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Finding Crypto Gems in 2023 – Diamonds in the Rough

Finding Crypto Gems in 2023 – Diamonds in the Rough

Finding crypto gems in 2023 takes a combination of persistence and research. The crypto market is a diverse economy that has a variety of token types and functionalities. As such, it can be difficult to determine what projects are worth your time and effort. Thankfully, some networks have already begun to pull away from the pack.  

What Makes a Crystal Gem

To qualify as a crypto gem you need to provide some new service or functionality to the market. Notably, most networks today feature DeFi capabilities and programmability. These are key features that can help a network expand its community. You’re looking for those projects that have the potential to upend markets.

How to Find Crypto Gems

There are a few steps you should take when determining the value of a crypto project. The first step should be to examine the total ecosystem and technology. Is this system providing a much-needed service? Is the network scalable? Can it support the latest features such s staking that users desire? If the answer is yes to these questions, you are ready to delve deeper.


A whitepaper can shed light on some key details of a project. This document will provide intricate details about a network, how it functions, its services and its overall goal. You can also find valuable details about the team behind the project and an implementation schedule called a roadmap. 

You should be decreeing when reading a whitepaper. Make sure to ask yourself how much of the project is already operational versus what’s in the whitepaper. Also, use the roadmap in the whitepaper to see if the project is on time in regards to its rollout. You can also use the develop section to reach out to the creators of the project. 

Check Social Media

Social media provides one of the best ways for people to learn about exciting crypto projects. Of course, you need to practice restraint and double-check everything you see on these networks. Reports have shown that over 50% of fraud in the crypto market gets sold via social media posts. 

The key to leveraging social media is to stick to reputable people. There are some amazing crypto stars on social media. You can gain insight into their thought processes and vision for the future. You can also interact with these individuals which makes the crypto market a lot more human. 

Crypto Gems in 2023

Finding the right crypto gems in 2023 comes down to your will to succeed and your ability to make decisions without letting your emotions take control. The fear of missing out (FOMO) and Fear, doubt, and uncertainty (FUD) are two issues that new traders must overcome to achieve long-lasting results. 

When examining the market, it’s obvious that some clear new technologies are changing the industry. These tokens provide a new service that makes them stand out against the competition. Here are just a few crypto gems to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond. 

Meta 1 Coin

The META 1 Coin is a project that continues to draw attention. META 1 Coin is the first safehaven token to gain popularity. The token improves on the stablecoin concept in multiple ways. For one, it does away with using a single asset as a reserve. In the past, this structure has posed multiple issues. 

For example, there are many fiat-backed stablecoins in operation today These tokens work great as a temporary means to avoid crypto vitality. However, they aren’t ideal for storing value because they suffer from the same inflation that is crushing fiat currency values currently. 

Stablecoins Evolved

Crypto-backed stablecoins provided more transparency than fiat-backed but they still had issues staying stable during extreme volatility. The main reason was that the reserves were also volatile. As such, you could find out you don’t have as many reserves as you thought in minutes. 

Commodity-backed stablecoins have long been a smart solution for long-term savers. However, they had the issue of the constant threat of new gold reserves being discovered. META 1 improves on all of these options through the introduction of a multi-asset reserve system. META 1 Coin leverages a basket of gold-related assets.

This structure provides more stability and protects against the aforementioned risks of sudden deposit discoveries. It also enables the token to enjoy the appreciation of gold combined with the convenience of cryptocurrencies. This approach provides META 1 Coin with self-appreciation characteristics that make it an ideal store of value.

META 1 Coins Special Features

MEAT 1 Coin is packed with features not found on any other networks. For one, the protocol was designed from day one to support individual uses. The coins founder, Robert p Dunlap, wanted to protect token holders against the biggest threats in the market as such, he and his team of developers came up with some creative solutions that have proven to be successful.

No Whales

One of the core concepts of META 1 Coin is to reduce whale manipulation in the market. The ten accomplish this task in a few different ways. First, you can prevent whales from even joining the network. The system requires all token holders to prove they are humans and not corporations, trading firms, or hedge funds. 

Secondly, the network has a token limit set at $5M per wallet. This token limit is set up to prevent a trading firm from coming in and buying up all the tokens acting as an individual. These systems work in tandem with eh network asset protection mechanisms. This protocol cross-references all trades against the current asset value of the token. If the trade is below the asset value, it’s blocked. 

The key advantages of this strategy are that it prevents sudden market dumps. There have been instances where trading groups or large traders have suddenly dumped their tokens without notice. These actions hurt long-term project token holders as they are stuck with the losses. META 1 Coin developed this method to prevent these risks.

Earn More with Less Risk

META 1 Coin serves as a core component of the much larger METANOMICs ecosystem. Users can leverage their savings to generate low-risk passive rewards. There are a few different options available to META 1 Coin holders to secure rewards. The best option is the META VAULT.

The MET VAULT is a high-yield crypto savings account. The account operates like a normal savings account in that you secure APY based on your holdings. Unlike your fiat account, you will enjoy 10% APY rather than the 0.03% that is the national fiat account average. This APY is enough to beat inflation and keep your savings growing.


It’s easy to join the METANOMICs ecosystem thanks to the integration of the Onramper portal. This interface enables anyone to convert their fiat into cryptocurrencies without delays. The process is simple and takes only a minute to complete. Best of all, the Onramper portal supports over 50 different fiat currencies and is available globally. 

User can spend their crypto rewards how they like thanks to the META VAULT MasterCard. This card connects directly to the network META VAULT it’s designed to convert your META 1 Coins to fiat currency when you swipe the card. The process happens in seconds and completes with the vendor receiving fiat currency. Notably, the vendor is unaware you used a crypto card. 

Oraichain – An AI Market 

The developers behind Oraichain see the potential in Ai (artificial intelligence) and they have come up with some creative ways for everyone to cash in on its potential profitability. The system introduces a layer 1 programable blockchain, an AI marketplace, and advanced API to integrate AI services into your existing systems. 

Oraichain currently is home to a variety of interesting Dapps. The development community has embraced this network due to its flexibility, open-source nature, and Evm compatibility. The network was built to help combat centralization in the AI economy and improve the web3 user experience. 

Zk-rollups to Improve Scalability

Oraichain provides and develops access to a highly scalable network. The protocol leverages L2 technologies such as zk-rollups to improve performance. Oraichain can scale vertically to meet the growing demands of the economy. It also supports the creation and management of subnetworks and other digital assets. 


One of Oraichains main products is its AI oracles. Anyone can operate as an AI oracle by providing data to the marketplace. The Orachain data hub supports the in-depth examination of data. It also supports the selling and buying of this information seamlessly. Users can put out requests for specific data as well. 

The AI marketplace enables AI developers to sell their AI models to others. These modes can be published as packages. Suersc can see the offerings and purchase the data using the tokens utility token. They can use the scan feature to review the network as well as the bridge feature to transfer their asset to other blockchains. 

Advanced AI Oracles Improve performance

The Oraichain layout integrates a double consensus setup. The network uses both the proof-of-correctness and proof-of-execution consensus system to provide scalability, programmability, and security without hurting performance. Anyone can enter the network, request or submit data, and secure returns. 

Osmosis (OSMO) – A Scalable DEX for COSMOS Blockchain Assets

The Osmosis AMM protocol provides available service tot eh COSMOS ecosystems a reliable and secure DEX. The network has an anon custodial design which keeps your crypto safely in your control until the moment you trade. Additionally, the network has seen considerable support from the academic and scientific sectors. There are now +150k scientists using this network to improve their results

Osmosis is ideal for this task due to a few key features. For one, the network features full compatibility. Users can leverage aspect sin their Dapp creation and create streamlined services or users. The network also supports full cross-chain capabilities which, prove liquidity and functionality. 

Easy onboarding

Ethereum developers have found it easy to join Osmosis as the network is EVM-compatible. As such, they can convert or expand their Dapps to Osmosis and enjoy lower fees and faster performance without the need to recode. More networks have opted to be Evm compatible as Ethereum is the most popular DeFi and Dapp network in the world at this time. 

Notably, Osmosis uses a different technology rather than bridges to create interoperability. The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol provides secure connections between networks without delay. The system s currently set up to integrate both Ethereum and Polkadot assets.


Osmosis leverages the use of pools to enable startups and crypto projects to secure funding. Like Uniswap, the creator of the pool funding concept, users can seed a pool by depositing a corresponding value of their token and the OSMO utility token. This feature is very popular because it’s more affordable and provides near-instant results versus ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

Pools are more open to the public. They can be set up faster and require no other documentation to conduct. As such, they streamline the entire fund ratings process considerably. In this way, Osmosis continues to provide a valuable service to the COSMOS blockchain economy. 

Community Governance

OSMO empowers users to steer the direction of the project via a community governance system. This mechanism provides voting rights to users through a staking process. The more tokens you stake and the more weight your vote holds. This strategy is ideal because it insures that all users can put forth concepts and upgrades to a community vote. 

Searching for Crypto Gems – Tis not About Luck

Now that you have more insight into how to find crypto gems in 2023 and a few examples to research, you’re ready to take the next steps. Be sure to always DYOR (do your research) and you are sure to get better results. All of the networks listed above provide a new service or fill a niche in the sector, as such, they are all worth keeping an eye on in 2023.

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