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Using Cryptocurrencies in Your Daily Life

Using Cryptocurrencies in Your Daily Life

One of the first things a new trader should learn about is how to use cryptocurrencies in daily life. For early crypto traders, using your crypto on the daily just wasn’t an option. The technology was too new and there was no support from vendors. However, today is a completely different market that is flush with options for crypto users to explore. 

One of the main reasons why cryptocurrencies are so popular is because they can improve the daily lives of people. These digital assets can help provide more transparency, save time, and lower costs for the average person or business. Notably, these advantages are helping drive adoption. 

Currently, networks like Bitcoin have more than +1 million people conducting transactions daily. These individuals have found that leveraging cryptocurrencies can reduce costs when paying for goods and services. This data is corroborated by an in increase crypto adoption by the retail sector. 

Notably, there are +18,000 major corporations offering support for cryptocurrencies. These are global entities such as Booking, Coca-Cola, PayPal, KFC, BMW, and the list goes on. You can be a part of the digital revolution as well. Here are some tips on how to use cryptocurrencies in your daily life.

Cryptos are Great for Online Purchases

When it comes to online shopping, cryptocurrencies provide a streamlined option to consumers. There is a plethora of major retailers that accept cryptocurrencies directly nowadays. You can find items like clothing, footwear, jewelry, and much more on popular e-commerce platforms like, which has supported crypto payments since 2014. 

When you review the statistics, it’s easy to see that online commerce will represent one of the greatest areas of crypto adoption in the future. There is already a long list of countries that have massive online crypto spending. For example, studies place Bitcoin purchases in countries like Italy ranked right below PayPal and above Visa and MasterCard. 

Buy real estate

You can use crypto to buy your next home. There are already a lot of crypto-based realty firms in operation. These networks provide all the advantages of blockchain technology to the real estate sector. 

For example, some firms enable sellers to fractionalize their real estate into FNFTs. These tokens can then be sold internationally in a streamlined manner versus traditional real estate transactions. There are many advantages to this approach for both ends of the spectrum

Major Advantages

Buyers gain a huge advantage because they can easily diversify their funds across a multitude of properties. Traditionally, this would require a lot of financing and paperwork to make possible. Additionally, NFTs provide real-time track-ability and transparency. As such, there are already governments leveraging blockchain-based title registries for properties. 

Sellers gain a host of benefits as well. They can sell their property much faster and with fewer headaches. They don’t need to find qualified buyers. Additionally, they can often secure more funding for the property due to the ease of joining. FNFTs can be set at lower denominators with some platforms enabling traders to purchase partial ownership FNFTs in properties for as low as $100


Another popular way you can spend some of those crypto rewards is going on a little trip. There is a growing crypto travel sector. You can find event booking, hotel stays, air, and railway travel, and other ticket purchases using crypto services. Crypto tourism has another major plus in that you avoid any losses due to currency conversions. 

The crypto travel sector is attracting the attention of governments around the world. There are regions like El Salvador’s Bitcoin Beach that specifically cater to crypto tourism. These locations are filled with crypto-friendly vendors and shops. Take a tour and enjoy some local cuisine all while spending and promoting cryptocurrencies. 

The crypto travel market is seen by many as primed for expansion. Furthermore, it’s estimated that as little as 5% of the market is leveraging blockchain systems and assets. This number is expected to double in the coming years as crypto travel provides so many benefits for the user and industry.


There are already thousands of people using cryptocurrencies and not even knowing it on gaming platforms. The play-to-earn sector has seen a huge bump in usability and transparency thanks to the integration of blockchain assets. For the first time, gamers can secure rewards that they can trade for other cryptocurrencies from playing their favorite titles.

Up until this year, the P2E market has only integrated FNTs into low-cost titles. However, there will be an influx of major AAA-style games entering the market throughout 2023. These games will be top-quality titles. Additionally, some already top-performing games will integrate NFTs and other crypto technology to improve gameplay.

Earn Bitcoin 

You will also have more crypto direct games. These are games that offer tokens like ETH or BTC during gameplay. These titles are already in operation on the second layer protocol the Lighting Network. The Lighting Network is crucial for Bitcoin play to earn titles because it enables micro-transactions without delays. 

The evolution of P2E into GameFi is another exciting development that will have interesting ramifications for both markets. These new games will not only reward users with NFTs and other crypto assets, but they will also enable them to leverage advanced DeFi features like staking and farming to generate additional rewards. 

GameFi combines the best aspects of DeFi like its openness and access to passive income with the fun of gaming. GameFi is poised to take flight in 2023 as both markets have much to benefit from the integration. As such, you could start seeing gamers as a profession much sooner than most people ever expected. 


Crypto casinos are another way to spend your crypto on a daily. Notably, it’s not recommended that you take up daily gambling if it’s not your profession. However, you can leverage these platforms to get in on some exciting events like the Superbowl or world action. 

Crypto casinos have seen a variety of alterations over the years. The first one only accepted Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now some casinos enable you to convert nearly any token into their casino utility token to play. Crypto gambling platforms are securing real rewards for good reasons.

For one, they provide another layer of transparency compared to the original centralized approach. Additionally, they are more open and efficient to operate. You can run a crypto lottery using NFTs and every token can be verified by the block explorer in seconds for free. This structure reduces fraud and counterfeiting. 

Pay Taxes

If you haven’t paid your taxes yet, check to see if your area accepts crypto. The city of Miami accepts Bitcoin to pay taxes and yours may soon also. There are many reasons why the city would want to accept cryptocurrencies. Notably, Bitcoin has outperformed most other assets in the world over the last decade. 

Crypto tax payments are going to play a big role in how regulators feel about these assets in the future. Some argue the nature of the tech makes it nearly impossible to properly regulate. On the other side, many analysts believe that a regulatory framework is ideal for large-scale adoption. 

Regardless of your stance, it’s easy to see that crypto will play an increasingly important role in politics moving forward. You can bet that if crypto tax payments turn out as they expect in Miami, other cities will gladly follow suit. For now, Miami has proven to be a forward-looking community that is welcoming blockchain firms to its shores. 

Remittance Payments

If you need to send money to someone across the globe today, cryptocurrencies are the best option to accomplish this task. The current remittance systems in place are grossly outdated and expensive. There is no way to justify a 15% fee on funding sent globally. In most instances, the reason the fee is so high is the combination of centralization and third-party regulators.

Firms like Western Union and MoneyGram hold incredible sway over the market. They use their positioning to influence the price of sending funding globally. Sadly, this action hurt the millions of migrant workers and their families that depend on remittance payments to survive.

Crypto remittance firms are the new alternative. They offer fast transfers and the ability to send money in a censorship-resistant manner. It’s much easier to send your family member a META 1 Coin versus fiat currency. For one, they can send and receive funding from any smart device. 

You don’t need to go into some station or agent to send or receive funding. This reduces costs and delays. Before cryptocurrencies, it could take days to receive funding. These delays could result from something as simple as it being a Sunday or holiday in the recipient’s country. 

Saving Crypto is Smarter than Fiat

There are more and more people who are turning to crypto savings accounts to beat inflation and generate wealth. These digital banks offer similar services to your local branch but they eliminate all the middlemen. Crypto banks operate as pure code which is ideal because it’s more efficient and eliminates human errors.

There are now cryptocurrencies that are specifically designed to as store-of- value coins. These tokens are called safehaven assets. They leverage features like limited supply and planned issuance schedules to provide long-term demand. Additionally, they integrate reserves like stablecoins to decouple from the volatility of the market.

Advanced Technology

META 1 Coin is one of the most advanced haven tokens available today. The token leverages a basket of gold-related assets to remain stable. This structure provides META 1 with long term stability and appreciation. As such, the token enjoys the appreciation of gold and the convenience of cryptocurrencies. 

META 1 Coin holders can save their tokens in the META VAULT. This crypto bank provides a 10% high-yield return on all savings. The feature is easy to use and pays out rewards in the same token directly into your account. This structure makes it simple to set up compounding returns to drive your ROIs. 

Crypto Bank Features that Are Ideal

The best crypto banks will provide you with easy onboarding. For example, you can join the META VAULT high-yield account using the Onramper portal. This helpful interface makes it easy to convert fiat currencies into crypto in seconds. The portal supports +50 fiat currencies to META 1 Coins directly.

Request Payment in Cryptos

Another cool way to integrate cryptocurrencies into daily life is to request payment for services in crypto. This is one of the best ways to introduce people to cryptocurrencies and make them aware that they are coming in a major way. 

When you request payment in cryptocurrencies it sends a powerful message to the other party. It lets them know that you consider digital assets to be a better option than fiat currency. This belief is even more evident for high-ticket items and professional skills.

For example, a blogger could request that all their gigs be paid in META 1 Coin or Bitcoin. This request would be advantageous for all parties as bloggers deal with a lot of international clientele. As such, funding can be sent with fewer delays and fees.

Crypto Debit Cards

The introduction of crypto debit cards has upended the market considerably. It used to be that merchants had to either accept cryptos directly or upgrade their PoS systems. This led many vendors to forgo either option and stay in the fiat economy. Today, crypto debit cards are changing the game.

These systems provide users with a direct way to spend their digital assets anywhere that accepts credit or debit cards. These systems convert your crypto to fiat currency when you swipe your card. The process only takes seconds and the vendor receives a normal fiat payment. 

Why Wait – Crypto Is Ready for Daily Use

There’s no reason to wait. Every crypto user should try to integrate their digital assets into their community as quickly as possible. This maneuver will help educate people on the true value of cryptocurrencies and their advantages. Stick to the tips in this guide and you are sure to inspire a new generation of crypto users in no time. 

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