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  • Top 6 Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2023

    Top 6 Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2023

    As you start to delve deeper into the market, it becomes obvious that not all blockchains are created equal. Today’s best-performing networks offer a combination of low-risk DeFi features, programmability, and proven security. There are a lot of crypto platforms competing for the title, but only the best can be considered the top 5 blockchain projects to watch in 2023.

    META 1 Coin

    META 1 Coin is the first safehaven token to gain notoriety in the market. The token raised eyebrows after it managed to gain +1.3% in value while the rest of the market lost +60%. Networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum remain down over 60% from their all-time highs. META 1 Coin was able to accomplish this task due to its unique structure.

    The project represents a shift in the way developers maintain stability in the market. The coin leverages a basket of gold-related assets to escape volatility. These reserves are audited regularly and provide the token with an advantage over the competition, long term self-appreciation.

    META 1 Coin leverages the store-of-value aspects of gold and combines them with the convenience and security of blockchain assets. META 1 Coin holders avoid inflationary concerns due to this structure. They can also use their tokens to create passive income within the METANOMICs DeFi ecosystem.

    A New Type of Stability

    What makes META 1 Coin revolutionary is the introduction of smart contract protections. These systems prevent centralization and whale manipulation in the community. Notably, META 1 Coin was the first network to introduce these protections and they have proven to be highly effective as the token remains stable today.

    No Robots or Corporations

    One of the main things that the developers wanted to do was to ensure the network was for the people. As such, all traders must prove they are human to enter the METANOMICs DeFi universe. By eliminating non-humans, the developers have figured out the best way to stop whale manipulation before it even occurs.

    Bye Bye Robots

    This approach has the added benefit of eliminating trading bots. These advanced algorithms are used by professional traders to monitor and execute trades 24/7. They are highly effective but they put the average trader at a disadvantage. Also, their settings can trigger sell-offs in droves if a lot of robots operate in the community

    Token Limits Eimainte Whales

    The team took the step of introducing a token limit on all wallets as well. META 1 Coin holders are capped at $5M in tokens at the moment. This token limit was put in place following a massive whale sell-off that crippled the UST stablecoin.

    META 1 Coin was quick to react with this new protection. Notably, the token limit value of $5M will increase as the META 1 Community grows. The current rate is what the developers determined was the safest amount allowed to protect the community.

    Ethereum 2.0

    Ethereum recently completed its Ethereum 2.0 upgrade which improved the network’s capabilities and performance dramatically. The upgrade converted the network from a PoW (Proof-of-Work) consensus mechanism over to a PoS (Proof-of-Stake). The maneuver reduced the overall energy consumption of the network, which makes ETH 2.0 more sustainable.

    As the largest and most popular DeFi, Dapp, and token environment, Ethereum remains a force in the market. The upgrade helped the network fight off the steady flow of competitors which all provided better performance before the upgrade. Now, Ethereum is a fourth-generation blockchain that can compete with the latest networks available.

    Faster Performance

    For many years Ethereum suffered from congestion issues. These problems led to delayed transactions and higher fees. Both of these issues are resolved with the Ethereum 2.0 update. The upgraded network can handle 100,000 transactions per second versus the original network’s 15 tps.

    Better for Developers

    Another major plus the upgrade introduced was the ability to use multiple coding languages when creating smart contracts and Dapps. Until the upgrade, people needed to learn the Solidity programming language developed specifically for the network by one of its co-founders. The new eWASM virtual machine supports additional languages like C, C+, and Rust


    Cardano is a blockchain built using the scientific method for academics. The protocol is open source and was peer-reviewed during its creation process. The goal was to create a more balanced blockchain that could support gen-3 and beyond programmability. Even the name of the network originates from Gerolamo Cardano the famous mathematician from the Renesannce era. He achieved fame for his work Ars Magna, which was among the first Latin books dedicated solely to Algebra.


    The network is unique in many aspects. For example, Cardano is one of the most environmentally friendly blockchain networks in the market today. The network leverages pioneering technologies to maintain security without eating up computational power. To put the network’s sustainability into perspective, reports show it to be 37,500 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin.

    The goal of the project is to help connect and organize the growing number of networks operating today. As such, the developers have called it the “internet of blockchains” in interviews. To that extent, the network provides a secure way for people to transfer data and assets between blockchains.

    Cardano was created by Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson. He used his experience to create Cardano with some advantages over Ethereum in terms of programmability, sustainability, interoperability, and security.

    Seamless Upgrades

    Another major advantage of Cardano is its upgrade strategy. The network can support seamless upgrades which is a huge plus compared to hard forks. The main difference is that network nodes don’t have to abandon the old chain whenever major upgrades occur. A perfect example of this occurring was the latest ETH 2.0 upgrade.


    Another reason why Cardano has become a go-to project for professionals seeking blockchain services is the use of the programming language Haskell. Haskell is a functional programming language that provides high testability when creating. Haskell has a variety of features that enable self-checking of code such as running tests in simulation.


    Polkadot entered the market in 2017 following a record-breaking ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Since that time, the network has expanded continuously to include a healthy array of Dapps and platforms. At the time of its launch, Polkadot was one of the first sharded blockchains.

    Sharding is a term that refers to how data is saved. It enables networks to scale vertically, which was a major concern for Polkadot’s development team. One of the reasons why scalability was so important was that Polkadot was founded by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood. Wood is one of the best-known crypto developers in the market and is credited with the creation of the solidity programming language.

    Polkadot leverages bridges to create interoperability within its ecosystem and third-party networks. These networks all connect via a special blockchain layer called the relay chain. There are also multiple types of sub-blockchains supported on the network. Parachains are sovereign blockchains that leverage Polkadot’s framework.

    Full Support for Blockchain Development

    Parathresads are like parachains but are networks that don’t need constant blockchain interaction to conduct their functionalities. This structure helps to reduce congestion and costs for networks that don’t require constant mainnet connectivity to operate. Together, these features provide a high level of interoperability with users able to transfer data and assets across the network seamlessly.

    Leverage Shared Security

    One of the main advantages of Polkadot is that it enables developers to share the ecosystem’s security model. This approach is ideal when a network may not have enough nodes by itself to remain protected against attacks. This strategy also saves time and money compared to developing stand-alone security options.

    Nominated Proof of Stake

    The network’s unique consensus mechanism enables nodes to stake their tokens to secure passive returns while securing the system. The advantages of this mechanism are lower costs and faster transaction processing. Additionally, the mechanism provides a low carbon footprint which adds to the network’s sustainability.

    Avalanche (AVAX)

    Avalanche is a multi-chain blockchain infrastructure designed to drive adoption and scalability. Avalanche is a fourth-generation network that separates functions from onboarding and validity via the multi-layered approach. The system uses the X-chain to support the creation of digital assets like NFTs and tokens.

    The C-chain serves the purpose of streamlining onboarding for EVM developers. The chain offers an EVM-compatible environment so converting apps from Ethereum to Avalanche is seamless. This strategy has helped Avalanche capture a growing percentage of the Dapp market over the last 2 years.

    The P-chain is where validation processes take place. This is the administrative chain that handles tasks such as monitoring subnets, security, and staking options. Custom-built blockchains live on the P-chain and share in the network’s validation process if they desire.

    Inflation is Not an Issue

    Avalanche has a unique deflationary protocol that burns all fees.  This maneuver keeps the scarcity of the network’s utility token, AVAX in demand. AVAX is required to conduct any network actions such as staking or executing smart contracts. It’s also used to pay fees. Notably, Avalanche has very low fees for mining assets and creating blockchains.

    Compliant Dapps

    Another main draw for Avalanche is the support for compliant Dapps. There are more use cases in which tokenized assets need to meet regulatory constraints to operate effectively. The introduction of an easy-to-use complaint Dapp ecosystem helps to get these networks to market faster.


    Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency is still a top contender on anyone’s top crypto list. This coin continues to change the world daily as more governments opt into the decentralized economy. Last year, El Salvadore raised eyebrows when they made Bitcoin legal tender. This year could have more countries following suit.

    Bitcoin remains a strong store of value despite the fact it lacks smart contract capabilities or protections like more advanced systems such as META 1 Coin. Despite its technological disadvantages, Bitcoin has a strong following and a growing community that supports the network. There are now more traditional financial firms entering the Bitcoin market also which has driven prices up recently.

    Lightning Network Upgrades

    One of the reasons why Bitcoin is back in the fight is due to the second layer protocol the Lightning Network. This off-chain protocol uses personal payment channels to remove congestion from the mainnet. These channels enable low-cost and instant transactions for a fraction of the price of regular Bitcoin transactions.

    Wrapped Bit


    Another tech that has people interested in Bitcoin again is wrapped tokens. These tokens are digital assets that have been brought over from another network. Wrapped Bitcoin enables HODLers to take advantage of cool DeFi features such as staking and farming. As such, there has been a lot of excitement around wrapped Bitcoin entering the DeFi market.

    More Merchant Processors

    There are now more ways for businesses and people to accept Bitcoin than ever. There’s probably a chance you have even seen Bitcoin ATM in your neighborhood. If not, just wait, they are coming. Bitcoin is slowly making its way into the daily lives of the average person via merchant processors as well.

    You can now spend your Bitcoin using a variety of methods. You can use direct processors or third parties. There are also crypto debit cards that convert your coins into fiat after you swipe the card. All of these options have helped Bitocin remain the market leader for the foreseeable future.

    Top 6 Blockchain Projects to Watch in 2023

    Now that you know the top 6 blockchains to watch in 2023, you’re ready to start getting in on the action. All of the networks listed above offer unique aspects to the market. Depending on your overall goals or trading strategy, you may find one better suited to your portfolio over another. The main thing to understand is that you want to stick to reputable platforms that are already operating.

  • The Smartest Crypto Platforms of 2023

    The Smartest Crypto Platforms of 2023

    It’s 2023 and there has never been more opportunity for crypto users. The market is full of exciting new projects and concepts that continue to push adoption to new heights. As a savvy trader, it’s wise to seek out platforms that have the potential to beat out the competition and copycats. Here are the smartest crypto platforms of 2023.

    What Makes a Crypto Project Smart

    To qualify as one of the smartest projects in the market you need to meet a few key criteria. Introducing a checklist to your search will help to ensure that you don’t get swept up in any FOMO (fear of missing out) and led astray. As a new trader, you must learn to leave your emotions out of your decision-making process.

    Social media has made it increasingly easy for people to build up hype on projects that may or may not have the substance to back up their claims. As a responsible trader, you work to improve your ability to make these judgments. Here are new details to check out that could make it much easier to determine what options fit into your strategy.

    Serves a Vital Purpose or Improves a System

    One of the first aspects to review in any potential trade is the token’s purpose. What was the network designed to do? Is this a major issue that needs resolving or is it a new concept? What is the potential upside to the system and how hard is it to integrate into existing models?

    These questions will help you to understand the purpose of the project. The goal is to seek out projects that have upending potential. These networks provide valuable services to aspects of the market. The best projects improve the experience for all users and developers alike.

    Chainlink is a prime example of a project that when it entered the market in 2014 provided services that could be leveraged by all users and developers. The network operates as a decentralized oracles blockchain. Oracles are vital to the operations of many DeFi protocols because they enable blockchains to interact with real-world systems. As such, Chainlink helped create today’s fast-paced DeFi sector.

    Another example would be the META 1 Coin. The project offers stability and self-appreciation which makes it an ideal store of value. Savers and developers can leverage this stable asset to improve the user experience and provide access to advanced DeFi features with passive income options.


    Another crucial point o look at is if the project is secure. It doesn’t matter how helpful or efficient a system is if it has lax security. Crypto history is filled with tales of projects with infinite potential failing due to hacks or coding issues. You can avoid these problems in a few key ways.

    The first thing you need to do is stick to open-source code projects. These projects make their code available for the community to review. This approach helps to prevent hacks because everyone can review the project’s core coding. Additionally, you want to seek out projects that have conducted successful security audits. Audits are conducted by third-party groups that make the results available to the public.

    Easy to Use

    Another major point to consider is the ease of use. A common business saying is “to get the richest the quickest, you need to help the most people in the shortest amount of time.” The best projects will be available to anyone who needs them. They will streamline processes like onboarding and spending rewards.

    There is little chance that a project with a complicated and overly confusing interface will reach its maximum potential. However, this ease of use can be offset by the service provided and its value. In this way, tokens that serve a niche market can achieve just as much success as those networks geared toward anyone.

    How to Determine if a Crypto Project Makes Sense

    The process of qualifying a project as a viable trading option should begin with a deep evaluation of its core components. Here is where you need to delve deeper into the project’s technical aspects. You will want to gain a little more understanding of how it works and what technologies it leverages to achieve its goals.

    This step is crucial because you don’t want to trade projects that are just hype. Avoid projects that don’t have working options or sound too good to be true. Remember, it’s a lot easier to make up a good concept then to bring it to market. In many instances, even projects with smart concepts never achieve their goals due to being too adventurous with their strategy.

    Is the Project on Time with its Roadmap

    The roadmap is a small part of the whitepaper that every respectable crypto platform will offer to traders. This document has important info on the platform including technical aspects, the project’s goals, and the developers. One section that is often overlooked is the roadmap.

    The roadmap lays out in detail the progress of the project. It will list vital data like when the BETA testing stage will start and when the mainnet will launch. There is a date beside each step of the roadmap. These dates are a helpful tool to determine if the project is staying on time with its rollout.

    It’s never a good sign when the roadmap is out of line with the actual progress of the platform. This scenario usually means that the developers have started to venture into other projects or the technology isn’t ready yet. Reversely it’s a great indicator when a project stays on point with its roadmap until they officially complete it.

    The 5 Smartest Crypto Platform of 2023

    Now that you have a little more insight into the process of choosing a smart crypto platform in 2023, you are ready to learn about some of the top contenders. This year has proven to be an exciting one in terms of blockchain adoption. Here are some of the smartest crypto projects in 2023.

    META 1 Coin

    The META 1 Coin is the first successful safehaven token to hit the market. The project is revolutionary in many aspects including its unique structure and features. The first thing to understand about META 1 Coin is that it was built for the average user and not banks or other large corporations. The project’s founder, Robert P Dunlap wanted to provide users with a fairer and more transparent way you generate long-term wealth.

    Stability from Diversity

    META 1 Coin changes the game in terms of stability. The token leverages a basket of gold-related assets as its reserves. This structure is similar to other stablecoins that use third-party assets to escape volatility. This is ideal because the token is decoupled from the market in terms of market cap affecting price.

    The META 1 Coin leverage a basket of gold-related assets to improve stability and fight inflation effectively when compared to other stablecoins. Remember, gold has been one of the best ways to store value for thousands of years. The precious metal is ideal for this purpose because it’s limited in supply, hard to copy, and open, meaning no one country controls the entire gold supply.

    Inflation is a saver’s worst Nightmare

    META 1 Coin‘s developer decided that gold was better to use versus fiat currency due to its vulnerability to inflation. Inflation is a term that refers to a loss in buying power in a currency. Currently, fiat currencies are suffering from 40-year high inflation which has caused serious issues for savers. Since inflation is higher than the average APY paid out to fiat saves, these individuals are losing money in their bank accounts. 

    Today’s high inflation is worse than earlier financial events due to record levels of global debt and financial warfare. Additionally, bad financial policies have exasperated the situation further. Governments have printed out trillions in funding which caused the current supply of fiat currency to increase and its buying power to decrease.

    META 1 Coin users enjoy the self-appreciation of gold which elements inflationary concerns. Additionally, the project was founded outside the jurisdiction of centralized regulators as a way to buffer against the effects of bad monetary policies or anti-crypto legislation in the future.

    Protect the Average User

    META 1 Coin differs from other networks in the extent that the development has taken to protect the average user from common risks such as whales. The platform leverages unique restrictions to ensure its long-term decentralization. For example, META 1 Coin can only be held by individual users.

    The developments require all traders to prove they are human to participate in the METANOMICs DeFi ecosystem. This approach eliminates some of the biggest whales in the market including hedge funds and trading firms. It also has the added benefit of preventing government agencies from trading the tokens. The goal of the restriction is to build a blockchain economy for the people and by the people.

    Token Limits Protect Everyone

    The developers took the concept a step further when they introduced a $5 token limit on each trader. The limit serves multiple roles. For one, it ensures no individual trader holds enough tokens to sway the value and hurt others. Additionally, it prevents organizations and trading firms from acting as individual traders and attempting to userp the community

    No Dumps

    The final asset protection provided to the META 1 Community is the asset value restriction. This protocol requires all trades to meet the minimum asset value for the token. There are a lot of reasons why this mechanism is a game changer. For one, it prevents large-scale dumps by traders. Even if a group of traders got together and wanted to attempt a pump and dump, the average community member would only see their tokens drop to the asset value.

    This protocol is the first of its kind to be implemented in the market. It has proven to be very successful. META 1 Coin continues to steadily accrue value. The project was able to secure 1.3% in value during the last market correction which saw many tokens lose around 60% of their value.

    HAPI Protocol (HAPI)

    The HAPI Protocol (HAPI) provides a new layer of confidence to the market. The goal of the project is to create a new security standard for all blockchains. Interestingly, the project was developed by Walmart Labs to help improve their mobile traffic on Black Fridays years ago. Today, the network provides low overhead and access to real-time data for any network.

    Developers can create more useful Dapps with more customization options using HAPI. The protocol features a robust framework that is developer-centric and very reliable. According to company documentation, the network can scale to 18915 requests per second which puts in line with other top-performing options.

    Using Java to Code

    One of the key aspects of HAPI is its support for j.Node. This structure enables developers to program blockchain applications using Javascript. As such, it opens the door for a flood of new talent and creators. Javascript has been around for a very long time and is one of the most popular coding languages in the world.


    HAPI provides developers access to a network of decentralized self-healing oracles as one of its main features. Oracles are off-chain sensors that can trigger smart contracts and send data to and from the blockchain. Oracles are vital to many aspects of the market.

    Tools make Everything Easier

    Another reason why HAPI is a smart trade is that it provides developers with a selection of tools to improve the creation process. There are plugin libraries that streamline options like signed cookies and other vital security processes. Best of all, these systems are designed to be plug-n-play which cuts down on building time considerably.

    It’s Time to Trade Smart in 2023

    This year is all about trading smart. There is no shortage of projects that meet the criteria to be considered smart. It’s your job to seek them out to get the best results. Luckily, you got a head start. Stick to the checklist in this guide and you are sure to discover projects that make sense when added to your portfolio

  • Could Crypto Survive an Apocalypse and How to Prepare in 2023

    Could Crypto Survive an Apocalypse and How to Prepare in 2023

    As a responsible crypto trader, you may wonder if your crypto will stand the test of time. When you turn on the news today, every station seems to make appear like the end of days is approaching. Many people are now starting to prepare for some sort of disaster. As part of their strategy, they are positioning their crypto holdings and networks to ensure they still can operate even when the internet goes down.

    Final Times

    There has been so much gloom and doom reporting that many people are now worried if the world is heading towards another major disaster, conflict, pandemic, or worse. From asteroids hitting the earth, to AI taking over, there are plenty of incidents that could make it very difficult to use your crypto in the future.

    Luckily, crypto developers have long pondered this exact scenario and there are some solutions developers believe could help the blockchain survive in adverse environments. Here is some valuable insight into if crypto could survive an apocalypse and how to prepare in 2023.

    Can there be Crypto without the Internet?

    The first question that you must answer is, can crypto exist without the internet? The answer to this question is a bit complicated. There are going to be many variables involved. However, some methods have been proven effective to conduct blockchain transactions without direct internet or with very limited access.

    Internet’s vulnerability

    People often go through their day with little to no regard for the overall sensitivity of the global internet. There are key choke points in today’s Internet. If any of these conditions failed, it would lead to a complete loss of internet for the majority of the world. Remember, the internet isn’t untouchable.

    Notably, even one day without internet access would create massive disruptions in the crypto market. Miners, users, and other network participants would be instantly cut off from transactions. At this point, they would need to seek out alternative methods to keep these decentralized networks afloat.

    Need Electricity

    One of the first ways in which the internet could fail and cause massive issues for crypto users is via a loss in electricity. During major disasters or wars, it’s common for power outages to cause major issues. In some instances, such as during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, people were left without electricity for 100 days. In these conditions, few options can help.

    One of the key components to preparing for a loss of electricity is to create alternative means for generating it. Solar, wind, and geothermal power are all options that miners have embraced. In a sort of ironic twist, the power-hungry nature of many blockchain networks has led miners to already seek out sustainable energy options.

    A large percentage of miners rely on green energy as part of their strategy. This strategy wasn’t adopted to prepare for the end times, but to save a ton of funding on overhead. Electricity prices aren’t cheap, and with some networks using more energy than developed nations, miners have pioneered methods of making their nodes resistant to power disruptions.


    One thing that crypto developers in the past understood was to always expect the unexpected. This saying is especially true when going up against the centralized financial system. The centralized government and financial system have been together since their inception.

    These groups have worked together in one way or another to ensure the power remains within the group. There are many governments today that see cryptos as a threat. As such, they have made unfriendly regulatory climates as a part of their strategy to snuff out the technology.

    Governments will have to make a decision shortly on how they stand on cryptocurrencies. On one hand, you will have nations like El Salvador that made Bitcoin legal tender and support it throughout the country. On the other hand, you have authoritarian nations like China that have banned citizens from participating in ICOs or hosting exchanges.

    However, the government has issued its own cryptocurrency as a CBDC (central bank digital currency) called the digital yen. This digital asst has been issued to millions of Chinese citizens in major metropolises with great success.

    How Developers Attempt to Protect against Tyranny

    Early crypto developers understood that they may face backlash from the powers that be and planned their networks accordingly. You can see this thought process in the very first cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin. The protocols developer chose to remain anonymous. Nobody can say for certain why this decision was made but it has helped shield the protocol from any type of government intervention.

    Another prime example of a crypto firm taking protection to the next level is META 1 Coin. The network’s founder, Robert P Dunlap, needed to insulate token holders from the influence of anti-crypto centralized regulators. As such, the project felt it was best to incorporate outside the jurisdiction of centralized regulators. As such the network can offer open access to its many wealth-generation features.


    The first step you need to take regardless of your financial capabilities or location is to switch to noncustodial wallets and platforms. This designation means that your crypto will remain in your control. The recent FTX fiasco demonstrated, yet again, the importance of keeping control over your private keys and not letting third parties hold your crypto for extended periods.

    In the FTX fiasco, the firm secretly funneled billions from the exchange to support failing firms in the market. The reports following the exchange collapse revealed that the exchange had used its token as collateral to get and make loans. This led to a collapse and the disappearance of +$2 billion in customer funding. All of these issues could be avoided by using a non-custodial DEX like the META Exchange.

    What are the Best Ways to Keep a Decentralized Network Up During the Chaos

    As a responsible crypto owner and someone who wants to survive under all circumstances, it’s in your best interest to learn a few different ways to keep the blockchain up if the need arises. These strategies range from requiring a lot of skill and resources to leveraging old-school technology to make it all happen. Here are some of the best options available to consider.

    Local Networks Would Help

    The most prepared crypto minds have already figured out a few ways to set up local networks that could make the use of cryptocurrencies still possible with the most minimal internet connection. Theoretically, one at-node and one Internet-connected device can produce an entire network using these strategies.

    Mesh Networks

    Mesh networks are local networks that connect nodes directly to operate. These networks would be crucial to the functionality of digital currencies during any type of major disaster or war. The upside to this approach is that only one node would need to connect to the internet for the entire network to process transactions. The downside would be the limited range of the transmissions. In this setup, you could get around a 4-mile radius for each node maximum.

    Amateur Radio

    There has been a lot of research on how to keep blockchains like Bitcoin afloat via ham radio. Amateur radios are still in abundance in many parts of the world. Like mesh networks, they could provide support for the network if used with some cool software available today.

    Notably, the concept of using amateur radio to support crypto transactions emerged in 2014. The Finnish firm, Vertaisvaluutta.if proposed a P2P CB/HAM radio crypto. Their concept was expanded upon by Kryptoradio. Today, there are amateur radio systems that can broadcast Bitcoin transactions, blocks, and even currency exchange data to keep these networks alive no matter what troubles the world faces.

    The main thing to understand is that the concept is still in the works and some improvements need to be made for it to become a viable option. However, it has proven to be an option that is worth exploring further. Notably, there are already multiple examples of people using this tech to send transactions using a 7Mhz (40m) antenna.

    Wi-Fi rebroadcasts

    Another option would be to turn your Wi-Fi router into a repeating antenna for the network. There are now Wi-Fi rebroadcasting options that leverage SMS technology to send data about crypto transactions. A smart option that supports this is the low-powered messaging system called goTenna.

    The goTenna system could enable users to leverage their Smartphones to make transactions. The transaction would be sent via Wi-Fi signals through the network and back to the mainnet. The primary drawback would again be the limited range that would require a lot of Wi-Fi systems to reach significant distances.

    IoT Tech

    IoT (Internet of Things) technologies are another way that decentralized networks can remain valid. These systems are set up to leverage minimal power requirements. IoT devices are any device that is considered smart. To qualify as a smart device you simply need to have internet connectivity and a sensor that can communicate data online.

    There are currently billions of IoT devices in operation across the globe today. From smart cars to Smartphones, there are tons of these devices available to leverage. Today, there are smart devices in nearly every home.

    Recognizing this near-endless potential, blockchain developers have started to create options that would leverage IoT devices if needed. This option makes sense considering they’re readily available and low-cost to operate.

    One option is the Low Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN). This system was created to function using minimal electricity requirements. The advantage is that there is so many IoT devices available. As such, it would be easier to overcome any range limitations versus Wi-Fi setups. Imagine your smart toaster doing its part to keep your crypto transactions up to date.

    The downside to this approach is that it would be very slow at this time. The reason for many of the delays would be the extremely low bandwidth of many IoT devices. In the future, more capable IoT devices could hold the key to keeping blockchain networks up if the internet becomes very difficult to access.

    Blockchain Satellites Would be Key

    Blockstream provides one of the best options to the market via its satellites. The company successfully launched four geostationary satellites around the Earth to support the Bitcoin network. Notably, the positioning of these satellites enables them to broadcast Bitcoin blockchain information to nearly all parts of the world in real-time.

    There are a lot of advantages to this approach. For one, even in the event of massive natural disasters or nuclear war, these satellites will remain in orbit. As such, they might be the best option to consider if the going gets tough. Additionally, anyone can capture this data using common methods and there are no bandwidth limits which will enable the system to expand to another network if needed.

    Low-Cost Setup

    One of the biggest advantages of this strategy is that it’s very cost-effective. Anyone can purchase the material needed to capture these Bitcoin broadcasts from outer space. The equipment costs less than $100 and can be set up in minutes using various online video tutorials.

    To get your satellite Bitcoin node up and running you will need a standard TV satellite dish. You will also need an SDR (software-defined radio). This radio cost around $24 on Amazon which makes it a great option. You’re also going to want a basic computer, like a Raspberry Pi. The satellite system would prove to be crucial as mesh networks and Wi-Fi rebroadcasts only require a single node to access the internet.

    Crypto isn’t Impervious to Interference

    All crypto users must understand that this network relies on a host of other technologies to stay afloat. As the world increasingly heads toward the unknown, it’s wise to start considering how you would handle a major disaster or conflict. Already, nations like Ukraine have found cryptocurrencies to be a smart alternative when there are no banking options available. In the future, your survival may depend on your ability to keep your crypto networks afloat.

  • Finding Crypto Gems in 2023 – Diamonds in the Rough

    Finding Crypto Gems in 2023 – Diamonds in the Rough

    Finding crypto gems in 2023 takes a combination of persistence and research. The crypto market is a diverse economy that has a variety of token types and functionalities. As such, it can be difficult to determine what projects are worth your time and effort. Thankfully, some networks have already begun to pull away from the pack.  

    What Makes a Crystal Gem

    To qualify as a crypto gem you need to provide some new service or functionality to the market. Notably, most networks today feature DeFi capabilities and programmability. These are key features that can help a network expand its community. You’re looking for those projects that have the potential to upend markets.

    How to Find Crypto Gems

    There are a few steps you should take when determining the value of a crypto project. The first step should be to examine the total ecosystem and technology. Is this system providing a much-needed service? Is the network scalable? Can it support the latest features such s staking that users desire? If the answer is yes to these questions, you are ready to delve deeper.


    A whitepaper can shed light on some key details of a project. This document will provide intricate details about a network, how it functions, its services and its overall goal. You can also find valuable details about the team behind the project and an implementation schedule called a roadmap. 

    You should be decreeing when reading a whitepaper. Make sure to ask yourself how much of the project is already operational versus what’s in the whitepaper. Also, use the roadmap in the whitepaper to see if the project is on time in regards to its rollout. You can also use the develop section to reach out to the creators of the project. 

    Check Social Media

    Social media provides one of the best ways for people to learn about exciting crypto projects. Of course, you need to practice restraint and double-check everything you see on these networks. Reports have shown that over 50% of fraud in the crypto market gets sold via social media posts. 

    The key to leveraging social media is to stick to reputable people. There are some amazing crypto stars on social media. You can gain insight into their thought processes and vision for the future. You can also interact with these individuals which makes the crypto market a lot more human. 

    Crypto Gems in 2023

    Finding the right crypto gems in 2023 comes down to your will to succeed and your ability to make decisions without letting your emotions take control. The fear of missing out (FOMO) and Fear, doubt, and uncertainty (FUD) are two issues that new traders must overcome to achieve long-lasting results. 

    When examining the market, it’s obvious that some clear new technologies are changing the industry. These tokens provide a new service that makes them stand out against the competition. Here are just a few crypto gems to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond. 

    Meta 1 Coin

    The META 1 Coin is a project that continues to draw attention. META 1 Coin is the first safehaven token to gain popularity. The token improves on the stablecoin concept in multiple ways. For one, it does away with using a single asset as a reserve. In the past, this structure has posed multiple issues. 

    For example, there are many fiat-backed stablecoins in operation today These tokens work great as a temporary means to avoid crypto vitality. However, they aren’t ideal for storing value because they suffer from the same inflation that is crushing fiat currency values currently. 

    Stablecoins Evolved

    Crypto-backed stablecoins provided more transparency than fiat-backed but they still had issues staying stable during extreme volatility. The main reason was that the reserves were also volatile. As such, you could find out you don’t have as many reserves as you thought in minutes. 

    Commodity-backed stablecoins have long been a smart solution for long-term savers. However, they had the issue of the constant threat of new gold reserves being discovered. META 1 improves on all of these options through the introduction of a multi-asset reserve system. META 1 Coin leverages a basket of gold-related assets.

    This structure provides more stability and protects against the aforementioned risks of sudden deposit discoveries. It also enables the token to enjoy the appreciation of gold combined with the convenience of cryptocurrencies. This approach provides META 1 Coin with self-appreciation characteristics that make it an ideal store of value.

    META 1 Coins Special Features

    MEAT 1 Coin is packed with features not found on any other networks. For one, the protocol was designed from day one to support individual uses. The coins founder, Robert p Dunlap, wanted to protect token holders against the biggest threats in the market as such, he and his team of developers came up with some creative solutions that have proven to be successful.

    No Whales

    One of the core concepts of META 1 Coin is to reduce whale manipulation in the market. The ten accomplish this task in a few different ways. First, you can prevent whales from even joining the network. The system requires all token holders to prove they are humans and not corporations, trading firms, or hedge funds. 

    Secondly, the network has a token limit set at $5M per wallet. This token limit is set up to prevent a trading firm from coming in and buying up all the tokens acting as an individual. These systems work in tandem with eh network asset protection mechanisms. This protocol cross-references all trades against the current asset value of the token. If the trade is below the asset value, it’s blocked. 

    The key advantages of this strategy are that it prevents sudden market dumps. There have been instances where trading groups or large traders have suddenly dumped their tokens without notice. These actions hurt long-term project token holders as they are stuck with the losses. META 1 Coin developed this method to prevent these risks.

    Earn More with Less Risk

    META 1 Coin serves as a core component of the much larger METANOMICs ecosystem. Users can leverage their savings to generate low-risk passive rewards. There are a few different options available to META 1 Coin holders to secure rewards. The best option is the META VAULT.

    The MET VAULT is a high-yield crypto savings account. The account operates like a normal savings account in that you secure APY based on your holdings. Unlike your fiat account, you will enjoy 10% APY rather than the 0.03% that is the national fiat account average. This APY is enough to beat inflation and keep your savings growing.


    It’s easy to join the METANOMICs ecosystem thanks to the integration of the Onramper portal. This interface enables anyone to convert their fiat into cryptocurrencies without delays. The process is simple and takes only a minute to complete. Best of all, the Onramper portal supports over 50 different fiat currencies and is available globally. 

    User can spend their crypto rewards how they like thanks to the META VAULT MasterCard. This card connects directly to the network META VAULT it’s designed to convert your META 1 Coins to fiat currency when you swipe the card. The process happens in seconds and completes with the vendor receiving fiat currency. Notably, the vendor is unaware you used a crypto card. 

    Oraichain – An AI Market 

    The developers behind Oraichain see the potential in Ai (artificial intelligence) and they have come up with some creative ways for everyone to cash in on its potential profitability. The system introduces a layer 1 programable blockchain, an AI marketplace, and advanced API to integrate AI services into your existing systems. 

    Oraichain currently is home to a variety of interesting Dapps. The development community has embraced this network due to its flexibility, open-source nature, and Evm compatibility. The network was built to help combat centralization in the AI economy and improve the web3 user experience. 

    Zk-rollups to Improve Scalability

    Oraichain provides and develops access to a highly scalable network. The protocol leverages L2 technologies such as zk-rollups to improve performance. Oraichain can scale vertically to meet the growing demands of the economy. It also supports the creation and management of subnetworks and other digital assets. 


    One of Oraichains main products is its AI oracles. Anyone can operate as an AI oracle by providing data to the marketplace. The Orachain data hub supports the in-depth examination of data. It also supports the selling and buying of this information seamlessly. Users can put out requests for specific data as well. 

    The AI marketplace enables AI developers to sell their AI models to others. These modes can be published as packages. Suersc can see the offerings and purchase the data using the tokens utility token. They can use the scan feature to review the network as well as the bridge feature to transfer their asset to other blockchains. 

    Advanced AI Oracles Improve performance

    The Oraichain layout integrates a double consensus setup. The network uses both the proof-of-correctness and proof-of-execution consensus system to provide scalability, programmability, and security without hurting performance. Anyone can enter the network, request or submit data, and secure returns. 

    Osmosis (OSMO) – A Scalable DEX for COSMOS Blockchain Assets

    The Osmosis AMM protocol provides available service tot eh COSMOS ecosystems a reliable and secure DEX. The network has an anon custodial design which keeps your crypto safely in your control until the moment you trade. Additionally, the network has seen considerable support from the academic and scientific sectors. There are now +150k scientists using this network to improve their results

    Osmosis is ideal for this task due to a few key features. For one, the network features full compatibility. Users can leverage aspect sin their Dapp creation and create streamlined services or users. The network also supports full cross-chain capabilities which, prove liquidity and functionality. 

    Easy onboarding

    Ethereum developers have found it easy to join Osmosis as the network is EVM-compatible. As such, they can convert or expand their Dapps to Osmosis and enjoy lower fees and faster performance without the need to recode. More networks have opted to be Evm compatible as Ethereum is the most popular DeFi and Dapp network in the world at this time. 

    Notably, Osmosis uses a different technology rather than bridges to create interoperability. The Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) protocol provides secure connections between networks without delay. The system s currently set up to integrate both Ethereum and Polkadot assets.


    Osmosis leverages the use of pools to enable startups and crypto projects to secure funding. Like Uniswap, the creator of the pool funding concept, users can seed a pool by depositing a corresponding value of their token and the OSMO utility token. This feature is very popular because it’s more affordable and provides near-instant results versus ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings).

    Pools are more open to the public. They can be set up faster and require no other documentation to conduct. As such, they streamline the entire fund ratings process considerably. In this way, Osmosis continues to provide a valuable service to the COSMOS blockchain economy. 

    Community Governance

    OSMO empowers users to steer the direction of the project via a community governance system. This mechanism provides voting rights to users through a staking process. The more tokens you stake and the more weight your vote holds. This strategy is ideal because it insures that all users can put forth concepts and upgrades to a community vote. 

    Searching for Crypto Gems – Tis not About Luck

    Now that you have more insight into how to find crypto gems in 2023 and a few examples to research, you’re ready to take the next steps. Be sure to always DYOR (do your research) and you are sure to get better results. All of the networks listed above provide a new service or fill a niche in the sector, as such, they are all worth keeping an eye on in 2023.

  • Crypto Scams to Avoid in 2023

    Crypto Scams to Avoid in 2023

    It’s a new year and new opportunities are around. The crypto market continues to evolve and the technology can be found in more industries now than ever. With all of this growth, there are some negatives including an influx of scammers. These individuals seek to try and separate you from your hard-earned crypto using any means necessary. Here are the crypto scams to look out for in 2023 and how you can avoid them.

    Why so many Scammers?

    There are so many scammers in the market because it’s a new technology that deals with a lot of users who don’t fully understand its capabilities or inner workings. Whenever you have a gap in understanding there is room for scammers to move in. New traders are often caught up in the excitement of the fast-paced market and stories of people securing life-changing returns via cryptocurrencies.

    Sadly, this approach leaves these traders seeking out massive and unrealistic payouts. As such, they become easily swayed when they hear anyone who can provide numbers that meet their unrealistic return goals. In the end, they find that the person they believed was all about helping them win was just plotting against them. You can avoid these issues by educating yourself against the most common threats faced by traders today.

    Social Media Scammers

    On the top of the list is social media scammers. There are endless profiles of so-called experts claiming that will help you to turn $500 into $5000 in no time. Of course, they need you to send them the funding up front and you know how the rest of the story goes. They never pay you back.

    The statistics don’t lie and more than half of all crypto scams reported originated on social media. Specifically, victims reported that they were lured into projects after seeing a convincing ad, post, or message on social media. These effects can be multiplied when the marketing takes place across all major social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

    There are a lot of different types of social media scams that you need to avoid. The general rule of thumb is to be discerning. Don’t believe anything that sounds too good to be true. You shouldn’t be happy when someone tells you that you’re going to get 1000% returns because it’s a scam. A more realistic response would be a 10% ROI.

    Trading Group Scams

    One major type of social media scam that s been gaining speed in 2023 is trading group scams. There are a lot of good trading groups where people can meet up and discuss potential trades and coordinate market movements to gain effect. However, not all trading groups are equal.

    More people are coming forward saying that they paid for trading groups and received nothing in return. Some stated the so-called professional was inexperienced and lacked any education or experience. Sadly, there are no refunds on the blockchain and these scammers always make you pay in crypto up front.

    You can avoid trading group scams by looking for red flags, One red flag would be if a project states that you will get rich quickly or that there is no risk. These statements mean you need to pack up and exit the area immediately to avoid losses. Remember it doesn’t matter if they promise you the world if you get nothing in the end.

    Donation Scams

    Another social media scam that has gotten hackers millions over the last few years is identity theft donation scams. In this scenario, a prominent influencer’s social media account would be hacked. Once in the hacker’s control, they would put out a request or their followers to donate to a cause using cryptocurrencies.

    In the most publicized instance of this style of the hack, a group of hackers took over dozens of high-profile Twitter accounts they then posted the same charitable donations request to all of the millions of followers. They were eventually caught but not before securing millions in fraudulent donations.

    Whale Manipulation

    Whale manipulation is a problem in all markets but in the crypto market, it’s a little bit worse due to its unregulated nature. Whales are traders that hold massive reserves of a project. They hold enough tokens that they can influence the price of the asset by applying buying or selling pressure.

    Whales can conduct manipulation in the form of pumps and dumps. This attack is when they start buying up an asset to make it looks as if it’s about to go parabolic. Then, they will suddenly sell off all their tokens to those entering to catch the hype. Suddenly, the value of the token will drop and the new traders are stuck holding the losses.

    Developers have come up with some creative ways to combat whale manipulation. The META 1 Coin prevents whales from holding its token from the start. The system requires all traders to prove they are human and not acting on behalf of trading firms, government organizations, or corporations.

    In addition to these protections, the developers included a $5M token limit. This token limit was set to prevent a single trader from holding enough META 1 Coins to create value fluctuations in the ecosystem. This system works together with the asset protection mechanisms.

    META 1 Coin traders have to meet the minimum asset value to conduct a trade. The system uses offchain sensors called oracles to accomplish this task efficiently and in a streamlined manner. The advantage to this approach is that whales can’t dump the token as the lowest it will go is to its asset value.

    Meta 1 Coin was put to the test recently during the last market correction. The safehaven asset passed with flying colors after securing 1.35% gains while the majority of the market lost 60%. The gains are the first time a safehaven token proved its merits in a trial by fire. It proved that cryptocurrencies could be stable and operate as the ideal store of value assets.

    Upgrade Scam

    The use of upgrade scams has been on the rise as well in the market. This style of attack is simple but very effective. A hacker will send you an update request from one of your crypto services. It can be for a wallet or exchange. The thing about the request is that it’s fake and it creates a backdoor for them to steal your crypto.

    Upgrade scams can be hard to spot as normal crypto updates are a part of any good trader’s security protocol. They can have the same logos and terminology. The main thing to notice is the actual address of the email. Additionally, you should always double-check on the platform that there is an upgrade in the first place.

    Phishing Attacks

    Phishing attacks are the most popular way that people lose their crypto in 2023. This style of attack occurs when a hacker begins sending you probing contacts. They may use email, texts, or calls. They are slowly gathering information to leverage with their other data such as your social media.

    The end goal is to impersonate you and take control of your accounts. They can accomplish this task because they are methodical in their approach. They may take months to slowly build information. In the end, they will get your full name, phone, banking, and account details which are enough to convince most firms.

    One of the best ways to avoid fishing scams is to introduce 2-factor authorization on all accounts. This security protocol introduces a time-sensitive code that is required to approve transactions. It’s highly effective when you have it going to another device other than the one that may get attacked. To bypass the protections, the hacker would need access to both devices at the same time.

    The absolute best way to avoid phishing attacks and identity theft, in general, is to avoid giving out your personal information. There are plenty of crypto options like DEXs that don’t require you to provide personal information to participate. These networks never have identity theft issues because they don’t hold any personal info in the first place.

    Romance Scams

    Romance scams are perhaps one of the saddest ways to try and steal someone’s crypto. In these scams, a person will use a dating app or social media to reach out to someone. They will pretend like they are doing amazing and are very interested in the person. Over time, they will cultivate a relationship.

    The victims will think that they have found a successful partner that truly believes in their goodwill. However, the truth is much different as they are getting targeted for their crypto. In many instances, the attacker will first spend funding from their last victim extravagantly to make it seem as if they are very wealthy and have no interest in your holdings.

    Then, out of the blue, they will lose access to their funding for some random reason. Now, the timing of this loss of funding will coincide with an amazing business venture. They will ask you to participate in the venture. As you have only known the person to be successful and informed, you are likely to join in. That’s when they leave with your crypto and your heart.

    Rug Pulls

    Rug pull is a term that refers to when developers are the ones that steal from their users. There have been many scam platforms that promised the world before draining the liquidity from the project and disappearing. These thieves are experts in their approach. They will have everything to support the farce.

    These projects seem legit and can often list famous and well-recognized developers among the founding team. However, when you go to reach out to these developers, they are perplexed as they have never heard of the scam project. Sadly, their image was used to help sell the lie.

    There have been many rugs pulls in the crypto market which has led to some unique ways to prevent these issues. One way that developers build confidence and users’ protection is through the use of token lockup periods. A token lockup is a smart contract that holds the initial funds raised by the firm for a present time. In many instances, it’s two years.

    Hardware Wallet Scams

    Hardware wallet scams are another issue that you need to look to avoid. There are a lot of horror stories of people placing their entire crypto savings into one of these trap devices only to find out it was a scam. In one style of scam, a person will sell a supposedly new hardware wallet on an auction site like eBay. Note, you should never buy a used hardware wallet under any circumstances.

    Once you get the wallet, you’ll notice that it’s sealed with everything looking new. You set up and scratch off your passphrase. Then you load your cryptocurrency and everything seems good. What you are unaware of is that the hacker already had made a copy of the passphrase. They are now waiting for you to load your crypto so they can remove it without warning.

    SIM Swap

    Another way that people get their crypto wiped out in 2023 is via SIM swaps. If you use a mobile wallet, you need to be aware of this hack. It works by phishing your information. Then the hacker will get your phone provider. They will use the info they discovered to act as if they lost their phone and need to set up a new SIM.

    This SIM gives them access to your mobile device. They can reinstall your crypto apps on their phone and access your wallets with ease. SIM hacks can be devastating and are very difficult to prevent. The best option is to use 2FA protections and discretion to not become a target of hackers in the first place.’

    Hacking isn’t going Anywhere

    The sad truth is that computer-based crimes like hacking are just getting started. As the world continues to go more digital there is going to always be some seeking to make their living in a negative manner. Use these tips to stay protected and avoid those that want to harm you.

  • Top 10 Ways META 1 Coin Outshines Gold

    Top 10 Ways META 1 Coin Outshines Gold

    The world has relied on gold for thousands of years as a store of value. The precious metal has managed to remain a vital part of the economy despite it being dropped from use as a reserve for currencies in the 70s. As a saver, you may wonder how gold stacks up against today’s advanced digital assets. Here are the top 10 ways META 1 Coin outshines gold.

    SafeHaven Tokens

    The introduction of safehaven assets to the market has altered the ecosystem. These next-generation digital assets eliminate volatility and improve profitability. As such, projects like META 1 Coin continue to garner more attention from traders. Safehaven assets are the evolution of stablecoins. They leverage the stability of reserve assets combined with smart contract protections.

    It’s a Digital World

    The first thing that you should consider when thinking about any type of gold vs. crypto comparison, is the nature of the global economy. Every day, the world inches towards a predominately digital economic system. Gold would be hard-pressed to serve any real use case for the average person in this scenario.

    There have been many instances where developers sought to combine the stability of gold with the efficiency of cryptocurrencies. META 1 Coin is the culmination of over a decade of research into both markets. The token leverages a basket of gold-related assets which enables it to piggyback off gold appreciation while retaining flexibility within the digital market.

    More Open

    Gold is not readily available to everyone. The majority of people own no gold whatsoever. It’s difficult to even find certain qualities of gold in your area unless you live in a metropolitan hub. Also, the gold market is very centralized. Some groups have been running the market for decades.

    This centralization enables them to manipulate the price of gold. In many instances, they are seeking to artificially drive prices up to sell, or down to buy. There is little way for the average person to track or monitor their actions as the system was designed with the concerns of the ruling in mind.

    The average person would find it much easier to incorporate META 1 Coins into their saving strategy over gold. They don’t have to fill out lengthy forms like when purchasing gold bars or shipping the precious metal out of the country. META 1 Coin is an open DeFi ecosystem that anyone can participate in globally simply by connecting their wallet.


    The majority of people will never know the stress of transporting large amounts of gold across borders. However, history books and Hollywood can give us some insight into just how dangerous this task has been in the past. Transporting gold requires a lot of funding as shipping costs are based on weight.

    It’s obvious which of these two assets is going to be better for daily use in terms of portability. META 1 Coin can be used with any smartphone. Gold would require both parties to have scales, testing equipment, and up-to-date pricing of the asset. Additionally, there is no surefire way to check the gold’s purity without damaging the item.

    Now imagine being on your beach vacation. You and your family are hanging out catching the sunset. Of course, you need to bring some funding for the day. If you had gold you would have to lug around a heavy pouch. Now imagine if you were traveling internationally or even worse, moving. In today’s high-priced market, much of our value would be lost to shipping costs.

    More Available

    Did you know that there is only a couple of Olympic swimming pools worth of gold in circulation across the world? This limited supply of gold is what made it an ideal store of value. Limited value assets like Gold, META 1 Coin, and Bitcoin have the advantage of scarcity-over-time on their side. This scarcity makes them better options than tokens that have unlimited issuance.

    People who advocate for some return to the gold economy don’t realize that the economy is thousands of times large than it was during the feudal era. Today’s economy has more debt than the total global economy of the past. As such, there wouldn’t be enough gold for everyone to even have some. The majority of people would be left with no access to their economy if gold was the main option.

    META 1 Coins are available to a global audience. The platform enables you to join simply by connecting your network wallet. The system integrates a helpful fiat-to-crypto portal to streamline the process. The Onramper portal supports the conversion of +50 different fiat currencies to META 1 Coins in seconds.


    Keeping gold safe is no easy task. For one, you need some sort of safe. Safes are expensive and very obvious. There are plenty of stories where robbers don’t try to pick the safe. Instead, they attack the person with the safe’s code to gain entry. Having a safe in your home is a double-edged sword as it could lead to you becoming the main focus of a person’s aggression.

    Additionally, it would be hard to imagine the post office handling all online transactions via gold. There is no way that a large portion of the gold being shipped wouldn’t disappear. There would need to be a complete revamp and introduction of an entirely new type of shipping industry to support sending gold at this level between people.

    Protections Against Seizures

    History is filled with instances of governments and organizations seizing another person’s gold. Recently, the bank of England seized Venezuelan gold reserves as an example of the practice in use today. Whenever there is a gold seizure and you are the one getting the assets seized, it’s going to feel more like theft.

    The US has had times when they have made it illegal to not sell your gold to the government. These actions are not alone globally as governments will quickly dip into their citizen’s holdings if they feel it’s to their benefit. When dealing with gold, it’s going to be very difficult to protect against these actions.

    For one, anyone with a large number of gold holdings would probably have insurance. The insurance would need to know exactly how much gold you have and how it’s stored. This same info will make it easy for governments to step in and ensure you didn’t keep any gold for yourself.

    META 1 Coin was designed from day one to stand against tyranny from governments. The coins founder, Robert P. Dunlap, studied freedom fighters from the past before realizing that financial freedom is a vital step that many of them failed to achieve. META 1 empowers the average user to generate wealth via low-risk DeFi options, arbitrage trading, and appreciation.


    Another race where gold can’t keep up is in terms of functionality. META 1 Coin lives on the advanced META blockchain. This fourth generation decentralized network can support advanced smart contracts and DeFi features. The METANOMICs economy demonstrates the true flexibility of these assets.

    The METABOMICs DeFi ecosystem includes a high-performance DEX (decentralized exchange), a crypto bank, and a next-gen safe haven token. Users can secure passive returnsin multiple ways using META 1 Coins. For one, they can leverage the META VUALT. This high-yield savings account provides a familiar feel to your local bank branch.

    Users can simply deposit their META 1 Coins to start securing 10% APY. This APY is much more than the national fiat average of 0.03% in the US. Additionally, users can stake their tokens to help secure the network and secure rewards in the form of META 1 Coins. Both of these options pay rewards in META 1 Coin which enables you to enjoy compounding returns over time.

    The META EXCHANGE is a high-performance DEX that provides a variety of features you would expect from large CEXs like Binance or Coinbase. For example, the exchange features an interactive interface with a variety of charting tools and technical indicators. Advanced traders can use these tools to better predict the market’s movements.


    No one in the world can tell you how much gold there is on the planet. Every month new reserves are found while others dry up. Remember, gold is found in the earth which means that at any moment a single discovery could take the precious metal from a scarce asset to readily available to the masses.

    This uncertainty about gold supply is warranted when you look into history. For example, there are example of nations switching to silver during the colonization of the new world as an influx of gold into the economy caused massive inflation. The same risks apply to today’s gold market.

    META 1 Coin offsets the risk of the gold market collapsing through the use of a basket of gold-related assets. The developer’s decision to diversify the reserves was a wise move that isolates the token holders from sudden drops in value. It also demonstrates the team’s overall goal to improve the effectiveness of savers.

    Regulatory Protections

    Gold and META 1 Coin exist in mostly unregulated markets at this time. The unregulated nature of these markets makes them ideal for many people around the world. However, there are still many restrictions on gold based on your location. In some countries, you can’t take your gold out of the nation.

    META 1 Coin was incorporated outside the jurisdiction of centralized regulators for a couple of key reasons. Primarily, the developers wanted to ensure the central banking system couldn’t influence the project. As cryptocurrencies begin to take more market share, there is a growing demand from centralized bankers that regulators act to stifle these digital assets.

    In authoritarian nations like China, these actions are already in place. In 2017, the Chinese government banned all exchanges from operating. This action led to billions in funding fleeing the country to neighboring nations like Japan and Korea. Today, it’s even illegal to mine crypto in China.

    META 1 Coin users can access the network no matter where they live. The platform was created to be censorship-proof from day one. As such, users may leverage a tor browser and IP changer to access the network, even when in nations where cryptocurrencies have a negative regulatory climate.

    Future Expandability

    Some people find gold’s familiarity and rigidness to be a good thing and for the case of being a store of value asset maybe that is a plus. However, in terms of daily currency, it’s a negative trait. The economy is a fast-paced ecosystem that is shifting daily. You need an asset that can adjust to these changes.

    META 1 Coin has the adaptability to adjust to the future market. It was designed with future upgradability as a core concept. In this way, the network is ready to serve the market for years to come.

    Built With Love

    The main difference between gold and META 1 Coin is that the latter was built with love in mind. The project was the culmination of years of research into why the average person never achieves financial success. The team behind the project went above and beyond to make the network accessible and easy to join.

    They integrated a host of low-risk passive income features that enable you to put your crypto to work without risking your original asset. These options reflect their desire to help the average person get out of the rat race and build wealth. These features become even more effective when combined with the token’s self-appreciation.

    Gold can take the Backseat

    After reviewing the facts it’s easy to see that gold can take a back seat to META 1 Coin. The precious metal is still highly useful as a backup reserve for projects but it will never be able to return as a daily currency. The people have spoken and they require the flexibility and efficiency of META 1 Coin.

  • The Best Skills for Crypto Traders in 2023

    The Best Skills for Crypto Traders in 2023

    There are many skills that can improve your chances of success when you begin trading cryptocurrencies. These skills are common but most people will find that you need to focus on improving certain aspects of your strategy as you learn each trait. The great news is that anyone can improve these skills and become a better crypto trader. Here are the best skills for crypto traders in 2023.


    The first skill that you will need to master is discipline. It takes a lot of discipline to trade any asset successfully. The market is an unpredictable thing that can have you second-guessing your decisions the second you make them. Only disciplined traders will have the wear-with-all to survive the constant changes.

    Discipline will also help you to stay steadfast in your long-term goals and strategies. For example, there are many ways to accumulate digital assets. One of the best ways is using a method called dollar cost averaging. When you DCA, you seek to make regular purchases of your asset over time. The fluctuations in price even out as you wait to find the lowest average cost over time.

    This method of building up assets is very effective but requires a lot of discipline. If you start skipping by purchase dates, you’re going to throw off your average. The same goes for if you try and only buy when you think the timing is right. The chances are higher that you are not going to be able to predict the future. The best approach is to stick to your original plan.

    Discipline will also help you when you make a decision. The best traders will have a present checklist of requirements before they enter a trade. They will also stick to the script. They will have preset entry and exit points that ensure they improve their ROIs without increasing their risk exposure.


    You are going to need to have the ability to discern between real opportunities and scammers or those promising the work. The sad fact is many new traders are so eager to secure some returns that they will enter into anything that sounds great. If it sounds too good to be true, 99% of the time it is. A better option is to take a measured approach.

    Discernment is all about mastering the skills of judgment and insight. The first step is to be realistic about your goals. If you think you are going to get rich overnight, then you are probably going to gamble away your funding in no time. A more measured approach would enable you to step back and fully examine the merit of the project.

    Discerning traders aren’t going to fall for sudden pumps and dumps. They have done their research and they understand that there are some traps that new traders fall into that can be avoided by removing emotion from the equation. The best traders rely on reason and experience. These two factors will take you much further than luck and guessing.


    Another vital trait you need to have is the ability to conduct research. The nature of the crypto market is that you need to be able to do independent research into any project you want to trade. This strategy is more time-consuming but it ensures that you don’t get caught up in a scam or fraudster

    It doesn’t take much research to tell if a project is a scam. For one, they will always promise the world and even if they are delivering at first, the tap will run out. This is how Ponzi schemes work. The original participants get paid using new capital from traders entering the project.

    There are some key details to seek out in any project. For one, check their whitepaper. Here you can find vital insight into the project’s technology, goals, and development team. It’s recommended you stick with a network that has technology that is already in use. This way you avoid trading projects that are all hype.

    Once you master researching your projects, you’re going to find it much easier to find the gems in the market. You will also be able to follow specific developers to ensure you get quality projects in your portfolio moving forward. The main thing to understand is that you don’t need to rush and shouldn’t be scared to speak to the developers directly to add another layer of validity.


    You are going to want to be adaptable if you want to succeed in the market. Adaptability comes down to not being too rigid in your methods and structure. The market is a fluid environment that requires you to think on your feet. If you are unable to adapt, you may find that you ride a sinking ship into oblivion or miss other prime opportunities when they arise.

    Adaptable traders are better suited to the market for many reasons. For one they can leverage new technologies such as trading bots which can improve results. These options remove emotion and provide you with 24/7 monitoring capabilities. Other cool options can help improve your results without taking up your time such as social trading.

    Social trading networks enable you to follow a lead trader for a subscription. Every trade they make, your account duplicates. This approach is ideal because you can learn and earn. It also allows you to follow a variety of different traders to expand your techniques and skills to new heights.

    Adaptability also comes down to knowing what technology is the best option. For example, the introduction of haven assets like META 1 Coin changes the game. Now there are stable options that protect decentralization and prevent whale manipulation. The META 1 Coin is backed by a basket of gold-related assets and blocks non-humans such as trading firms from the market.

    The token improves stability by leveraging a basket of gold-related assets. Additionally, there is value locking mechanisms that prevent the token from being tanked. Specifically, there’s an asset value protection that cross references all trades against the current asset value before approving the trade.

    This feature is combined with a $5M token limit on individual traders. This limit ensures that there isn’t a single trader with the capability to influence the overall price of the token. The restriction came into play after a crypt-backed stablecoin called UST failed following a massive whale sell off of its underlying asset LUNA.


    Another characteristic shared by most traders is consistency. You need to set up a schedule and stick to it, if you want to be successful. Being consistent is about being on top of your trades and looking for trends. You need to stick to your plan if you want to achieve your goals.

    It’s not a good thing when you are easily swayed and change your goals. This approach can lead to a fickled and shaky-handed approach to the market. You don’t want to be a speculative trader. It’s much better to be informed and steadfast in your decisions. Notably, you can leverage technology to improve your consistency.

    Managing Risk

    You should be good at managing risk if you plan to trade digital assets. The overall new nature of the tech and options can make some options riskier than others. There are very few places in the world with a regulatory framework for digital assets. As such, you may find that it’s on you in terms of losses due to fraud or scammers.

    This Wild West feel has led many people to seek out regulatory-friendly options. Reversely, many love the open and innovative nature of the market currently. They seek to remain transparent and provide out-the-box solutions to users. You need to see where you fit in on this spectrum.

    The best option is to diversify your holdings. You want some very stable assets like META 1 Coin and other that may fluctuate more like Bitcoin. By diversifying your holding you are buffered against major losses. You also improve your ROI potential greatly. It is recommended that you diversify your savings across other asset classes such as real estate as well.

    Developing Trading Plans

    Trading is all about planning. The best planners will have contingency plans in place as well. When you have a plan it’s easier to track your progress. It also makes it much easier to see if you are off course. You don’t want to fly blind because by the time you realize where you’re at, it could already be too late.

    The best traders have a direct plan that they stick to. Having a plan and being consistent go hand in hand. For example, it is normal for day traders to have very strict margins when they trade. They may conduct hundreds of trades in a day with each securing a little more profit.

    This strategy works because, at the end of the day, they tally up all their rewards. If they didn’t stick to the plan, it is going to be harder to see what areas could be improved and how to streamline their processes. In the end, having an organized trading plan is a recipe for success.

    Self Evaluation

    Another vital trait you need is the ability to evaluate yourself. This trait can’t be understated as many traders fail simply because they aren’t able to evaluate their scenario from the start. You need to know how much time, funding, and overall commitment you can put forth toward trading.

    You need to be honest with yourself and take into account daily-to-day expenses. You never want to trade cryptocurrencies with money that you need to survive. Check-to-check trading will have you stressed out and edgy as the market can sway at any second. A better option is to stick with a self-appreciating asset like META 1 Coin.

    Pattern recognition

    Pattern recognition is a trait that was inherited from human ancestors. The ability to recognize patterns can be one of the greatest skills you can possess as a trader. There have been volumes of material and all types of trading tool indicators dedicated to this purpose. You want to be able to recognize certain market movements to predict what follows them.

    Studies have shown that traders are more successful when they master indicators and charting tools. However, there is no 100% way they predict how the market will move and anyone that claims to have this capability is lying to you. The best traders will leverage indicators to seek out patterns and use them as guidance.

    You can spend some time learning different market patterns such as candle stick patterns. These methods have proven to be effective and can help to improve trading across all markets. Of course, cryptos are their own asset that is going to react a little differently than other options depending on the market conditions.


    Skepticism is often thought of as a negative trait but when referring to trading crypto, it can be a great advantage. You don’t want to be naive and think that everyone in the market has your best interest in mind. It’s better to be reserved and protect your holding until you have faith in the subject.

    Skeptic traders aren’t going to get swept up in media hype or promises of wealth. They are looking for measured approaches to generating wealth. Their methodical approach is like that of that found in the children’s tale “The Tortuous and the Hair.” In the end, they win the race because they weren’t swayed off-course or ran dry. Skeptic traders are a necessary part of the market as they can help to cool down the hype.

    The best traits for traders in 2023 Now that you can see what it takes to be a successful crypto trader in 2023, you are ready to hit the market. Remember, it’s always wise to have a balance of different types of assets in your portfolio. Also, its helpful to add a few safehaven assets to offset volatility and you are sure to see better results.

  • 10 Traits that Make a Crypto Project a Good Idea in 2023

    10 Traits that Make a Crypto Project a Good Idea in 2023

    Some key traits can help you to determine the validity and overall quality of a particular crypto project. The market has seen an influx of new platforms, with each offering unique services. All of these new projects help to expand the market’s overall reach by improving adoption. However, this growth can be seen as a double-edged sword as it can make it more difficult o determine if a project is a good move for your trading strategy or not.

    Learning what traits make a project a good idea can be a great way to help remove emotion from the process of determining your next move. Take a measured and systematic approach to avoid FOMO (fear of missing out) another common pitfall traders encounter when they are new to the market. Here are the 10 traits that make a crypto project the right choice for you.

    You Understand the Product

    You need to understand the products and platforms you trade. This vital step is often overlooked by new traders who sometimes will make movements based on the charts without understanding the product offered by the firm. This style of trading is gambling at best as they are attempting to catch market movements purely off of gut instinct. In most cases, your gut lacks the experience to make the right call. As such, it is wiser to leverage proven methods.

    When you understand the product or services offered by companies you trade, you gain the advantage of understanding their true value. You can see exactly the need that the service fills and how it can correlate to profits. The business system shouldn’t be a mystery to you. You need to understand how the technology works if it’s already in use, and what issues could potentially arise.

    You also need to understand where the product sits within the greater market. Niche assets often see more usability. It is not smart to make large trades in firms that have not started the technological aspects of their model. Trading companies that are still in the drawing board stages can lead to big promises that never get fulfilled.

    You will very easily see if a network offers a service that is in high demand. You should also be able to explain how the product works, how it creates returns, how those profits are used, and what stage of the network’s development it’s in. All of these factors can make it easier to determine the true value of a service.

    A Crypto Project is Secure

    It doesn’t matter how many returns you are promised when a company fails due to security concerns. Sadly, there are a lot of hackers in the crypto sector. These malicious users seek to separate you from your crypto using a plethora of methods they have developed over the years.

    It’s your responsibility to learn to protect your crypto from attacks such as phishing strategies. The same goes for projects you trade. They need to make the effort to ensure your security. One of the best steps they can take to build confidence in the security of the network is via a code audit.

    Auditing firms are more popular than ever. These companies will go over the code and test it using ethical hackers t ensure it can withstand any attacks in the real world. The best networks will conduct multiple code audits and make the results public to the community. Adiontally, these networks are usually open source which enables you to review the code or to have their code reviewed by a third party.

    It’s recommended that you stick to non-custodial platforms. This designation means that you can trade and participate in the features of the network without uploading your crypto to their wallet. Currently, most people use custodial platforms such s page CEXs (centralized exchanges) like Coinbase and Binance.

    These networks require you to upload funds and personal information which can lead to possible identity theft in the future if their systems are breached. A better solution is to leverage a DEX like the META Exchange that doesn’t take your data. Users can trade on DEXs simply by connecting a network wallet. It’s faster and safer.

    Reputable Team

    Another great sign that you are dealing with a noteworthy project is their development team. You want a team that has worked in the sector before. Many of the most popular projects in the market come from developers that worked on other popular projects previously.

    It’s not easy creating a good reputation in the market and developers that achieve this status are not going to throw it away over a startup. For example, Polkadot was cofounded by an English computer scientist named Gavin James Wood (born in 1980). The project leverages many of the lessons learned from his experience working with Ethereum.

    You should take the time to see what the developers say about their project’s overall goal. Some developments seek to fulfill a technical niche such as improving efficiency and others take a more lofty approach like providing an open economy to the world like Bitcoin.

    A good example of how the development and founders of a project focus can steer its features is the META 1 Coin. This next-gen safe haven token was created to provide the world with a more transparent and fair economy. The tokens founder, Robert P Dunlap researched the main reasons why people are unable to achieve financial freedom. His research helped to create a unique approach that combines stability and passive income for users.

    Long term

    The best crypto projects will have long-term potential. These networks provide real service and usability above speculative returns. They often service certain niches like Chainlinks oracle system or STORJ’s decentralized cloud computing services. Everywhere you look there are tokens built to service long-term ailments of industries.

    You can see this strategy even when discussing making cryptocurrencies more stable. The meta 1 Coin leverages a basket of gold-related assets to remain decoupled from the network volatility. The developers wanted to use a basket of gold-related assets to diversify their reserves and to provide long-term storage of value characteristics to the token.

    Users have a $5M token limit and only humans can trade the token. No corporations, trading firms, or even governments are permitted to trade META 1 Coins. The network also has a special value-locking mechanism that crosses references to all travel against the current asset value. Only trades that meet or exceed this value are complete.

    Sustainability also means addressing environmental issues as well.  The world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin requires a large amount of electricity to operate. Some reports put its electrical requirements above developed nations. Today’s advanced networks level PoS (Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanisms to reduce the environmental impact of these systems.

    Good Price

    Another consideration should be the entry price of the trade. You are looking for a Cost-efficient asset that has long-term potential. You never want to buy high and sell low. As such, you may find it conducive to your strategy to seeking out promotions and other reduced-priced events like token launches and airdrops.

    When you find a reasonably priced asset, you can secure returns during your buy. The same goes for many different assets. For example, it’s often said in real estate, you secure your profits when you buy. That simply means that you need to buy as slowly as possible to ensure you have room to gain profits when you sell. The same goes for your crypto trades.

    Risk Averse

    There’s always risk associated when trading crypto projects. The entire blockchain industry is only 14 years old and many of the most popular projects in the market have been around for less than five years. As such, you need to be diligent in your research and understanding of the technology and offerings provided to users today.

    The ideal crypto projects to trade will have a variety of protection put in place to help ease your concerns. For example, the asset protection mechanisms in META 1 Coin ensures that no single trader can control the value of the tokens which prevents whale manipulation.

    Another way to reduce your risk exposure is to stick with projects that are already in operation. There are so many stories of blockchain firms promising the world and not delivering anything. Be realistic about what project you support and you will get realistic returns. If you go chasing waterfalls and unicorns, you may find that your strategy turns into gambling.


    Another good trait for a project to have is liquidity. Liquidity can come in many forms. One form to review is the firm’s TVL (total value locked). This metric is sued to state how much crypto value is locked in a DeFI protocol. These are tokens that people have agreed to lock into staking, farming, lending, and other pools in exchange for LP tokens and rewards.

    It’s vital to trade projects that have decent liquidity to ensure that they can keep the lights on. The best projects will have high liquidity between the community and high liquidity in terms of converting their assets in and out. This strategy ensures that you can access your funds in case of another opportunity or emergency.

    For example, the Onramper portal enables you to convert +50 fiat currencies into META 1 Coins in a second. Additionally, the META Exchange provides high-performance trading between blockchain assets and a crypto debit card that enables spend anywhere that accepts MasterCard. Together, these features ensure that EMTA 1 Coin holders can get in and out of the blockchain economy with ease.


    The best crypto projects are straightforward. If a project is too complicated and you don’t understand how it generates returns, you are likely to get caught up in a Ponzi scheme. A Ponzi Scheme is the term used to describe when a firm takes funding from new users and pays it to old users acting as if its returns are generated from the business system.

    Crypto projects should be straight forwards with easy-to-use interfaces. You need to be able to ace the features promised without delay. The best options will offer options for both new and experienced users to leverage. Keeping it simple also reduces attack vectors as the less code and fewer spots to hack.

    Easy to manage

    The ideal maneuver will be easy to manage. You don’t want to get into a trade that is going to require you to spend 24/7 monitoring the market. A better alternative is to create a strategy that provides you ample time to enjoy your life. This approach is part of the reasons that DEFi is so popular.

    DeFi networks Like the METANOMICs ecosystem offer low-risk passive income to users. These features help you to generate wealth without the risk of losing your original asset. Features like staking and farming are popular in the DeFI market for these exact reasons. Additionally, they are easy to use and require no previous experience to integrate into your strategy.

    Diversifies your portfolio

    Another sign that a firm might be the right addition to your strategy is that it diversifies your holdings. The crypto market provides a lot of options and opportunities across many different sectors. It’s vital to improve the trading approach that you use out of diversified holdings.

    The best traders will hold a balance between cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, programmable blockchain networks like Ethereum, and stable assets such as META 1 Coin. This diversification helps to protect against loss and improves your ROI chances. Additionally, when you integrate safe-haven assets like META 1 Coin, you gain protection against centralization and whale manipulation.

    10 Traits that Make a Crypto Project a Good Idea in 2023

    Now that you have 10 distinct traits to look for in your next crypto project, you’re sure to see better results. The market may be moving fast but these traits remain solid as a rock. Stick to the tips in this guide and you will see your portfolio grow without adding to your risk.

  • Is it too Late for NFTs in 2023

    Is it too Late for NFTs in 2023

    The NFT market has been a rollercoaster as of late this game-changing tech came out running from the gate but recently has shown signs of slowing down. With many projects losing the majority of their value, their area many are starting to wonder if NFTs are a bad decision. Here’s some valuable insights into the NFT market and timing your next purchase.

    What are NFTs

    NFTs are blockchain assets that are non-fungible. Fungibility is a term that refers to the ability to swap assets without losing value. For example, nearly all $10 bills are worth $10. There is some rare exception like miss prints and older bills but other than these rarities, USD is fungible.

    The same goes for fungible digital assets like Bitcoin. Every Bitcoin holds the same value. You could send someone your Bitcoin and they could send you theirs and there would be no change in value. NFTs are non-fungible meaning that they can’t be exchanged between each other.

    NFTs can be issued as one token to represent unique items on or offline. They can also be issued in sets or collections. The ability to represent chain assets on the blockchain has brought a lot of advantages to many markets. For most people, art NFTs are how they first heard of the technology. Today, there are NFT use cases in nearly every industry.

    Why You’re Not Too Late

    Trading volume in the NFT market has slowed by +90%. However, there are many factors to look at when taking these losses into account. For one, NFTs were still riding their initial break-out wave. Similarly to cryptocurrencies in 2017, the tech had a wave of speculative traders entering the market.

    This sudden growth in the user base led to higher demand and rising prices. Rising prices then led to more demand and the cycle continued until the market corrected. The latest correction was the result of a culmination of factors including overpricing, hype, and speculative traders exiting the market.

    Corrections are a necessary part of any market. They can help to sort out low-quality projects and traders who don’t support the industry. They also provide a way for traders to pick up some cheap tokens. The key to leveraging this strategy is learning how to evaluate a project and determine if it has long-term potential.

    What Caused NFTs to Lose Value

    There are a lot of factors that have caused NFT values to drop despite growing use cases. For one, the market was overpriced as people fought over tokens due to FOMO (fear of missing out). Many of these NFTs were digital art that was geared toward the trend.


    Another issue that caused NFTs to get some bad press was stories involving fraud. There are a lot of platforms that enable anyone to convert nearly anything into an NFT easily. The issue with this approach was that some people were uploading others’ works to the blockchain and selling their art as if it was their own.

    This scenario led to artists complaining and platforms adding and uploading restrictions. It also created a negative news cycle for the technology which corresponded with a downturn in overall market values.  When you combine this scenario with the fact that most high-paid NFTs were art and therefore held very little to no utility, it’s easy to see why the sector has seen liquidity dry up over the last few months.

    Art NFTs have a Major Problem – A Lack of Utility

    Art NFT traders usually purchase tokens to hold them for a while and then trade at a later date. The thing about this type of trader is that they will make an initial trade into the market and then they will hold their asset until it hits their sell thresholds. This can take years which means that there is a lot of liquidity locked up in the NFT market not serving any purpose except speculative trading.

    DeFi NFTs

    Recently, developers have created multiple ways for users to unlock their liquidity from their NFTs. Some networks enable users to leverage advanced DeFi protocols to improve their returns. Users may stake, farm, and even lend out their assets to unlock liquidity.

    NFT Stats for 2023

    There are a lot of statistics that a trader can review to help predict the future of this market. For example, according to recent reports, the market has experienced an 18% decline in unique wallets this year.

    Additionally, the average price of an NFT has dropped from around $900 down to under $200. There was an 80% decrease in the average cost for most NFTs which can be attributed to the number of buyers outpacing the number of sellers leading to oversupply and less demand. Notably, Q1 2023 represents the first time the NFT trading sector recorded losses. A combination of long-term traders, market conditions, and oversupply are all factors

    Still Some Expensive Tokens in Circulation

    Despite the losses, there are still some art NFTs that fetch millions. The most expensive NFT sold last year for $532 million. The NFT features a white-haired female with green eyes and black lipstick. Specifically, it’s the Crypto Punk #3,840

    However, when you review the purchase you will learn that the token was purchased by the same owner. This revelation caused many people to point out that the move was done to hype up the token and market. Whenever a trader purchases their tokens to conduct this type of maneuver it’s called a wash trade. Wash trades are frowned upon because they dilute stats and serve no real purpose except to help the NFT owner hype up the value.

    Legit Sale

    Once you eliminate wash trades, there are still some impressive token prices. For example, there was an NFT called “The Merge” that fetched $91.8M in Q4 2021. The now-famous NFT sold on the Nifty Gateway. The unique thing about this sale was that the seller enabled a group of traders to purchase the token.

    Traders could join in on the purchase for as little as $575. The seller then increased the price slowly over the next few hours. Impressively, over 30k buyers joined in on the excitement. When it was all said and done, the NFT had reached a new all-time high in terms of sales value.

    Pak, the artist behind the NFT has a reputation for delivering high-priced art to the market. For example, he sold another token called “The Fungible” for $17M just months earlier. Others may argue that group purchases shouldn’t count. When you eliminate them from the roster, you end up with Beeple’s “Every day: The First 5000 Days” which secured $69.3 million. Interestingly, the NFT was a collection of Beeple’s works throughout his career in the sector.

    NFT Global

    The majority of people have never heard of NFTs and therefore, have not entered the market yet. Statistics reveal that California is the state with the most NFT holders. The US, in general, is still very new to the idea of digital art on the blockchain with around only 4% holding the tokens. Asia tops the charts with China and Hong Kong residents joining the NFT hype


    According to Google search trends the overall hype of the industry has begun to fade. In January 2022, the market hit its peak performance in terms of search results. The market was hot and people were scrambling to get in on the action. However, today, NFT Google search results have dwindled significantly.

    Is This the End for NFTs?

    When you review the stats it can seem like NFTs are on their last leg but the truth is much different. There are now more NFTs in circulation and being issued than ever. The main difference is that these new NFTs serve utility in the market rather than just being speculative assets. Here are some of the ways that NFTs are helping crypto adoption other than art.


    You would have to be completely out of the crypto loop to not notice the growing number of NFT assets making their way to the gaming sphere. In-game and user-relevant NFT provides developers with a way to empower users to secure ROIs. You can see that these assets are finding more support from high-level gaming studios rather than just crypto developers making games.

    This year, you will see the launch of immersive AAA-level NFT-powered games. AAA games are the top tier in the market. They usually cost millions to create and can take years to complete. Call of Duty is a great example of a AAA title that is well-known. Now imagine these developments integrating blockchain assets into the game. This could be the very near future for many popular titles.


    NFTs hold special value in the metaverse. The metaverse is a vast digital landscape that enables the user to create new assets within its ecosystem. The metaverse is still in its infantile stages. However, there are billions of dollars getting poured into this tech by some of the largest and most technically proficient firms in the world. Companies like Microsoft and Google are making their impression on this tech.

    NFTs are ideal for the metaverse because they provide verifiable authentication to any assets. Currently, there are a lot of different types of NFTs in use in the metaverse. The majority of NFTs are avatars or properties. NFT properties in the metaverse continue to fetch a healthy asking price with some selling for millions. Additionally, there have been more celebrities buying virtual properties which helps to improve prices further.


    The business sector has embraced NFT technology quite. While the headlines were all about Beeple selling NFT tokens for millions, the business sector quietly integrated this tech into their systems. Companies can use NFT technology in a variety of ways. They could implement an NFT-based identification system. This strategy enables firms to improve security and trackability without kicking up their overhead.

    Additionally, businesses can use NFT technology and oracle sensors to automate payment processes. Imagine you purchase a car from your dealership. Every payment you made gets registered automatically by an off-chain sensor called an oracle. Once the system registers you are paid in full, the oracle will issue an order to complete the sale and issue you your title.


    The same goes for governments that can use NFTs for everything from identification to improving voting. Mainly, governments can store confidential and critical data on NFTs to keep them secure. The ideal thing about a blockchain network is that it can notify you when breached and what was altered. This strategy helps prevent major losses due to hacks or errors.

    You could soon see NFTs used for everything from property registries, all the way to patient information. The main advantages are lower overhead and easier trackability. Additionally, a system like patent issuance mechanisms could be improved to enable anyone to conduct patent searches which would increase innovation and lower costs.

    Future NFT Uses

    In the future, NFTs could become a daily part of nearly everyone’s life. Already, car manufacturers are seeking to use the technology to improve their self-driving vehicles. Additionally, you could start to see NFTs in use as identifiers for everything from gym memberships to your local grocery store’s discount strategy.

    NFTs – Down but Not Out

    It would be hard to argue that the NFT market didn’t need these latest corrections. It’s never a good sign when an asset continually rises in value without any falter. Market corrections are how assets lock in their true value. They also help to build confidence in the technology as subpar platforms fade into history. 

    What’s left now in the market is a combination of proven protocols and those with the potential to improve the market in the future. You can expect to hear a lot more about NFTs this year, albeit in a more business-like setting versus the art world. For these reasons and many more, you’re not too late to get in on the NFT movement. The main thing to consider is that a token needs utility to stand the test of time.

  • Different Types of Crypto Users You Run into in 2023

    Different Types of Crypto Users You Run into in 2023

    The crypto market is a diverse industry that includes all types of interesting people. When you examine the stats regarding crypto users, you can see that the younger generations are leading the pack. However, there are a lot of other generations that are starting to show signs of growing adoption.

    Now that the market is 14 years old, you can start to see certain types of crypto users emerging from the pack. These crypto user types span the market from newbies to those who were there since Satoshi Nakamoto posted on Reddit. Here are just a few of the many different types of crypto users you’re likely to encounter in 2023.

    The Experimenter

    The experimenter is a crypto trader that is new to the market. They want to see what all the fuss is about. In most instances, they have a friend or family member that has been preaching the benefits of crypto to them for years. Now they’re finally ready to see for themselves why so many people are making the change.

    Crypto experimenters are great for the market for multiple reasons. For one, they mean that new minds are entering the sector. Their experiences and feedback can help to shape the market and improve certain roadblocks to adoption. Additionally, they provide a breath of fresh air to a market that can sometimes get political.

    HODLers (Diamond Hands)

    The term HODL (Hold on for Dear Life) is synonymous with cryptocurrency traders. Hodlers are those traders who only trade projects they feel have longevity. These are traders that are setting +10-year goals. HODLers serve a vital role in the market. They are liked shooting stars in  that can help new traders navigate the crypto waters and avoid the most common pitfalls.

    Most HODLers have been around for a long time, so events like bear markets and crypto winters don’t bother them at all. These are traders that have seen Bitcoin go from $20k to $3K and back up to $60k in a matter of 4 years. As such, they are wise in their methods and have mastered the skill of evaluating projects and trading without emotion.

    HODLers also make up the backbone of venture capital going into projects. These traders believe in the tech and understand its shortcomings and benefits equally. They’re keen to help out startups and other crypto ventures that can help drive adoption and innovation. This attitude also helps to keep the market exciting and growing.

    Day Traders

    Day traders are those that conduct multiple trades daily. In most instances, day traders are professionals. They may even work for a trading firm or broker. These traders meticulously monitor the market for emerging trends. They are skilled at reading charts and using indicators to make predictions. In many instances, they will leverage a variety of tools to say ahead of trends.

    Day traders make their profits from the culmination of their days’ events. They may make tiny trades hundreds of times a day to achieve their profit goals. Day traders are essential to the market because they are responsible for much of the liquidity of the market. These traders provide fast-paced and responsive action to the market.

    Day traders are usually among the first in the market to see a trend forming. They’re also the first to get out of a token if they sense a downturn. Part of the reasons is that they are looking for repetitive small wins rather than that big pay day.

    Antsy Traders (Shaky Hands)

    Antsy traders are those that get into a position and only minutes later begin to second guess their decision. They will often trade in and out of a project like day traders but without any of the insight. Antsy traders are known to trade on gut feelings rather than charting out stats or learning the market.

    The market has a lot of antsy traders as you would expect with any new tech. In some cases, a trader gets antsy because they are trading with funds that can’t support losses. For example, if you’re a college student and you trade your tuition payment, you are going to be very antsy if the market starts to drop.

    Antsy traders are also called shaky hand traders because they don’t believe in the projects they trade. They’re simply looking for a way to make profits. Sadly, antsy traders will often buy high and sell low. This situation occurs because they experience FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with every passing news story or Tweet.

    Social Trader

    Social traders are another interesting type of crypto user. These traders make their existence and trading maneuvers available to the public via social media. The social trading paradigm is made up of influencers and followers. The influencers will recommend what projects to trade and the followers will usually follow suit.

    Social trading is a powerful way for large groups of traders to organize and affect market prices. There are social trading groups that attempt to conduct malicious trading activities like pumps and dumps. However, the majority are just traders discussing a project’s key points and disadvantages.

    A new trend that has emerged regarding social traders is copy trading. This strategy enables traders to sign up for a leader. The system will then duplicate the leader’s trades on the follower accounts. This strategy enables users to secure returns and learn the trading strategies of effective users.

    The Long Shot

    The long-shot trader is the user who only goes after that one in a million projects. They’re quick to hype a project that is nowhere near its technical goals. In many instances, they will dive right into projects that lack even the slightest bit of credentials like a white paper.

    Long shot traders are the most likely to take losses because they aren’t trading, there gambling. These traders can easily get swept up in the hype of projects or long-shot promises. However, in some rare instances, long-shot traders do make out and see some impressive returns. This is not the norm.

    Long-shot traders may seem counter-productive to the market but they also bring valuable liquidity to the sector. Additionally, they are often the ones supporting the next-gen tech long before the average trader would even think of participating. Notably, there are two main types of long-shot traders, HODLers and Shaky Hands.

    Bitcoin MAXI

    The Bitcoin Maxi is a trader that holds Bitcoin above all other projects. While some may think that Bitcoin Maxis don’t like any other crypto platforms, that’s not the case. They just believe that Bitcoin provides the most open and secure option in the market.

    Bitcoin Maxis have taken Bitcoin’s goals and dream of an open economy and made it gospel. These are individuals that may have Bitcoin art around their homes or office. There are Bitcoin Maxis with license plates, Boats named, and even Bitcoin tattoos to commemorate its impact on the world

    Bitcoin maxis are a crucial component of the market because they help to keep the world’s largest and first cryptocurrency operational. These traders are on the front line educating people about Bitcoin and explaining to them the differences between the many types of cryptocurrencies available today.

    Altcoin Master

    The Altcoin master is the trader that has a massive amount of altcoins. As exchanges like Binance continue to expand their selection of digital assets, so do traders. Altcoin masters can have +20 different types of cryptocurrencies that they monitor. They are educated on each platform and can tell you vital details about what makes each network unique.

    Altcoin masters are a crucial part of innovation in the market. They balance out Bitcoin maxis and help shed light on the growing selection of functionalities and features provided. These users are usually educated in multiple exchanges and DEXs (decentralized exchanges). This knowledge allows them to collect even more altcoins from varying blockchain ecosystems

    Privacy Masters

    The privacy master is the crypto user that takes every step to protect their identity. These users will leverage a plethora of privacy tools to stay anonymous. They will mix their coins, and use private emails, TOR browsers, and multiple wallets. They understand the importance of privacy and they leverage their knowledge to stay under the radar.

    Privacy masters have had an interesting journey in the market as privacy technology is constantly changing and adapting. This is a game of cat and mouse between privacy advocates and those seeking to unveil the data. These traders are likely to leverage privacy coins such as Z-Cash as well.

    Privacy masters have embraced DEXs because they provide another layer of privacy versus CEXs like Coinbase. CEXs require users to upload personal information to their servers and funding prior to be able to trade. This data and funding can be hacked at a later date leaving you vulnerable for the rest of the firm’s existence. DEXs are a smarter alternative that help privacy-minded traders stay obscure.

    DeFi Pros

    The DeFi pro is a crypto trader that has mastered all the latest and greatest crypto features. These traders will be on the cutting edge of technology. You will hear them discussing items like yield farm aggregators and peer-to-peer lending. DeFi pros have earned a reputation for securing returns because they leverage DeFi low-risk options.

    DeFi Pros will use features like high-yield savings accounts to provide returns without having to worry about losing their original assets. Networks like META 1 Coin provide 10% APY on META VAULT savings which are far more than your local bank. Additionally, these returns are more consistent that trading and easier to obtain.

    The Digital Artist

    NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have taken the art world by storm. These unique digital assets are ideal for art and other unique items because they are blockchain verifiable. This structure means that you can create rare works of digital art that can be authenticated in seconds by anyone.

    The NFT art world is on the rise with more crypto artists entering weekly. These users are hip to all the latest NFT art shows and events. They know the most influential artists and what marketplaces offer what features. They are often found in the metaverse where they can offer their digital works in a more social atmosphere.


    The gamer is the fastest-growing crypto user type. These are crypto users that interact with blockchain assets in their games. The play-to-earn sector has seen considerable blockchain integration which has expanded the number of gamer crypto users significantly. There are hundreds of play-to-earn titles that integrate blockchain assets today.

    Gamer users may not even know that they are using blockchain technology as many titles provide access to a complete ecosystem. This structure means that players can create, discover, buy, sell, and trade NFTs within the platform. They may also take their NFTs and bring them outside the gaming ecosystem.


    Influencers are another style of the crypto user that has seen serious growth in the last 3 years. Influencers are social media personalities. These users can secure returns by recommending products or services to their large user base. The larger the user base and the more they can make.

    The introduction of blockchain assets expands influencers’ ROI capabilities considerably. Now, these users can issue unique digital assets that can function as souvenirs and passes to other events. There are already several blockchain-based social media platforms that provide these features to influencers.

    Some networks enable influencers to issue a token that will rise in value alongside the reputation and clout of the influencer. This structure is interesting because it enables traders to get in on promising talent before their breakout. Once they gain popularity, their digital assets go up in value considerably as commemorative items.

    The Many Faces of Crypto Users

    This list names some of the most common types of crypto users you may find in the market. Notably, it’s common for someone who fall into multiple categories when they break down their traits. The main thing to consider is that there is no wrong way to trade and understanding your goals and personality can help you to find the trading type that fits you goals.