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Top 10 Tokens to Boost Your Portfolio

Top 10 Tokens to Boost Your Portfolio

It can take a trader a long time to learn the market and create a balanced portfolio. The crypto space is an active and always-changing sector that features new products and technologies monthly. As such, it can be a daunting task compiling a solid set of tokens to create a working portfolio. Thankfully, you don’t need to wade through the thousands of projects to find the best options. Here are the top 10 tokens to add to your portfolio to gain balance.


The world’s first cryptocurrency should be on everyone’s list of tokens to add to their portfolio. Bitcoin remains a dominant force in the market, aside from the fact that it’s 14 years old and most networks outperform it in terms of scalability and performance. These factors don’t change one crucial factor about Bitcoin, it has a die-hard community of believers in the project.

Bitcoin was created as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash system” by an anonymous developer who went by the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The cryptocurrency wasn’t the first attempt at making digital money by any means. In fact, it was the culmination of multiple efforts by a community of developers seeking to figure out how to create digital cash.

Bitcoin became the victor when Satoshi Nakamoto integrated a timestamp into the hashing algorithm. This maneuver solved the double spend issue which had plagued all previous projects. The double spend conundrum referred to an attack in which a person would send two transactions so closely together that the second one would still show a balance briefly.

Nakamoto’s decision to add a timestamp eliminated the double spend issue and ushered in the age of cryptocurrencies. Today, Bitcoin remains a powerhouse in the market. Continual updates and the introduction of second-layer protocols such as the Lightning Network have helped Bitcoin remain a smart addition to your portfolio.

META 1 Coin

META 1 Coin would be the best option for a stablecoin asset. META 1 Coin is a safe-haven token which is the most evolved form of a stablecoin in the market currently.

The main differences between a stablecoin like Tether and a safe-haven token like META 1 Coin are the many protections built into the token’s core coding.

META 1 Coin has protections against whale manipulation and even pump and dump maneuvers. The network has protections that cross-reference trades against the reserve value to prevent sudden dumps. There are even restrictions against non-humans trading META 1 Coins.

Only humans can enter the METANOMICS ecosystem. The prevention of bots and trading firms helps to reduce volume, which results in less volatility. META 1 Coin was created to help people easily generate long-term wealth. The token leverages a basket of gold-related assets which provides it with self-appreciation over time.

META 1 Coin holders gain access to many different DeFi features and services. They can leverage these options to generate rewards via low-risk passive income features like staking. There’s also a high-performance DEXs (decentralized exchanges) which enables users to trade their META 1 Coins for other popular projects securely.

META 1 Coin is the best option for those seeking long-term predictable gains. The network reduces volatility and trading volume to enable the reserves to gain value. Additionally, no other network has so many protections against centralization. These characteristics make META 1 Coin a smart addition to any trader’s toolset.


Chainlink makes the list because of the vital role the network has managed to carve out in the market. As the first and premier decentralized oracle provider, Chainlink is now a crucial component of many of the top-performing DeFi networks in the market.

Chainlink began with the goal to help solve centralization. At the time the network launched, blockchains were decentralized, but off-chain sensors used to communicate data back and forth were still centralized. This setup led to chokepoints in the market and data and performance problems.

Chainlink solved the issues in multiple ways. First, they created a decentralized network of oracles. This solution provided more transparency and other options that improved overall productivity. For example, the decentralized oracles could now cross-reference each other and remove faulty network nodes autonomously.

Today, Chainlink provides a host of services to some of the biggest players in the market. One of its core functionalities is providing accurate pricing to DEXs and other DeFi networks. Chainlink isn’t the only decentralized oracle provider in the market, but they still hold the dominant share of the sector and appear to be positioned ideally for the future.


Ethereum is another project that echoes back to the early days of crypto. Today, the Ethereum network is light years ahead of its predecessors. The network recently completed its upgrade to a PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism. This upgrade improved scalability, performance, and sustainability.

Ethereum made a name for itself as the first programmable blockchain. Unlike Bitcoin, which was designed to serve as a currency, ETH (Ether) was built to facilitate computations on the Ethereum blockchain. Ethereum introduces a smart contract programmable layer where developers write code and pay nodes in ETH to execute it.

The result was the creation of what most people would consider the modern programmable blockchain network. Ethereum remains a pioneering force. It helped boost adoption via the ERC-20 protocols and is the most active and largest DeFi and Dapp ecosystem in the world.

Ethereum has also spun off a variety of second-layer networks which have seen success, such as Polygon. The sheer size of the Ethereum ecosystem means that it is likely to remain the largest contender for these actions for the foreseeable future. This momentum, coupled with the active community surrounding the project, makes it a network to watch moving forward.

Basic Attention Token (BAT)

The introduction and integration of Web3 into your daily lives have already begun. The Brave browser is a popular Web3 interface that combines crucial elements of the web experience with advanced crypto features such as a built-in wallet to improve usability.

The Basic Attention Token enables the BRAVE browser to flip the advertising business model, usually followed by search engines, such as Google on its head. In the BRAVE browser, you get paid for participation, including listening to ads. Each user gets a BAT token wallet that their rewards are deposited into. From there, you can trade BAT for ETH or use it to reward other users.

The BRAVE browser shares many design features with Chrome, as well as a designer. This familiarity makes it easy to set up and import all your favorite Web3 plugins. The browser helps to improve your privacy by blocking tracking and other behind-the-scenes actions taken by Chrome and other browsers without our consent.

Oasis (ROSE)

Oasis is an enterprise blockchain designed to support large businesses. The network is unique in that it leverages advanced technologies to provide businesses with added privacy compared to a normal blockchain. The project focuses on improving DeFi privacy through the integration of confidential smart contracts.

Oasis is faster than most networks due to its capability to process smart contracts in parallel. This structure has proven to cost less and be more efficient than other methods, including sharding. The network is capable of executing complex processes with real-time monitoring and privacy features.

To accomplish this task, Oasis leverages a multilayered approach that splits the consensus and smart contract executions into two separate networks. This structure improves performance and lowers operating costs. The network can remain fast and private thanks to the introduction of special secure confidential enclaves.

Uniswap (UNI)

Another addition to your portfolio should be a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) token. There are a lot of DEXs in operation today, and many are worth checking out further, Uniswap makes the list because it was the first and still remains the largest DEX in operation. The Uniswap exchange set the pace for the DEX revolution, and many of its features are in use on other networks today.

Uniswap pioneered the liquidity pool approach to funding crypto projects. This strategy allowed any project to access public funding, which was a better option than seeking approval from a CEO, which could take months if ever. The liquidity pool feature allowed anyone to seed a pool by simply adding a corresponding amount of ETH and the project’s token.

Uniswap differs from a CEO like Coinbase in many ways. For one, it’s not centralized, so there is no need to wait for approval to join. Anyone can trade on a DEX after connecting an approved wallet. Additionally, DEXs are usually non-custodial, which means they don’t hold your tokens when you join. Instead, you trade directly from the safety of your wallet.

There are many reasons why this approach is safer. For one, you’re not separated from your crypto. The majority of crypto hacks on exchanges target CEOs because they hold massive amounts of users’ crypto in a single wallet. In comparison, there is no large jackpot for DEX hackers to focus on. As such, their efforts are better spent on CEOs.


It’s common for traders to also hold a CEX token. CEXs are the massive platforms that most people enter the market through. These centralized networks can and do handle billions in crypto transactions daily. They are a necessary evil in the market at this time because they are the way in which most people ever gain access to the market.

CEOs have come a long way from the early versions that were often hacked and left traders out to dry. Today’s major CEOs have regulatory approval in many parts of the world. These platforms have gone to great lengths to build their headquarters in crypto-friendly regions.

Among CEOs, the largest is Binance. Binance has managed to expand its presence into all aspects of the crypto market, including a Binance DEX. Each time Binance expands its network, it introduces more usability for the BNB token. This utility and exchange token can now be staked, traded, used to pay fees, and much more.


The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) market is another sector of the crypto space that has seen a lot of attention as of late. These unique digital assets differ from regular tokens in that they are usually limited, if not one-of-a-kind, digital assets. The NFT craze was made possible due to the verifiable and immutable nature of blockchain networks.

Prior to blockchains, it was impossible to determine the authenticity of a digital asset for the average person. Nowadays, NFTs are a huge part of the collectors’ markets. The NFT Market is in the billions of dollars and continues to grow. At the forefront of this growth is the Flow network.

Flow is created specifically for this purpose. As such, it features cutting-edge technology and unmatched scalability when compared to other blockchains that offer NFT services alongside a variety of other options. Flow is home to some of the most active NFT markets in the world. Additionally, the network is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly options in the market today.


The Metaverse is right around the corner according to the tech giants pouring billions into these digital worlds monthly. The Metaverse is a term used to describe an ever-present digital world that coexists alongside real life. There are many metaverses in operation today, but blockchain-based ones offer the most profitability.

At the forefront of the blockchain NFT revolution is Decentraland. This NFT metaverse assigns each digital asset as an NFT. Each plot of land is a buildable space where you can create and improve the value of the NFT over time. There are Decentraland users that have built concert halls, malls, and much more.

Like real life, you can ensure rewards by renting out your venue or properties to others. Players can add games and other options to provide revenue on their properties. At the center of all this action is the LAND token. This token’s utility is vital for the project. As such, it’s a vital component for metaverse gamers at this time.

10 Tokens to Help You Prosper

Now that you have 10 tokens to help boost your portfolio, you’re ready to hit the market running. Remember, every project isn’t created equal, and the more time and energy you put into researching the merits of a project, the less likely you are to take a loss. Stick to the projects on this list, and you will have a well-balanced start on your crypto journey.

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