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The Top Reasons Traders Love META 1 Coin in 2022

The Top Reasons Traders Love META 1 Coin in 2022

Crypto traders have to be ahead of the trends if they want to secure profits in this fast-paced economy. There are lots of new developments that continue to reshape what it means to be a cryptocurrency. Luckily, some projects are gaining notoriety for their options.

META 1 is a project that continues to raise eyebrows across the market due to its unique combination of features and the fact that it’s the first gold-related, self-appreciating stablecoin to enter service. This structure provides the token with a variety of advantages over its predecessors. Here are some of the top reasons why traders continue to flock to META 1 Coin as part of their long-term saving strategy.

Easy to Join 

One of the first things that META 1 Coin developers wanted to ensure was that the onboarding process wasn’t complicated. Anyone who has used earlier DeFi protocols can attest to the learning curve and overall confusion that these networks produce when you’re new. One of the main issues is that DeFi users needed to first convert their fiat currency into cryptocurrency to participate.

This process took up time and often required the use of a CEX (Centralized Exchange). These large platforms require a host of personal information such as your ID, banking info, and much more. The problem is then your security is compromised as CEXs can and are hacked often for this data. It’s not a good thing to have all this information on the Darkweb.

META 1 users avoid these risks thanks to the integration of the OnRamper portal. This unique interface operates as an easy way to convert your fiat currency into META 1 Coins directly. Onramper makes it easy for you to convert +50 fiat currencies into META 1 Coins in seconds.

META 1 Coin is Open to Anyone

META 1 is an open protocol that has no gatekeepers. In this way, anyone from anywhere can join the network and take advantage of its wealth-generation strategies. There are no KYC requirements or credit checks to prevent you from joining. This strategy is part of the founder’s goals to provide an open and more transparent economy to the world.

Robert P. Dunlap Founded META 1 Coin after seeing how skewed the centralized financial system had become. The average person was far from profiting in this scenario. He knew that the people wanted a better option. The META 1 Coin encompasses these goals via its unique technical structure and passive income options.

Easy to Use

One of the primary reasons why new traders find META 1 so helpful is its simplistic design. The developers wanted to ensure that anyone could use the platform so they made the interface very easy to navigate. You can find all the best features and see important data such as your balance and transaction history at a glance.

The META 1 Wallet makes it simple to send and receive crypto payments anywhere in the world in seconds. The wallet features an interactive interface. This strategy was extended to all of the METANOMICs’ DeFi economy. For example, the META Exchange has an intuitive trading window that’s packed with charting features and indicators. In this way, new DeFi users can eliminate the learning curve.

The team even introduced a high-yield savings account that operates just like your local bank account. You deposit funds and receive interest on your holdings. The process is better than your local bank because it pays more and you can monitor everything from a free blockchain explorer making it far more transparent.

Responsive Experience

When you’re trading, it’s all about responsiveness. You need to be able to read the market and make trades at the proper moment to profit. Notably, the META Exchange provides users with top-notch performance thanks to the use of the META Blockchain.

This advanced fourth gen decentralized network improves scalability through the use of a purpose-built DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake) consensus mechanism. DPoS Networks improve performance by eliminating the use of miners. Early networks like Bitcoin required nodes to compete to validate a transaction.

A Greener Solution

This process was slow and drove energy consumption. PoS networks replace miners with network stakers. Staking can be done by anyone, which makes these networks more democratic and profitable for the average user. It also reduces carbon consumption considerably.

DPoS networks take this concept a step further by utilizing network-elected witness nodes to improve finality. This strategy enables the network to scale vertically to meet the needs of its growing community. Additionally, users can stake their tokens and secure passive returns as well.

Better Security

 The platform operates in a non-custodial manner which means your crypto stays safely in your wallet until your trade executes. Non-custodial exchanges are more secure than CEXs (centralized exchanges) because they don’t hold large wallets with millions in users’ holdings. As such, there is les reason for a hacker to target a DEX.

META 1 Coin holders enjoy the highest level of security thanks to the integration of 2FA systems. These protocols require users to access another device to retrieve a time-limited code. This approach helps to prevent hackers because they need to have access to both devices.


Biometric systems are considered one of the most advanced security systems available to crypto users. META 1 users can leverage biometrics to keep their tokens out of unwanted hands. These systems work together with the 2FA protocols to protect your holdings.

DeFi Rewards

Nowadays, if you want to get the most from your trading experience it’s wise to consider DeFi features. DeFi is one of the hottest and fastest growing sectors in the blockchain sector and for good reason. DeFi makes it easy to put your crypto to work earning rewards. META 1 Coin holders have multiple DeFi options to consider.


The META VAULT enables you to open digital savings accounts for your META 1 Coins. These high-yield accounts pay out 10% APY which is way more than the average for fiat savings accounts (0.03%). The META VAULT falls in line with the protocol’s open enrollment strategy.

The META VAULT integrates seamlessly with your META 1 wallet. You can monitor all of your holdings from one easy-to-see location. Best of all, the VAULT provides you with other options such as a convenient MasterCard.

Spend Your Crypto Like Fiat Currency

One of the main roadblocks to crypto adoption in the past was a lack of ways to spend your crypto. Vendors have been slow to adopt crypto payments. As such, most crypto users must convert their tokens to fiat currency if they want to spend it. META 1 eliminates this problem with the introduction of a crypto MasterCard Debit card.

This card enables you to spend your META 1 Coins anywhere that accepts MasterCard. The card is set up to convert the exact amount of your payment from META 1 to the fiat of your choice when you swipe the card. The system accomplishes these actions in seconds and the vendor is unaware of anything different because they receive fiat currency.

It’s all About Stability

META 1 is the most advanced stablecoin to hit the market to date. The token takes the concept of stability and improves upon earlier versions such as USDT. Unlike these fiat-backed tokens, META 1 is pegged to a basket of gold-related assets.

This approach provides the token with some unique attributes which have helped it become a popular option for long-term savers. This strategy provides diversity to protect against fluctuations in the gold market. Also, this structure provides the token with long-term store of value benefits like gold.

Protect the Asset Value

META 1 is the first token to integrate asset value protection systems. These mechanisms monitor the asset value of the token and all trades on the network. Trades must meet the minimum asset value to complete. This system ensures that the stablecoin doesn’t experience major fluctuations in value.

When you look at the history of stablecoins in the market, the main thing you notice is that a stablecoin will fail if it can’t retain its asset value. While all stablecoins fluctuate slightly, if it loses its peg and doesn’t recover quickly, the end is near. This scenario played out with the LUNA/UST crash earlier this year.

Beat Inflation

Currently, all the fiat-backed stablecoins are suffering from a loss of buying power due to bad monetary policy. Currently, there are parts of the world like the US and EU that are suffering from 40-year high inflation rates. This scenario is not good for savers who are having their funding stolen from their accounts.

META 1 users never have these issues because the token is gold based. Additionally, the network features a predictive issuance and limited supply which adds to the long-term ROIs of the project. When you combine these features with the transparent nature of the network, it’s obvious that the network was built to help the average saver succeed.

HODLers Welcome

The gold-related assets that back META 1 are self-appreciating. As time goes by, their value is set to increase. As these reserves go up in value, the META 1 Coin also appreciates. On top of the value growth achieved by appreciation, the network employs some value-locking mechanisms. The protocol prevents traders from dumping their bags.

Keep it Decentralized

Decentralization was a primary concern for the META 1 development team. The project’s founder, Robert P. Dunlap, wanted to ensure that the protocol was safe from central powers. He decided the best way to accomplish this task was to prevent non-humans from owning META 1 coins.

No corporations, trading firms, or even governments can hold or trade META 1 Coins. These systems make META 1 one of the most decentralized projects available today. Whales are large traders or groups of traders that work together to alter the value of a project.

No More Whales

In most instances, they will enter a platform and use their leverage to drive the tokens price up momentarily. Once the token hits a predetermined amount, they dump their tokens on new users who are just getting hip to the movements. Whale manipulation is a major issue in all markets.

It makes it harder for the average trader to succeed and it prays on new users specifically. As such, it’s smart to eliminate the groups most likely to participate in these activities. In this way, META 1 intends to remain a community-driven protocol.

Token Limit

One of the protections recently added to the network was the token limit. It may seem counterproductive to limit the number of tokens a user can have but when you look at the big picture, it makes perfect sense. This limit is part of the network’s long-term decentralization strategy.

The developers saw collapses like the LUNA/UST fiasco and realized that centralization can come from within as well. Placing a $5 million token limit on users prevents a single trader from being able to tank the value of the coin. This protects all the users in the economy and provides META 1 Coin holders with more confidence in their long-term saving strategies. Interestingly, the developers may adjust the token limit as the network expands as part of this strategy.

It’s More than Crypto

Another major reason why traders have to respect the META 1 project is the fact that it was born out of a desire to empower users. The project took inspiration from freedom fighters. At its core, META 1 intends to create a community of like-minded individuals. These are people that believe financial freedom is a basic human right and that everyone deserves access to the tools to achieve this goal.

So Many Reasons to Join

These are just a few of the countless reasons that traders love META 1 Coin. It’s been a while since a project has inspired such a response in the market. The protocol combines the top DeFi features, with a high-performance blockchain, DEX, and self-appreciating stablecoin. Anyone can use these services and further their crypto trading strategy without delay.

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