuries-old scam. When you utilize a decentralized currency, you are returning power to the people. These networks empower the average user to create wealth without unfair restrictions and skewed regulations. They provide a valuable alternative to turn towards during recession.

For example, cryptocurrencies provide users with a more open and democratic system. The centralized financial system blocks people from entering based on criteria that can be out of their control such as their region. Also, the system restricts the access of normal users to top-notch offerings. In most instances, the best strategies require you to prove that you are accredited.

Cryptocurrencies Prevent War – Learn the Truth

Those who have studied the history of our monetary system understand that war is usually the catalyst for change. It was only a few hundred years ago that countries relied on gold as their main reserve currency. The original fiat currencies of the world simply represented ownership over gold bullion.

However, after WWII, it became impossible for European countries to sustain this approach. They had spent all of their gold reserves fighting major conflicts that destroyed entire countries. As such, European leaders decided that they needed to leave the gold standard to rebuild and fight other conflicts without restrictions.

The US followed suit during the conflict in Vietnam. At that time, the country was out of cash but wanted to continue the costly campaign. Rather than pack it up and go home, the government decided that it was time to leave the gold standard behind. This decision marked a major milestone in the development of the current financial structure.

Floating Currencies

It was the first time that the world’s currencies were floating. Europe had long since abandoned the gold standard and was relying on a new method called the dollar standard. This system pegged their currency to the USD rather than gold. Since the USD was pinned to gold, it was still a unit of value. However, once the US left the gold standard in the ‘70s, fiat currencies became a different type of asset that had no intrinsic value.

It could be argued that the last 20 years helped to spawn the birth of cryptocurrencies. Much like the Vietnam era, the US has been embroiled in long expensive military campaigns across the globe. These expensive ventures created a scenario in which regulators and government officials have altered the reporting and monitoring of markets to make it appear as if the economy is still on the up.

Stock Market Stats Are Not Accurate 

However, a closer look reveals that indicators such as the stock market are highly skewed. For example, there are fewer high-performing stocks in the market than ever. Additionally, changes in the way companies can participate in the market have fueled smoky gains. Specifically, the legalization of stock buybacks has made it possible for these firms to directly alter their stock prices.

A switch by the world’s population to decentralized currencies would help to prevent future conflicts in multiple ways. For one, the transparent nature of blockchain networks would allow citizens to monitor government spending on these campaigns with a new level of clarity. Additionally, since governments can’t just print decentralized currencies like the META1 Coin to fund their endless wars, it will limit their overall capability to fight each other.

Escape the Rat Race and Recession Using Cryptocurrencies

Now that you see how cryptocurrencies have the potential to protect your wealth during recession. As such it’s easy to visualize a better future through their adoption. People have the most to gain from this technology. The ability to generate wealth via low-risk systems, monitor government spending, and conduct P2P transactions are all prime reasons why the shift must occur. For now, cryptocurrency represents humanity’s best chance to prevent recessions and prosper.

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