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The Top 4 Cryptocurrencies Every Trader Should Hold in 2022

The Top 4 Cryptocurrencies Every Trader Should Hold in 2022

The crypto market has gone into overdrive over the last couple of years. What was only a small market that has grown into trillions in a relatively short time? With all of this growth has come to an expansion of trader opportunities. However, along with all of these new platforms, some confusion has crept into the market.

New traders can find sorting through the endless options in the market stressful. It requires patience, skill, and of course, lots of time. Rather than spend the next month trying to figure out where to begin you’re crypto trading career, you can save yourself the effort and go with four projects that have proved their worth to the market. Here are the top 4 cryptocurrencies every trader should hold in 2022.

Bitcoin (BTC)

It’s been 13 years since Satoshi Nakamoto changes the world forever via the introduction of Bitcoin. The world’s first cryptocurrency continues to break records and hit all-time highs. The Bitcoin community is alive and larger than ever.

Additionally, the coin, despite having technology that’s badly outdated compared to the competition, continues to see expanding capabilities via second-layer protocols like the Lightning Network.Bitcoin has a bright future ahead of it as more countries look towards cryptocurrencies as a way to fight inflation and the weaponization of currencies like the dollar.

El Salvador started the movement when it adopted Bitcoin as an official tender within the country last year. Less than a few months later, the government has seen considerable gains. Additionally, the project has expanded crypto awareness throughout Latin America.

Lightning Network Empowers Bitcoiners

One of the main contributing factors driving crypto users and developers to take another look at Bitcoin is the Lighting Network. This second-layer protocol has helped Bitcoin overcome scaling issues. The system operates by reducing the amount of connection on the Bitcoin mainnet.

The Lighting Network can reduce congestion through the use of private payment channels. These channels are set up by node operators. They are funded by operators first and they enable users to conduct unlimited low-cost transactions directly.

This structure is ideal because it reduces the cost and time of Bitcoin transactions. Normal Bitcoin transactions can take anywhere from 20 minutes to hours depending on the network congestion. Additionally, it is expensive to send Bitcoin.

The Lightning Network provides near-instant payments and much smaller fees. Additionally, you can send Bitcoin internationally for pennies using the Lighting Network. These smaller fees make it possible for users to send micro-payments to each other.

Smart Contracts are Now on Bitcoin Blockchain

Another major reason why the Lighting Network has helped Bitcoin remain a contender in 2022 is the addition of smart contract programmability. The Lightning Network enables developers to level the security of the world’s largest and most secure PoW network to improve their Dapps. This feature opens the door for a slew of LN-powered Dapps.

These Dapps are already gaining steam, making enabled Bitcoin crypto worth watching. Ther are already games, collectibles, and much more thanks to the integration. You can expect to see the coin capture more headlines in the future as more countries and traders make the move. Notably, many analyst point to now as the start of hyper-Bitcoinization. Hyper-Bitcoinization is a term that refers to a sudden shift towards Bitcoin as a daily currency and secure store of value.

META 1 Coin

META 1 stablecoin combines a variety of technological advancements made in the crypto market over the last five years. The protocol operates as a next-gen stablecoin that derives value from gold-related assets rather than fiat currency. This approach helps to create a better store of value because it eliminates inflationary concerns.

Safehaven Token

The META 1 coin bolsters value further through the integration of smart contracts. These systems work in tandem with the technical structure of the protocol to provide another layer of stability and protection to users. Safehaven tokens are now more popular than ever due to their success to date. META 1 integrates a host of features to keep its community safe and prospering.

Protection From Whales

One of the first features to take note of is whale manipulation protection. Whales are massive traders or groups that can control the trajectory of a project by buying up a majority of its tokens. As such, whales are a problem for the average trader because they can use their weight to skew the course of a project.

Additionally, whales are notorious for shady trading activities. There are many incidents where a whale will enter a community and begin using its positioning to influence the direction of the network. In most instances, whales are looking to start the momentum to get traders moving in a certain direction before switching this momentum and leaving new traders in the dust.

No More Pump and Dumps

META 1 traders gain some additional advantages worth discussing. The META 1 ecosystem prevents whales from conducting dumps by requiring all tokens to sell at token value. The system operates through the use of off-chain sensors called oracles.

These advanced protocols monitor all network trades to ensure that META 1 Coins are only sold at asset value or higher. This strategy brings a huge advantage to the market. In the past, stablecoins could falter and fail if the asset value was lost and never returned. This asset protection mechanism is one of the features that has helped META 1 Coin gain notoriety as a stable and secure option for savers.

Token Limits Enhance Decentralization

It is easy to see that META 1 is built differently. The platform is among the first to introduce a personal token limit. This limit is set at $5 million based on the total circulating supply of the token. This maneuver makes sense because allowing a community member to hold more than $5 million in META 1 Coin could put other traders at risk of pump and dumps.

The asset value protection mechanism eliminates this problem because there is only the pump. The approach prevents regular traders from becoming a whale which centralizes the community. This strategy is rare to see in the market. It reflects the amount of research and the goal of the project to remain a community-led effort.

META Exchange

The METANOMICs protocol integrates a responsive DEX. This peer-to-peer, non-custodial network enables rapid trading. The META Exchange is a high-performance DEX that features a host of advanced features to help you trade. The DEX offers users an easy-to-navigate interface that is packed with helpful features.

Notably, the META Exchange was designed to be easy enough for a new user to navigate. You can trade your META 1 Coins for a host of other popular projects using this system and save on fees. Additionally, the META Exchange is a high-performance network that leverages the full capabilities of the META blockchain to provide top-notch scalability. 

It’s Open to All

Another great reason to check the META 1 Coin out is its simplicity and accessibility. The protocol operates in true DeFi fashion. There are no gatekeepers and anyone is allowed to join. The protocol supports the conversion of fiat currencies using the Onramper portal.

The Onramper portal was built to be simplistic and effective. Before the integration of the Onramper portal, joining META 1 was like any other DeFi protocol. It required you to first convert your fiat into a utility token to join the network. However, this approach is both confusing to new users and slow. It’s also more expensive.

The OnRamper portal operates as an alternative in the market. It enables users to convert over 50 different types of fiat currency into META 1 Coins directly and in seconds. The strategy also eliminates the need to register for a large centralized exchange or provide hosts with personal information. As such, this structure is more secure for multiple reasons.

For one, the META Exchange doesn’t require intrusive data. Anyone can join the exchange simply by connecting their network wallet. As such, it’s much safe from data theft as they don’t hold your information. Additionally, it’s non-custodial. This means that your crypto remains in your wallet until the point the trade executes.


You can also stake your META 1 coins or hold them in a META VAULT savings account to secure 10% APY. The META VAULT provides users with a familiar and more festive way to generate wealth. The protocol operates as a decentralized high-yield banking account.

The META VAULT is open to the public and can help you to beat out inflation thanks to its high returns. Users simply hold their tokens in the account to secure interest returns. These rewards get deposited directly into the META VAULT account. As such, you enjoy compounding returns that can add up over time.


You can also spend your META 1 Coins like fiat currency thanks to the crypto MasterCard debit card feature. It’s always been difficult to find vendors who are willing to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. Part of this problem is the instability of these tokens. Their volatility can mean any delays in payment result in price fluctuations.

Vendors are not ok with losing money while a transaction process. To combat this scenario, META 1 integrates a crypto debit MasterCard. This card directly converts your META VAULT tokens into fiat currency when you swipe it.

These funds get sent to the merchant as fiat which enables you to spend your META 1 Coins at any vendor that accepts MasterCard. The convenience offered by crypto debit cards has made them the hot ticket items for DeFi users in 2022.

Ethereum 2.0 (ETH)

Ethereum remains a dominant and pioneering force in the market. The network was the first to introduce token standards such as ERC-20. It’s also responsible for igniting the 2017 ICO craze. This year Ethereum completed its conversion from a Proof-of-Work (PoW) network over to a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) ecosystem.

The conversion took the world’s largest DeFi and Dapp network and made it more scalable and added new features. Already, the network has started allowing Validators to stake ETH and secure rewards. Currently, you need 32 ETH to qualify directly. You can also join a staking pool if you don’t have 32 ETH sitting around.

The move to a PoS consensus system improves Ethereum’s sustainability. Notably, PoW networks are seen as wasteful due to their high energy consumption. This consumption comes from the fact that miners must utilize computational power to keep the network secure. In a PoS system, there is no need to purchase expensive mining rigs. Anyone can stake their tokens directly to help secure the network which reduces the protocol’s carbon footprint considerably.

Chromium (CHR)

Chromium (CHR) is the first blockchain to integrate a relational database into its core processes. Relational databases are the most common type of database in the world. Chromium is unique in that it can operate as a standalone layer 1 solution that supports full DeFi and Dapp development and it can function as a layer two solution well.

The protocol was built from day one to streamline developer onboarding. As such, the system enables developers to build faster and use less code. Streamlining these processes enables them to make more immersive and robust applications to serve users.

Interestingly, Chromium has caught the attention of traders for another reason, its founders and team members are some of the best-known crypto stars. For example, the firm’s CTO, Alex Mizrahi, developed the concept of colored coins in 2012. Additionally, the platform’s co-founder Or Perelman helped develop the first Bitcoin wallets. Consequently, Chromia has access to a treasure trove of resources and experience.

The Fantastic Four of Crypto

These four projects all have proven to be worth watching in the future. Each of these coins has the potential to drive crypto adoption to new heights and expand your ROIs. Remember to leave emotion out of your trading experience and to always DYOR (Do Your Own Research). These steps will help you to enjoy a long fruitful trading career and avoid needless losses.

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