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META 1 Coin – The Most Versatile Stablecoin Ever

META 1 Coin – The Most Versatile Stablecoin Ever

More people are in the market for stable blockchain assets than ever. This demand has come due to a variety of reasons ranging from inflation to crypto volatility. The desire to make a truly stable digital asset continues to push innovation in the market.

The META 1 Coin is an example of how developers have leveraged years of previous attempts at making a stable asset to create a new level of stability. Here are some of the reasons why META 1 Coin could be the most stable blockchain asset to date.

What Makes a Stablecoin Stable?

Multiple factors make a digital asset stable. One of the main factors is how the token derives value and its main usage. Regular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin derive their value from their market cap and demand. This structure enables these coins to gain value quickly. However, it also means these assets can lose value fast.

Stablecoins use reserves to remain stable in the market. This structure means that there is usually some form of centrality in these assets as someone needs to monitor and authorize audits. Stablecoins have cut down on volatility in the market but until recently, there hasn’t been a clear way to ensure a token doesn’t lose value quickly. The introduction of safehaven tokens like META 1 Coin changes the game through the use of a diversified reserve strategy.

Diversity the Reserves

META 1 Coin derives value from a basket of gold-related assets. This structure brings with it some serious advantages. For one, it helps to prevent sudden drops in value due to market fluctuations in the reserve asset. For example, silver-backed tokens could lose value if a large deposit is discovered.

Diversifying your holdings is one of the best ways to lower risk and improve ROI potential. This strategy has been used by traders and works for platforms just as well. META 1 Coin leverages this approach to improve stability without requiring additional workload.

How Does META 1 Coin Stack Up Against the Competition?

META 1 Coin remains a pioneer in the market. The advancements made in the platform make it stand out against the growing number of stablecoins in the space. Here’s how META 1 Coin stacks up against some of its biggest competitors.

Versus Fiat

Fiat currency is the most widely used currency in the world. However, it’s limited by location, and it’s very centralized. The fiat markets reserve the best options for accredited traders and those who are in the inner circle. This centralized nature is part of the reason why many people are unable to achieve their financial goals.

Additionally, fiat currency suffers from inflation for many reasons. The combination of war, pandemic, and supply chain issues have led to 40-year high inflation in the US and EU. The inflation rate is outpacing the national fiat savings account APY average of 0.03%. As such, fiat savers are losing buying power using this asset.

Bad Monetary Policies

Lastly, fiat is subject to bad monetary policies. During the pandemic, countries chose to print massive amounts of fiat currency and inject it into the economy. These funds diluted the total supply which lowered the buying power of many of the world’s most powerful fiat currencies.

META 1 Coin provides a more transparent approach to economics via the use of blockchain technology. Anyone can join the network and use the token to send value intentionally in a permissionless manner. Additionally, META 1 Coin supports the people. As such, there are multiple protections built into the coin to combat centralization.

META 1 Coin defeats inflation through the use of a basket of gold-related assets as its reserves. This structure enables the token to enjoy self-appreciation alongside gold. It also buffers the asset from sudden drops in the value in the commodity. META 1 Coin continues to secure value during market downturns which has helped it too gain notoriety. The token is up 1.35% and the community is growing weekly.

Versus Gold

Comparing the META 1 Coin to gold brings some interesting arguments. Gold has been proven to be a strong store of value for thousands of years. The precious metal has been used by kingdoms and citizens that could afford it to store wealth. Gold was ideal for the task because it’s globally available and agnostic. It’s also limited in supply and hard to fake.

META 1 Coin manages to leverage all of these benefits and add to them. The token enjoys the self-appreciation and store of value aspects of gold. It also leverages smart contracts to protect asset value and improve efficiency. Unlike gold, which has massive storage costs and security requirements, META 1 Coin can be stored in the network’s mobile wallet for free.


Gold is only ideal for storing value. It makes no sense as a daily currency. It can’t be sent digitally and it’s heavy and dangerous to travel with in large quantities. Anytime you send gold internationally there are going to be risks, costs, and delays.

In comparison, the META blockchain is a fourth gen DeFi-capable network that can support features such as staking and smart contract executions. The network can handle thousands of transactions per second which puts it on par with global payment networks like PayPal.

The average person doesn’t have the means or capability to store large amounts of gold in their home. It is much harder to be discreet about your gold reserves versus your crypto holdings. However, gold is not subject to online risks. To combat these threats, META 1 Coin employs some advanced security protocols.

Easier security

META 1 Coin uses a non-custodial wallet as their first step in the solution. This structure means that your tokens are not out of your possession. This approach prevents delays due to upgrades, hacks, or rug pulls. META 1 Coin users enjoy 2-factor authorization which prevents many online hacks as well.

2FA systems require you to enter a time-sensitive code to access our crypto. These security options have been proven effective because they mean the hacker needs to have physical access to your device. In addition to these systems, the network also integrates biometric security.

Biometric systems such as the ones used to unlock your iPhone can now be leveraged to keep your crypto safe. META 1 Coin seeks to integrate advanced fingerprint and facial scanning technology to keep coin holders protected as the token continues to gain value and the community expands.

Versus Bitcoin

Bitcoin remains the most valuable and popular cryptocurrency in the market currently. The token was the first crypto to enter the market and is still a force to be reckoned with. T can be said that Bitcoin has been outpaced in terms of features by many competitors but its strong community and core developers have helped it remains a popular coin 14 years after its launch.

Bitcoin has seen some upgrades due to the rise of the Lightning Network. This off-chain protocol leverages personal payment channels to lower network congestion and improves scalability. The results are that people can send Bitcoin for pennies and faster using the 2cd layer protocol.


META 1 Coin is a fourth-generation digital asset. As such, its network is far more advanced than Bitcoin. The META blockchain uses a DPoS (delegated proof-of-stake) consensus mechanism rather than the PoW (proof-of-work) system used by Bitcoin. PoS systems use far less electricity than PoW networks due to the elimination of power-hungry miners.

In the META Blockchain, anyone can delegate their tokens to network nodes called witnesses. These community-chosen nodes are responsible for validating transactions on the blockchain. This structure reduces the number of approvals needed considerably which improves transaction throughput.


In comparison, Bitcoin can handle around 7 tps which is not enough to support major network activity. META 1 Coin can handle thousands of tps. Additionally, the network supports the latest DeFi features and services including the creation of blockchain assets. However, it’s worth noting that Bitcoin is one of the inspirations for META 1 Coin.

The tokens founder, Robert P Dunlap, wanted to provide the world with a more transparent and efficient decentralized currency. He saw the many shortcomings of Bitcoin and improved them through the introduction of stable protections and wealth generation systems. Users can leverage these options to create wealth without the risk of losing their original assets.

Versus Other Stablecoins

There are many stablecoin options in the market today. These coins range from fiat-backed projects to other digital asset-backed options that use tokens like ETH. There are disadvantages and advantages to each type of stablecoin.

For example, fiat-backed stablecoins are easy to learn as they use fiat denominations. They can be integrated seamlessly into existing systems. However, they require a lot of trust in a third party.

They are also subject to the same issue as fiat currency including inflation and bad monetary policies. Fiat stablecoins are ideal for short term escapes from volatility. However, due to their inflation they don’t have long-term store-of-value characteristics like the META 1 Coin.

The use of a basket of gold-related assets makes META 1 Coin ideal for long-term savers. The taken was created to have long terms slow and steady value appreciation. When coupled with the METANOMICs DeFi ecosystem’s features, it’s easy for anyone to secure steady passive returns over time.

Additional Features that Make META 1 Coin Stand Out

There are many other features that one needs to mention for you to fully understand why META 1 Coin has become a favorite of long-term savers. The token integrates some unique protections. For example, there are no corporations allowed to trade META 1 Coins. This maneuver limits the trade volume by reducing the number of whales in the ecosystem. The result is more stability.

There are even token limits set on individual traders to prevent centralization over time. Currently, you can hold $5M in META 1 Coins. This protection ensures that a person can’t sell their holdings and cause others to take losses. This protection could have saved many past failed stablecoin projects and was added after the catastrophic LUNA/UST crash that saw traders lose 94% in value overnight.


The Onramper portal is another reason why META 1 Coin is ready for large-scale adoption. The helpful interface streamlines the conversion of fiat currency into META 1 Coins. Notably, the system was designed for first-time users. As such, you can scroll through +50 different types of fiat currency and convert them into META 1 Coin in minutes.

The Onramper portal makes entering the decentralized economy much easier. It used to take a person registering for a third-party application to convert their fiat into the crypt. Additionally, they could only convert into a few types of crypto like BTC and ETH. From there, they would then need to pay another free to convert to the token to other tokens that were needed for the applications.

META 1 Coin users can enter the METANOMICs DeFi market in seconds. The process is easy and private. You don’t have to worry about identity theft as META 1 Coin doesn’t require any personal information to use. This approach makes it a safer option than using major CEXs like Binance and Coinbase which are often targeted by hackers.


The META VALT is an advanced crypt bank. The feature was created for new users to make it easy for them to secure passive income familiarly. It works just like a normal bank account. You deposit your META 1 Coin and secure interest APY payments. The main difference is that the centralized bank is not in the equation. As such, you receive a 10% APY which far outpaces fiat options.

META 1 Coin – Trackable progress

When you look at the evolution of the META 1 Coin project, it becomes evident that the developers have done their research. META 1 Coin embodies the DeFi spirit via its open and passive options. As such, you can expect the META 1 Coin economy to continue to expand as more savers make the move.

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