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Why You Need to Join the META 1 Coin Movement Today

Why You Need to Join the META 1 Coin Movement Today

There are a million reasons why a person would want to join the META 1 Coin movement. This next-generation stablecoin represents years of blockchain evolution. The project was born out of a desire to empower users to take control of their financial future. As such, it’s packed with features and services designed to help you succeed. Here’s why you need to join the META 1 movement today.

It’s About Your Freedom

It doesn’t matter how much money you have if you don’t have true freedom. Over the last two decades, the concept of equal and unbiased money has dwindled considerably. Bad monetary policy has led people to lose their entire savings while others have been unable to save at all. These issues and more are the direct results of centralization. 

As with any centralized organization, preserving power is the primary goal focus of the project rather than ensuring everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. That’s exactly why so many people have begun to migrate over to decentralized currencies like Bitcoin and META 1 Coin

Finding Freedom

These users recognized long ago that the current financial system is skewed against their best interests. They realized that it was going to be nearly impossible to break the shackles of the rat race repeating the same steps they have taken thus far. Cryptocurrencies like META 1 provide a viable alternative that is more democratic and transparent. 

It’s Open

In the METANOMICs ecosystem, there are no gatekeepers or centralized authority. No one can block, censor, or confiscate your funding like in centralized systems. You won’t be asked to provide your financial history or other data that could be lost at a later date. 

The developers wanted to ensure that the billions of unbanked people in the world could finally access basic financial services. META 1 Coin provides these individuals with everything they need to conduct commerce, serve, and prosper. This approach reflects their belief that financial services are a basic human right.

Stop the Exclusivity

Anyone who has tried to trade stocks or other centralized options can attest to the fact that there are many financial barriers to joining. It’s common for these options to require you to trade a minimum amount. Additionally, the most profitable options can require you to be an accredited trader.

Accredited traders can show at least $1M in liquidity. For the average citizen, this amount of funding is not available. As such, they miss out on the best opportunities. META 1 Coin breaks down these barriers through its unique structure. It opens the door for those who had no financial access to generate wealth securely. Consequently, more people are turning to META 1 Coin as their premier financial system of choice.

Easy to Join

Another reason why META 1 Coin is a smart option for new traders is its onboarding process. Early DeFi networks such as Ethereum required traders to hold the network’s utility token to pay for transactions and trades.

The structure helped the token gain value but left new traders completely lost. The confusion resulted in droves of new DeFi users getting frustrated and leaving the market. The META 1 Coin introduces a new level of convenience in terms of joining the DeFi market.

For example, you don’t need to seek out another exchange to convert your fiat into crypto. The METANOMICs ecosystem has partnered with the Onramper portal to provide users with a seamless conversion.The helpful interface features an interactive control panel where you can select from +50 fiat currencies.

Convert these funds directly into META 1 Coin in minutes with minimal fees compared to large CEXs like Binance or Coinbase. Additionally, the process provides another layer of privacy as CEXs are often targeted by hackers. 

Security is Vital to Success

On the topic of security, META 1 Coin shines. The team has introduced enterprise-level protections to ensure your crypto remains safe. This strategy begins with the coding. The group has had the platform’s smart contracts vetted by third parties. Best of all, the project is open source, so anyone can audit the coding to ensure its quality.

Protect Your Funds

The team has taken additional steps to ensure all custody funds remain protected. For example, the protocol uses cold storage to prevent outsiders from accessing the funds. Cold storage is a method of storing your crypto offline. This style of storage keeps hackers at bay because they have no way to interact with the systems. 

Another vital security precaution is the use of multi-sig wallets. These wallets require multiple personal keys to authorize withdrawals. The combination of multi-sig and off-line wallets is complemented by the network’s non-custodial wallet.

Personal Security is Crucial

The META 1 Coin wallet is a non-custodial wallet that was built from the ground up to simplify crypto usage. The wallet provides instant access to the most popular crypto actions including send, receive, and transaction history. The non-custodial structure of the wallet ensures that your crypto remains safe in your protection.

Non-custodial wallets are ideal because only the person with the private key can access these funds. Even the META 1 Coin developers cant access these funds. Even government agencies can’t access your funds without the private keys. This approach is used by another freedom-oriented network like Bitcoin.

2FA and Biometrics

META 1 incorporates hi-tech security to protect against real-world theft as well. The network leverages two-factor authorization as one method. These systems require you to obtain a time-sensitive code to access your crypto. This strategy is highly effective because it means the hacker needs to have your device directly in front of them.

Another layer of protection is biometric security. These safety measures use your body to confirm your identity. They integrate your Smartphone sensors to support fingerprint and face scan protections.

Fight Inflation

META 1 provides a better store of value than fiat currencies and even other cryptos. The coin leverages a variety of new technologies to accomplish this task. For one, the META 1 stablecoin derives value from a basket of gold-related assets rather than fiat currency or gold directly. This strategy improves stability and reduces inflationary risks. 

In comparison, fiat-pegged stable coins or fiat currency are subject to the monetary policies of the government. As the world has seen, the government is perfectly ok with printing trillions in new currency to help temporarily bolster the economy. However, the long-term results of these actions leave much to be desired.

Supply and Demand

The inflation created by the sudden influx of more fiat currency can be felt across a variety of industries including food, energy, and travel. Inflation continues to rise which has led to rising interest rates. Higher rates have led to slowing economic growth with many analysts predicting a recession for the next year or longer.

Gold-related assets have traditionally fared well during times of economic volatility. Notably, META 1 Coin leverages this demand and combines it with the transparency of blockchain assets. Anyone can hold META 1 Coin and you don’t need expensive safes or security to transport it like gold. Best of all, the network operates in a true p2p fashion making it ideal for the digital economy. 

Steal Your Future

Inflation is particularly dangerous for long-term savers. It steals the buying power from your assets and makes savings illogical. Projects like META 1 flip the script and reinstate a viable way for the average trader to store value safely. As part of this strategy, META 1 integrates a couple of unique smart contracts. 

Prevent a Loss of Asset Value

The network locks in value and prevents whale dumps via the asset protection mechanism. The system utilizes an off-chain oracle that monitors the token value of META 1 across multiple exchanges. The oracle then communicates this data back to the METANOMICs ecosystem.

From here this information is used to set the minimum trade value for META 1 coins. This approach prevents large investors from dumping their bags and tanking the token’s value. META 1 Coin is the first to introduce an asset protection system.

Fight Centralization in the Market

One of the most unique aspects of META 1 is how the developers decided to protect against centralization. In many blockchain networks, there has been a silent battle going on between large firms, and corporations seeking to purchase a majority of the coins and take over the project. With the introduction of community governance systems, these concerns have only grown larger.

META 1 eliminates these problems by requiring all token holders to verify that they are human beings. The network prevents large corporations, trading firms, and even governments from trading their tokens. This strategy eliminates the majority of whales from the METANOMICs ecosystem which improves stability for all the participants.

Fight Centralization in the Community

Centralization comes in many forms. The META 1 Coin team wanted to reduce it across the entire spectrum. They have introduced a $5M token limit on traders as part of this strategy. As one of the first networks to introduce a token limit, META 1 remains a pioneer in decentralization. 

Features That Help You Secure Financial Freedom

There are some wealth-generation features that META 1 provides that make it a smart idea for anyone looking to grow their savings. You can trade your META 1 for other popular tokens via the high performance DEX.

META Exchange 

This high-speed decentralized exchange supports private peer-to-peer trades. This easy-to-use DEX was built to be scalable. It can handle the trading volume on par with the NYSE. It’s also open to the public regardless of their country of origin. This high performance is achieved thanks to the capabilities of the META blockchain.

The META Exchange features a vibrant interactive interface. This portal includes access to charting tools and analytics to improve your tracking capabilities. Best of all, the exchange offers discounts on trading fees when using META 1 Coin trading pairs. The META Exchange integrates seamlessly with the META VAULT and META 1 Wallet. 


Those who have their fiat currency in a savings account at their local bank can attest to the fact that they receive next to nothing for their deposits. Currently, the average APY for a fiat bank account is a laughable 0.03%. Considering that most items are up around 30% in cost due to inflation, it’s easy to see why this strategy doesn’t work. 

The META VAULT provides users with familiar financial services with much higher APYs. You can open high-yield savings accounts with the META VAULT and secure 10% APY on your holdings. The META VAULT openly offers these services in line with the DeFi movement. As such, it serves a vital role in servicing the billions of unbanked and under-banked individuals. 

You Can Use META 1 Coin Everyday

META 1 Coin was designed for daily use. The META VAULT includes a crypto Debit MasterCard. This advanced decentralized card is accepted anywhere that accepts MasterCard globally. It works by converting your crypto into fiat currency at the point of sale. 

The process is fast and is indistinguishable from a normal debit card transaction. As such, card users can spend their crypto like fiat at their favorite online and offline retailers. This option makes META 1 part of an exclusive class of daily-use cryptos. You can convert your fiat into META 1 Coins, secure high-yield returns, and spend your profits without leaving the protections of the system. 

Stake and Earn

META 1 users can also stake their tokens to secure passive income. Staking is a blockchain process that requires you to provide liquidity to a network smart contract. For these actions, you receive rewards. Staked tokens are locked up for the duration of the staking period.

Step into the METANOMICs Universe

The introduction of META 1 into the blockchain sector changes everything. For the first time, there is an all-inclusive DeFi ecosystem supported by a next-generation stablecoin. Together, these features enable regular users to build real-life-changing wealth without having to take huge risks. As such, it’s a smart move to join the META 1 Coin movement today.

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