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Top 10 Ways META 1 Coin Outshines Gold

Top 10 Ways META 1 Coin Outshines Gold

The world has relied on gold for thousands of years as a store of value. The precious metal has managed to remain a vital part of the economy despite it being dropped from use as a reserve for currencies in the 70s. As a saver, you may wonder how gold stacks up against today’s advanced digital assets. Here are the top 10 ways META 1 Coin outshines gold.

SafeHaven Tokens

The introduction of safehaven assets to the market has altered the ecosystem. These next-generation digital assets eliminate volatility and improve profitability. As such, projects like META 1 Coin continue to garner more attention from traders. Safehaven assets are the evolution of stablecoins. They leverage the stability of reserve assets combined with smart contract protections.

It’s a Digital World

The first thing that you should consider when thinking about any type of gold vs. crypto comparison, is the nature of the global economy. Every day, the world inches towards a predominately digital economic system. Gold would be hard-pressed to serve any real use case for the average person in this scenario.

There have been many instances where developers sought to combine the stability of gold with the efficiency of cryptocurrencies. META 1 Coin is the culmination of over a decade of research into both markets. The token leverages a basket of gold-related assets which enables it to piggyback off gold appreciation while retaining flexibility within the digital market.

More Open

Gold is not readily available to everyone. The majority of people own no gold whatsoever. It’s difficult to even find certain qualities of gold in your area unless you live in a metropolitan hub. Also, the gold market is very centralized. Some groups have been running the market for decades.

This centralization enables them to manipulate the price of gold. In many instances, they are seeking to artificially drive prices up to sell, or down to buy. There is little way for the average person to track or monitor their actions as the system was designed with the concerns of the ruling in mind.

The average person would find it much easier to incorporate META 1 Coins into their saving strategy over gold. They don’t have to fill out lengthy forms like when purchasing gold bars or shipping the precious metal out of the country. META 1 Coin is an open DeFi ecosystem that anyone can participate in globally simply by connecting their wallet.


The majority of people will never know the stress of transporting large amounts of gold across borders. However, history books and Hollywood can give us some insight into just how dangerous this task has been in the past. Transporting gold requires a lot of funding as shipping costs are based on weight.

It’s obvious which of these two assets is going to be better for daily use in terms of portability. META 1 Coin can be used with any smartphone. Gold would require both parties to have scales, testing equipment, and up-to-date pricing of the asset. Additionally, there is no surefire way to check the gold’s purity without damaging the item.

Now imagine being on your beach vacation. You and your family are hanging out catching the sunset. Of course, you need to bring some funding for the day. If you had gold you would have to lug around a heavy pouch. Now imagine if you were traveling internationally or even worse, moving. In today’s high-priced market, much of our value would be lost to shipping costs.

More Available

Did you know that there is only a couple of Olympic swimming pools worth of gold in circulation across the world? This limited supply of gold is what made it an ideal store of value. Limited value assets like Gold, META 1 Coin, and Bitcoin have the advantage of scarcity-over-time on their side. This scarcity makes them better options than tokens that have unlimited issuance.

People who advocate for some return to the gold economy don’t realize that the economy is thousands of times large than it was during the feudal era. Today’s economy has more debt than the total global economy of the past. As such, there wouldn’t be enough gold for everyone to even have some. The majority of people would be left with no access to their economy if gold was the main option.

META 1 Coins are available to a global audience. The platform enables you to join simply by connecting your network wallet. The system integrates a helpful fiat-to-crypto portal to streamline the process. The Onramper portal supports the conversion of +50 different fiat currencies to META 1 Coins in seconds.


Keeping gold safe is no easy task. For one, you need some sort of safe. Safes are expensive and very obvious. There are plenty of stories where robbers don’t try to pick the safe. Instead, they attack the person with the safe’s code to gain entry. Having a safe in your home is a double-edged sword as it could lead to you becoming the main focus of a person’s aggression.

Additionally, it would be hard to imagine the post office handling all online transactions via gold. There is no way that a large portion of the gold being shipped wouldn’t disappear. There would need to be a complete revamp and introduction of an entirely new type of shipping industry to support sending gold at this level between people.

Protections Against Seizures

History is filled with instances of governments and organizations seizing another person’s gold. Recently, the bank of England seized Venezuelan gold reserves as an example of the practice in use today. Whenever there is a gold seizure and you are the one getting the assets seized, it’s going to feel more like theft.

The US has had times when they have made it illegal to not sell your gold to the government. These actions are not alone globally as governments will quickly dip into their citizen’s holdings if they feel it’s to their benefit. When dealing with gold, it’s going to be very difficult to protect against these actions.

For one, anyone with a large number of gold holdings would probably have insurance. The insurance would need to know exactly how much gold you have and how it’s stored. This same info will make it easy for governments to step in and ensure you didn’t keep any gold for yourself.

META 1 Coin was designed from day one to stand against tyranny from governments. The coins founder, Robert P. Dunlap, studied freedom fighters from the past before realizing that financial freedom is a vital step that many of them failed to achieve. META 1 empowers the average user to generate wealth via low-risk DeFi options, arbitrage trading, and appreciation.


Another race where gold can’t keep up is in terms of functionality. META 1 Coin lives on the advanced META blockchain. This fourth generation decentralized network can support advanced smart contracts and DeFi features. The METANOMICs economy demonstrates the true flexibility of these assets.

The METABOMICs DeFi ecosystem includes a high-performance DEX (decentralized exchange), a crypto bank, and a next-gen safe haven token. Users can secure passive returnsin multiple ways using META 1 Coins. For one, they can leverage the META VUALT. This high-yield savings account provides a familiar feel to your local bank branch.

Users can simply deposit their META 1 Coins to start securing 10% APY. This APY is much more than the national fiat average of 0.03% in the US. Additionally, users can stake their tokens to help secure the network and secure rewards in the form of META 1 Coins. Both of these options pay rewards in META 1 Coin which enables you to enjoy compounding returns over time.

The META EXCHANGE is a high-performance DEX that provides a variety of features you would expect from large CEXs like Binance or Coinbase. For example, the exchange features an interactive interface with a variety of charting tools and technical indicators. Advanced traders can use these tools to better predict the market’s movements.


No one in the world can tell you how much gold there is on the planet. Every month new reserves are found while others dry up. Remember, gold is found in the earth which means that at any moment a single discovery could take the precious metal from a scarce asset to readily available to the masses.

This uncertainty about gold supply is warranted when you look into history. For example, there are example of nations switching to silver during the colonization of the new world as an influx of gold into the economy caused massive inflation. The same risks apply to today’s gold market.

META 1 Coin offsets the risk of the gold market collapsing through the use of a basket of gold-related assets. The developer’s decision to diversify the reserves was a wise move that isolates the token holders from sudden drops in value. It also demonstrates the team’s overall goal to improve the effectiveness of savers.

Regulatory Protections

Gold and META 1 Coin exist in mostly unregulated markets at this time. The unregulated nature of these markets makes them ideal for many people around the world. However, there are still many restrictions on gold based on your location. In some countries, you can’t take your gold out of the nation.

META 1 Coin was incorporated outside the jurisdiction of centralized regulators for a couple of key reasons. Primarily, the developers wanted to ensure the central banking system couldn’t influence the project. As cryptocurrencies begin to take more market share, there is a growing demand from centralized bankers that regulators act to stifle these digital assets.

In authoritarian nations like China, these actions are already in place. In 2017, the Chinese government banned all exchanges from operating. This action led to billions in funding fleeing the country to neighboring nations like Japan and Korea. Today, it’s even illegal to mine crypto in China.

META 1 Coin users can access the network no matter where they live. The platform was created to be censorship-proof from day one. As such, users may leverage a tor browser and IP changer to access the network, even when in nations where cryptocurrencies have a negative regulatory climate.

Future Expandability

Some people find gold’s familiarity and rigidness to be a good thing and for the case of being a store of value asset maybe that is a plus. However, in terms of daily currency, it’s a negative trait. The economy is a fast-paced ecosystem that is shifting daily. You need an asset that can adjust to these changes.

META 1 Coin has the adaptability to adjust to the future market. It was designed with future upgradability as a core concept. In this way, the network is ready to serve the market for years to come.

Built With Love

The main difference between gold and META 1 Coin is that the latter was built with love in mind. The project was the culmination of years of research into why the average person never achieves financial success. The team behind the project went above and beyond to make the network accessible and easy to join.

They integrated a host of low-risk passive income features that enable you to put your crypto to work without risking your original asset. These options reflect their desire to help the average person get out of the rat race and build wealth. These features become even more effective when combined with the token’s self-appreciation.

Gold can take the Backseat

After reviewing the facts it’s easy to see that gold can take a back seat to META 1 Coin. The precious metal is still highly useful as a backup reserve for projects but it will never be able to return as a daily currency. The people have spoken and they require the flexibility and efficiency of META 1 Coin.

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